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Romance or Companionship: the dominator in senior dating?

Dating is a concept that has exploded mainly in the 20th century, before that existed mostly the idea of courtship. Dating is the term applied to two people who are going out with each other and like each other romantically or are physically attracted. When it comes to finding happiness with whom one enjoys spending time or connecting spiritually, age hardly should have a role to play. Still, older people develop second thoughts while choosing to date.

Before finding out which out of romance and companionship is important in dating at an older age, we must take into consideration a few factors. They are:

1) Goals in life.

When a person reaches their late 40s and early 50s, they have an experience of almost half of their lives. By this time, they exactly know what they want from life and their partners. Their choices and desires in life play a huge role to decide between the two. Someone who is emotionally flexible and desires a family would look out for companionship at this latter stage of life to be at peace; while someone is more career-centric or ambitious would look out more for romance in a relationship as he would consider himself independent and self-sufficient.

2) Past experiences.

Now coming to the emotional or the more psychological aspect of dating experience, one might look in his partner not someone who might complete him, rather someone with whom he can share the completeness. With such people, romance and companionship are equally important while for the others, it is the romance that is sufficient.

3) Priorities.

There are couples who have a successful dating relationship with no expectations of getting serious or marriage as the dead end of the relationship; rather companionship or friendship without social or legal bounds works best for them.

4) Interests.

In some dating relationships, what both the partners are looking for is pure friendly companionship. In these sorts, any physical or romantic tactics do not entice them. They are content with the mental and spiritual level of connection. Whilst, a couple who has spent a considerable amount of time together that have ignited feelings of love in their hearts might value both romance and companionship equally.

Suspending stereotypes

One thing that we must keep in mind while evaluating the importance of companionship and romance over each other while dating during an older age is that, these two factors even though not fully dependent on each other, doesn’t exist completely detached from each other. There is a certain degree of presence of one in the other. When it comes to dating at an older age, there are a lot of factors that are inextricably woven to each other. Some look for life-long companionship in their partners, while others are only satisfied with the romance. It is a strongly believed notion that with the ascendance of old age, it becomes important for a person to look for a companion who will be by his/her side till the last breath and provide him/her company through the good and bad times. Therefore, this debate can be concluded by leaving the superiority of romance or companionship to the people dating their individual priorities and interests in life.