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4 Common Fallacies People Have About Senior Dating

Older Men Want Only Younger Women

Most women are under the mistaken impression that older men only want younger women to spend the rest of their lives with. However, this is really is a fallacy. Here’s what you have to understand: Men look at every woman – young, old and in-between. And, if you have a dating profile, you should be using the best-looking picture on it. A man may claim to date just younger women, but if you have a beautiful profile pic, your age may not even factor into how he feels. But, the thing to consider is why a 60-something-year-old man would want to date a woman that is half his age. Why would you want to consider a person like this in the first place?

Only Women Want To Be Loved

Another fallacy people have about love is that it’s only women who want it. News flash! Men want to be loved as well. They also care about finding someone to spend their life with. And, they may also feel less than confident about finding love. Despite how a man may act, inside, he may feel less than sure about himself.

You might be surprised to learn that men are just as anxious for an intimate relationship as women – perhaps even more than women. Why? Women tend to form powerful emotional connections with their family and friends. Men form a deep emotional bond with that one person. Women tend to notice this when men start to talk about the “future.” They may start calling you pet names such as sweetheart, babe, honey, etc. And, they may do it even before you actually meet. It’s their way of finding out if you and he can be intimate.

It’s Taboo Dating Younger Men

Let go of the stereotypical mind that a younger man dating an older woman means he’s out for something more than what he really is, which is love. There are many young men who find it appealing to date an older woman. Perhaps it’s because they think older women are not as high-maintenance. Or, perhaps it’s because older women are more accomplished and established. Older women can have real conversions about the issues that go on around them. This can lead to the connection men are after. And, for women who want an actively sexual partner, a younger man is the way to go.

Men Are Always Sexual No Matter The Age

Many women are under the impression that men are always up for sex – no matter their age. They don’t even realize that sexual dysfunction can happen to them and men too. Addressing the issue is the real problem. Why? Men’s egos are tied to their ability to have sex. There are some older men whose sex life is better because they’re using prescription medication to help them out. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to remember that sex and dating go hand in hand, even if you’re older than 50.