• Oil rig engineer scam

    Beware of anyone who (he/she) that states they work on an oil rig. Their spouse has passed away, and they have children. They will write beautiful emails and text mes ... For detail, click here.

  • Personal experience on identifying scammers

    I have been on dating sites for several years and can pick out a scammer with their first email.

    1. They are handsome, not their real picture.

    ... For detail, click here.

  • Recognize scammer language

    We all have heard many times to not give out your personal information to strangers, especially bank accounts, credit cards, etc. However, we don't read as often about wh ... For detail, click here.

  • Romance Scammers

    Date scammers are tired of not getting messages so they will do the cut and paste and tell every person they are slightly interested in that they adore the profile and ... For detail, click here.

  • Scammers ask for your phone number and/or email right away. Plus 6 more tips.

    I have been in romance scams several years ago. It seems I can now recognize common characteristics of scammers.

    1. Most are widowed with one child.

    ... For detail, click here.
  • Seven red flags to fakes

    Red Flag!! Almost everyone wants to make themselves look good on sites like this. But you have to be cautious not to be fooled by the fakes. Do your resear ... For detail, click here.

  • Signs of scammers

    Asking for Money

    Before you even have a real relationship,a sob story is shared and only you can help. Then ask you for money.
    Protect ... For detail, click here.

  • Some Ways to Verify a Person's Identity

    There are a few ways to make sure a person is who they say they are and that pictures are current. One way is skype. It is a free webcam service that you can download via ... For detail, click here.

  • Take Time To Learn About Your Date Before...

    You share personal or private information as there are many scammers that cruise the single sites (especially those related to BBW's) looking to find desp ... For detail, click here.
  • Tips for Spotting scammers

    Scammers will target date sites for vulnerable lonely people and also target any harvested email they cam.

    1. Be assured anyone who immediately leaves the ... For detail, click here.

  • Tips to Recognize a Scam Artist or a Hacker or Nigerian Scams

    If you are being scammed, the first red flag will be someone contacting you from out of state and telling you that he/she lost their partner to cancer. This is ... For detail, click here.

  • Too good to be true? It probably is.

    Before communicating with fellow members ensure that they get validated by the site before chatting.

    Scammers are getting on line without paying for a mem ... For detail, click here.

  • Use email you can throw away or recall photos later...

    Most of the profiles on the dating sites are people who are lonely, looking for love or at least sex... but because some of us are also vulnerable in our loneliness, w ... For detail, click here.

  • Useful tips to identify Scammers and Con Artists

    So many of you have received replies to your emails saying Oh yes you sound so wonderful and on and on this note goes right.

    Tip if it is a very long first note i ... For detail, click here.

  • When I met the big oil-millionaire!

    Well, I never met him in real life, because he never did exist. I got a fantastic mail from a man from a European country. He was so kind, and asked so many good questions. ... For detail, click here.

  • When you stumble upon a profile that seems the pictures are those of a model

    Sometimes you might stumble upon a profile that seems the pictures are those of a model. While it's possible that the person is just that beautiful, people that create ... For detail, click here.

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