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What Changes When You Start Dating In Your 50s

Dating when you are young is all about exploring yourself with another person. It’s about first kisses and learning what it truly means to be in a relationship. You are anxious to find the right person, and to be the right person too. So, when you find yourself dating in your fifties and you already know who you are, you might wonder what to expect. It isn’t as if you’re young and coming to terms with your mind, self, and body, right? What exactly is it like to start dating in your fifties? Fortunately, we’ve compiled a quick list to help you navigate this new terrain!

1. You Are No Longer Trying to Find Yourself – One benefit of dating in your fifties is that regardless of how your life might be shifting, you know who you are and what you have to offer. This means that dating for you will be focused on finding someone that fits beside you as a companion, not looking for someone to complete you.

2. You’re Allowed to be a Human Being – Gone are the days of worrying about looking perfect and acting perfect. Nerves are natural for dating at any age, but dating as a mature adult means no longer sweating the small stuff. You and your partner will know that nothing is as perfect as young people try to make it, and you can laugh through any imperfect moments.

3. If You Have Kids, You’ll Need to Talk to Them About It – Now, you’re a grown person and that means you get to do what you want, but eventually you’ll want to talk to your kids about dating. Chances are they are even at an age where they are dating in their own ways, which can make for fun discussions and bonding.

4. You Are Not Here to Swoon – When you’ve made it to your fifties, you know that life isn’t a fairytale. You don’t have to walk into a potential relationship with the unrealistic expectations you had as a kid. You get to approach a relationship with another person as equals. Less pressure, more good times and understanding.

5. You Don’t Need to Be Overly Eager – The best part about being a grown, mature adult is knowing that nothing is quite as urgent as we originally believed it to be. This means that you can take your time and actually enjoy dating. After all, you’re in no rush to settle down with the wrong person!

The dating scene will always change over time. The way young people today date isn’t the way it was done thirty years ago. That will continue to be true across the ages. However, dating at an older age allows you to really embrace the positive sides of dating with less of the worry. Sure, you might still get giddy and nervous to meet the person, but there isn’t that lack of self-identity that comes with dating when you’re young. You’re free to meet people, have a good time, and really see what kind of person suits the person that you truly are. You’re not looking for a miracle anymore. You’re looking for companionship and a new best friend that you can have fun with, so take your time and enjoy yourself!