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Tips On How to Get More Matches on Senior Dating Sites

When it comes to finding long-term partnerships, intimate relationships, and romance, everyone wants to have that special someone but for seniors, getting back into the dating world can be extremely frustrating, time-consuming, and difficult. Not only have the rules changed over the past few decades, nowadays, it’s also a lot harder to find suitors without going online as social situations where eligible dates could happen are further and farther in-between. Luckily for seniors, they are one of the fastest growing demographics in the online dating world, which means there are numerous dating applications and websites that they can use to find long-lasting love. With this said, here are some ways in which you can use to get more matches and up your chances of finding your special someone.

  • 1. Put Up a Wide Variety of Pictures: you want to take multiple types of photographs as this gives people insight into who you are. Your main photograph should show off your full body and face, your second photograph should be one about adventure (maybe you travel a lot), your third of you with friends (at your favourite activities), and your fourth should be a compassionate photo (pets are big hits). If you want, you can also include a selfie in there but generally, you want to stick with third-party photographs as these appear more natural to those viewing your profile.
  • 2. Make Sure Photographs Are of High-Quality: if you have blurry photographs on your profile, you are going to get fewer matches because no one can truly see what you look like. Plus, when you have fuzzy or hazy photographs, it makes others feel less trusting of you and makes people feel like you don’t have the time to put into your profile which means you may not have the time for them. The best pictures are high-resolution, taken by a third-party that shows off your whole body and face.
  • 3. Personalize Your Messages: messaging someone for the first time can be nerve-racking and difficult because you want to play to what their interests are but you also have to be genuine without overly flirting. As a senior, your best bet is to personalize the message so that it isn’t your traditional bland, “Hey, how’s it going or what’s up,” as this doesn’t involve any intrigue. Instead, find a connection between the information you have access to and yourself. If they love tending to their garden and sitting in their sun-room, maybe tell them about how you love to take care of flowers or how you shop at the local farmer’s market. The idea here is to show interest, find common ground, and reach out in a friendly but forward manner. Beyond this, make sure you aren’t misspelling words, but definitely use smiley faces and be honest as this will net you more responses.
  • 4. Send Lots of Requests: whether you are using a dating application on your smartphone or a senior dating website online, make sure you send out a lot of requests. This could be a request to chat, a request to be friends, or a request to head out to an event together, whatever the request is, don’t hesitate to send it. Unfortunately, a lot of people will hone in on one or two types of people on dating sites and this causes you to miss out on diversifying who you send requests to and therefore limits your potential match pool. To figure out who to send a request to, do more than just look at their photographs. Read through their biography, their likes and dislikes, and strike up a conversation even if you are not initially attracted to them. You never know what might happen!
  • 5. Consider Having a Higher Age Range: re-evaluate the age range that you put up on your profile. If the age range is only two years younger than you or two years older than you, you’re going to be missing out on a wealth of potential matches. For seniors especially, someone who is your exact age or only a few years younger or older, may not necessarily be your best match. Consider making the age range between three and five years, both ways as this will open up more individuals you can connect with. While you are at it, expand that distance range for meet-ups as well.

As a senior, the main thing you want to keep in mind is that your potential matches are going to also be getting back into the dating game and may need you to be patient while they get reacquainted with the process. In so long as you are genuine, honest, caring, and interesting, you should have no issues with finding a potential match. To up your chances, make sure you get creative with your biography and just be active on your site of choice. Don’t hesitate to message, swipe, or request, as these actions are what will draw someone to you.