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The Biggest Signs That He is in Love With You

Although it is incredibly heart-warming to read about the long lost loves and the happily married couples that have been together for decades, quite a few individuals over the age of fifty are actually finding themselves back in the dating game. Luckily, dating as senior is one of the best times for anyone to date because you have already experienced awkward first dates, second dates filled with hope and promise, and of course those disappointing third dates that seal the fact that it’s not getting anywhere. Now that you’ve experienced all that, you can date more maturely, be completely yourself, and just have some fun. The only question that remains is how to know when an older man you are dating has fallen in love with you? This is a timeless question that everyone asks and here are the biggest signs to watch out for.

1. He Will Have Consistent and Clear Communication With You. There will be no mention of companionship and no mention of dating because what he will want from you is a relationship and nothing short of it. Beyond this, you will become present in his day even when the two of you are apart. This means that he’ll choose to learn the newer technology so that he can text you and call you throughout the day, he will use Google to find the answers to an unresolved discussion you had on your last “date night out” and he’ll be excited to tell you about the interesting things that have happened to him throughout the day.

2. He Will Respect You In All Aspects. Although respect feels like it should be a no-brainer as it is common courtesy to respect those around you, you’d be surprised how many people actually have a hard time with this if they truly do not love you as a person or individual. If he is clearly showing to you that he values your opinions, how you experience the world, and chooses to compliment your character and wants to celebrate your accomplishments, he’s invested and in love with you. It means that he truly wants to get close to you because he loves you for who you are.

3. He Chooses To Show Public Affection. When your man chooses to hold your hand in public, places his arm around your waist or neck, or pulls you in close while you wait for the streetlight, he’s showing the public that you two are together and that he is there to protect you. Another way to tell if he is in love with you is if he offers up hugs, cuddles, and kisses without having an expectation that goes beyond just displaying affection for you.

4. He Wants to Take Care Of You. Although you may not need a man to take care of you, if yours is trying to make things better by making you smile or putting in an effort to comfort and reassure you even when you do not ask but so clearly need it, then he’s in love with you.

5. He Has Replaced “I” and “You” With “We”. Listen to the word choices that he makes. When he starts using “We” instead of singular pronouns, it means that he is no longer just thinking about himself and what he wants and is instead, thinking about both of you together as a team.

Other than the above signs, if he tells you that he is excited about you meeting his family or his closest friends, then he has already decided that he has no intentions of letting you go. Finally, if he starts to compromise on topics or things that he is usually stubborn about, he is choosing to become selfless and open to your thoughts, feelings, and ideas, which is an important sign that your relationship is one filled with love, attraction, and long-term potential.