Hello senior match team #Dating
I took a long time to join your site as I had really bad luck with Elite Singles and so I decided to look for my age group and picked your site because it seemed smaller than SeniorSingles. Which seemed huge. I wasn’t even on 3-4 days when I was contacted by the gentleman I met. I knew he was serious in meeting because he was from my area (15 minutes away) and he suggested meeting within 2-3 texts on the site. And we met at an area we both know, we call it the Nautical Mile full of pubs and nice restaurants. It was hilarious because the place I suggested was closed when I got here!! Panicky, I tried texting him on his cell. As I’m running along the exterior deck of the pub, he apparently saw me panicky and came running up the steps where we crashed into each other. Hilarious. That set the pace. We haven’t stopped laughing since. I apologized (while laughing) while he took me further down to another place where we talked and laughed for 3 hours. This was right after Labor Day, September 2019. He’s been married several times so we got that out of the way, I don’t want to and neither does he. We have grown children. But we want to do things together and we will. As a member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I got invited to their gala members only Christmas party. He accompanied me and we stayed over in the city one night. What fun. He took me out for my birthday last night at a lovely restaurant, also so fun. There is nothing permanent in life but what we are doing now is great and in my heart I want it “to be”. If you go to my page under Astraea, you will see how I set it up. His page, now closed, was titled Fratetrain. The tip I can give is that once I saw his page was legitimate, I was always honest. I would definitely recommend your site because you do not get a ton of people contacting you, but that is way better. Gives you time to review and think about those who do contact you. I am so grateful and I told him last night I was going to do this. I will get a picture of the 2 of us and contact you again.

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