• 5 first date topics to avoid for successful senior dating Posted by Admin

    a man and women dating

    Have you ever been on the other side of a table from a date and wondered to yourself why they have just regaled a horror story to you about their last relationship when it really didn’t do them any favors? You aren’t alone.

    Dating in itself can be a confusing time. Wondering what your date will like, what they will or won’t like about you, and even whether you like them is enough to keep any active dating mind racing. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way.

    Here are the 5 topics to avoid to ensure senior dating success

    Your worst dates. Avoid unwanted negativity.

    Instead, paint a picture of the type of person you are by giving a positive example of your past dating life, ensuring you show off your ingenuity and thoughtfulness. There’s something intriguing about someone whose comfortable enough to be able to compliment a past date while letting you know why they are more suited to someone like you!

    Why you're still single.

    The cause of your relationship status at any age is certainly is not a topic to offer up on a date,  nor one to engage with if it’s come up in conversation. Steer the conversation away from danger with a simple, ‘tell me more about you - are you enjoying the dating scene?’ and you’ll easily swerve from any discussion potholes.

    How hard your day was today.

    One of the loveliest things about a relationship is being able to share the ups and downs of life. But the early dating days aren’t the time to do that. Even if you have had a nightmare of a day, take a few minutes to take a breath and gather your thoughts before you meet up. It’s far better to be a few moments late than to arrive full of daily disasters and travel complaints.

    Any topic that runs yourself down.

    The key to successful dating is to share the best parts of who you are, in an effort to find positive common ground with the other person. This is your moment to do that! As you get to know someone, you can start to share more of yourself. For now, arm yourself with the anecdotes that represent the very best elements of the brilliant person you are.

    Politics, politics, politics. The world is a fascinating place. But political debates?

    Save them for later down the dating timeline, or you could find yourself in hot water. Stick to topics that encourage positive conversations, rather than ones that lead to negativity as a rule, and you should be able to prevent any dissenting conversation pathways.

    In the fullness of time, we all hope to arrive at a point where there are no topics that are off the table with the person we’re spending our time with. But to get to those lovely chapters, sometimes a bit of smart thinking is required to help us along that path. They could make all the difference!

  • 7 senior date ideas you hadn't thought of yet… Posted by Admin

    Dating is all about enjoying an activity of some kind together, while you spend the time you need to get to know if the person you’re with is someone you’d like to see more of. The date itself should be as enjoyable as possible for you both to ensure the highest chances of success.

    It can be exhausting to keep thinking of new places to go if you are a regular dater. And indeed, for someone who is new to the dating scene, it can be hard to think of places and activities to suggest to your potential suitor. But it doesn’t have to be this arduous!

    Here are 7 original dating ideas that will be sure to set you on the road for senior dating success;

    1. Attend a musical concert or a dance together.

    Studies show that dancing to music together or beating the same rhythm with instruments are examples of rapid effect ‘music bonding’; ones we can easily introduce into our daily lives. Aside from creating an opportunity of a fond memory together, the science behind it could be use what you need. So get those dancing shoes on!

    2. Heard of speed dating? This time, give slow dating ago.

    Creating an opportunity to slow right down with someone could be just the thing you need to truly get to know the other person. Why not switch your phones to airplane mode and head off for a walk together?

    3. Take a stroll through time.

    Grab some coffees and a delicious selection of your favorite treats and head out to a spot you loved as a child. If you don’t live where you grew up, then choose a spot you know will be just as lovely. Sometimes these nostalgic experiences can be exactly what you both need to find connections together. Plus, everyone loves a picnic!

    4. Introduce some goodness into your date.

    What is a better way to take the pressure off the date than to be absorbed in an activity where you can work together to help someone else? By taking the focus away from each other while uniting in something charitable, you are creating a positive environment together of caring.

    5. Change your view! View your second date from new perspectives, at a funfair!

    The dating world can be a confusing one, but taking a wander through this incredible space together could be just the thing to give you both a new view! Just don’t lose one another in the hall of mirrors…

    6. Paint yourself some memories.

    Why not suggest attending an art class together! You can choose any medium - just make sure the emphasis is on the enjoyment, rather than worrying about technique. You even have something to take away with you afterward, which is a fantastic future talking point thereafter.

    7. Share your passions.

    Make your date about sharing some of who you are. Perhaps you’re a passionate poet, and you could invite him along to a reading. Or maybe you adore classic films, and a trip to a vintage film evening could do the trick. Or you could spend a morning teaching your date on how to plant roses! Whatever it is, be confident in sharing the loves of your life. Who knows where it could lead.

    Equipped with these ideas, go ahead and enjoy your upcoming date. Let it be as special as it can be, is a true reflection of how truly special you are as a person. Happy dating!

  • Genuine Or Scam? The 5 Signs To Look For When Dating Online Posted by Admin

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    When we are looking for a new partner, we are looking for a genuine connection. No matter what relationships you have had in the past, or what type of relationship you are now looking for, no one wants to have their time wasted. Even more so, we certainly don’t want to feel we have been duped or lied to.

    Despite the numerous advantages of the internet - and indeed the advances - there are those out there who seek to scam online daters for financial or even personal gain. It’s important to be aware of the signs of a scam, to avoid wasting time and money.

    5 signs you need to look out for

    To keep yourself safe online, here are the 5 signs you need to look out for;

    1. Are they consistent? 

    If the person you are speaking to is jumping between stories and not staying consistent in what they’ve told you, then this could be something to be concerned about. We can all make mistakes with our memory, but if someone consistently changes the facts then this could be a sign they’re lying to you.

