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5 Ground Rules for Dating with Seniors

The dating world changes as we get older. Commitments change, which is why your expectations will need to change. Setting ground rules is essential when dating with seniors to make sure everyone is happy and respected. Here are the five ground rules you need to set. You’ll find dating after 50 easier and far more enjoyable.

Choose the Right Online Dating Sites

Just because you’re over 50 doesn’t mean you have to date the old-fashioned way. Online dating for seniors is a thing and you’ll be surprised by the amount of people there looking for the same thing. The best thing to do, though, is find the right online dating sites. Look out for those that are for the over 50s. You’ll avoid the heartache and annoyance of younger people looking for a fling. After all, you come with a past that you want others to respect!

Go for Dinner, Not Drinks

When you were younger, you likely opted for that first meeting to be over drinks. It’s easy and there’s less commitment. Should something go wrong, you can walk away. But dinner alone when you’re over 50 is tiresome. You want to enjoy good company and what better way to find that then through dating? Whether you find a match online or in-person, opt for a dinner date. You’ll have more time to chat, making it easier to find Mr. or Miss. Right.

Decide Whether You Want Love, Companionship, or Marriage

Not everything is about marriage and long-term commitment. You don’t just need to deal with that if you don’t want to. However, when you start dating with seniors, you need to decide what it is you want. There’s no wrong or right answer here. If you’re looking for companionship and friendship, make that clear. Looking for love? Don’t be afraid to share that. Not everyone wants marriage, especially if they’ve loved and lost before.

Decide Whether You’re Exclusive or Not

Dating over 50 isn’t always about exclusivity. You can “play the field.” Man or woman, you can enjoy companionship with multiple people if you want. This is where the fourth ground rule comes in: Make sure you and your potential companion discuss this. Decide between you if this is going to be exclusive. If you don’t want exclusivity, walk away. If you both do, then you’ve found the perfect match. Even then, you can have different types of companions. You have a dinner date, but what about a travel date?

Leave the Past in the Past

Everyone comes with a past, especially when you’re over 50. You’ve likely got ex- or late-spouses. You could have children and grandchildren. When it comes to the past, leave it in the past. Of course, your current relationships will still be around, but don’t compare this current partner with your former. It’s sometimes hard to do, but you’ll both be happier without constant comparisons and talks of former flings. Are you ready for dating with seniors? Get the ground rules in place and you’ll enjoy your time.