    2. Do they seem too good to be true? 

    We would all love to meet the person of our dreams, of course. But if the person appears to be ‘too good to be true’ then this might actually be the case. Celebrity profile photos, promises of money, and boasts of how much someone earns are all warning signs.

    3. Are they being pushy?

    If someone is constantly messaging you and chasing you for a reply, then this is a very big red flag. Not only is it an aggressive behavior, but it could be a sign they are trying to manipulate you for ulterior purposes.

    4. Are they asking you for money?

    If someone is using a dating site to ask for money, then they are not looking for love - they are looking for someone to pay their way! This is not what online dating is about, and many people fall into the trap of similar such scams. Let the site you’re using know, and then block the account.

    5. Do they want to leave the website? 

    If someone is trying to persuade you to head off the host website and give them your private number, then this could be a sign that they are trying to avoid the regulations the dating website offers. They may want you to be away from a place of safety, and it is not advisable to do so until you have at least met the person or got to know them a little better. Remember - you should always be free to move at the pace that feels comfortable for you.

    Dating should be an enjoyable experience, not a source of stress! You have every right to be who you are and share that with the world.

    By using these 5 key safety tips, you can ensure far greater peace of mind for both you and your potential dates.

    Safe dating!

  • 5 ways to enjoy mature dating – for free! Posted by Admin

    man in gray top feeding two sparrows on his hand

    We all deserve quality love and joy in our lives, no matter what age we are. Perhaps you have found yourself single after a long relationship. Or you may have chosen to stay single for some time, but now you want to bring someone special into your life. You may even have suffered a loss, and you are no seeking a new partner to spend some time with.

    Whatever your reason, you should be able to enjoy happiness in your dating and relationship experiences. And not at a high financial cost!

    5 ways to enjoy senior dating, without any cost

    Sign up for free online dating. 

    Gone are the days when agency dating would cost you a lot of money. Thankfully, there are many options for every kind of dater now - including those with financial limits. Signing up for a complimentary standard profile on our website will allow you to access many options without costing a monthly or one-off fee. If you get on well with the service, then you are welcome to enhance your profile to premium status later on. For now? Enjoy what’s free, and start finding the match you’re seeking.

    Attend dating and social events in your neighborhood. 

    Thanks to the wonders of the internet, there are many ways of discovering events happening near to your home. Using sites like Facebook, MeetUp and even local event listing sites can be a great source of free information. Often, many events are also at no cost to attend. As well as being a socializing opportunity, these sorts of events can be a great way to boost your confidence for any future dates, too!

    Get a friend to help you take some great profile photos. 

    Profile photos can be key to connecting with the right person. But you don’t need to hire a professional photographer to get you the images you need for a successful portfolio. Spend a day with a friend taking some clear photos of you in natural outdoor light, where you look and feel relaxed. It will be a free, fun day out and you’ll have some fantastic photos to share on your new dating page.

    Take a walk in the area you live in. 

    Spending an afternoon walking around the city or local area you live can be a great way to enjoy a mature date with a potential suitor with no cost to either of you. In addition - you might discover new areas you haven’t seen before, or stumble across some treasures you didn’t know were right around the corner. You can even pack a Thermos with some tea to share, for a truly cost-free afternoon!

    Visit a museum or art gallery. 

    Often, museums and galleries offer free visitor days if they do charge anything at all. Sharing a cultural experience of this kind can be a great conversation starter - and one that doesn’t need to cost a penny!

    No matter what age you are, you are free to be as creative and innovative as you wish in your dating life. Exploring new places and meeting new people is all a part of that. Enjoy the journey.

  • Preview of the movie Diane (2019): why an enthusiastic single senior woman end up here Posted by Admin

    diane 2019 preview by Seniormatch.com

    “When an old woman writes down ‘terrible’ in her diary, there must be some bad things happening or memories unforgotten.”

    Diane 2019 preview by Seniormatch.com

    As an old lady, Diane does not even have a single minute sitting down for herself. She is a not-so-typical senior single woman who devotes herself to friends and families before herself. Moreover, her everyday life is about caring for her friends' health and dating process, her son’s mental healings. She sensitively checks the running process of all the daily life around her. But the senior single lady may feel more and more incapable to turn the chaos back in the track.

    Diane 2019 preview by seniormatch

    The story of Diane is rather not so typical but some of her characteristics stay in all the old and senior friends and relatives around us. We care about our sons, our friends a lot more than us. We could donate some of our life for them if it is useful. Diane is one of them. She is apparently lack of love and has been single for a couple of years. The movie will tell us why she becomes the way she is now.

    Diane 2019 preview by SeniorMatch

    The editor of SeniorMatch Blog recommends the movie to all our members. You may find yourself in it somehow or another. Mary Kay PlaceJake Lacy, and Andrea Martin contribute impressive performance.



    "Led by a career-best performance from Mary Kay Place, Diane tells the story of a Massachusetts woman who puts others before herself." -Danielle Solzman



    The movie Diane (2019) has got a 100% Tomatometer in 15 approved movie criticism in rottentomatoes.com - a professional movie comment website. The movie Diane (2019) is to be shown in the theatre on 31st, March 2019. The trailer is released on youtube, you can view it in SeniorMatch Youtube Playlist. Don’t forget to subscribe to SeniorMatch Youtube Channel. We care about what and who you love.

    Diane (2019) Preview by SeniorMatch.com

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