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The Most Common Senior Dating Mistakes You Should Avoid

Just because you’re over 50 doesn’t mean you want to live alone. Your life is still ahead of you and there’s still plenty of time for fun and love. You can opt for senior dating online to help jump back into the dating pool. Before you start, here are the most common mistakes many make that you should avoid.

Being on the Wrong Type of Dating Site

There are just so many types of dating sites out there. When it comes to dating for seniors, make sure you find the right site for you. There are plenty specifically for over 50 dating, which means you’ll find others who are searching for something similar to you. Looking for someone younger? You can put your profile on another site, but try not to get too disheartened when they’re looking for love with someone younger. Some of the more generic sites don’t even allow those over 50! At the same time, look out for those for hookups if you’re just looking for long term dating. And vice versa, of course!

Not Adding a Photo

As much as you want people to pay attention to your profile, not using a photo is going to be a big turn-off. People want to know what you look like. This isn’t just to see if you’re attractive, but to also see that you’re a real person! You need to add your photo to your senior dating profile. And don’t just opt for the first web cam photo you take! Look out for a photo showing your best side. It doesn’t have to be with tons of makeup or dressed as sexily as possible. Allow it to show the real you in a flattering way. You can even use it to show off your hobbies or your lifestyle. Avoid photos of you in a group and definitely avoid photos of you with someone of the opposite sex. You make it harder for people to tell who you are and you’ll make it look like you’re still in a relationship with someone else.

Give It Time

Like with offline senior dating, online dating takes time. While the website can speed things up and help you find locals looking for love, you need to give it more than a week to find success. It takes time to find the right person for you and even for your profile to come up in searches. Sometimes, your profile is going to need some tweaking. Or you may need to get out of your comfort zone and message people yourself (rather than waiting for someone to message you). When you do start messaging someone, watch out for rushing into a meeting or into love. While you don’t want to go months without meeting them, you don’t want to set up a meeting within someone you’ve only said “hi” to. Chat first and get to know someone over the messenger and then arrange to meet up.

Sharing Too Much or Not Enough

The world of online dating for seniors can be a minefield. There’s so much to fill out on your profile, including a little bit about who you are. It’s a fine line between sharing enough to make you seem interesting and enticing and not too much to give everything away. It’s worth taking a look at a few profiles on the site to see what others write. Don’t copy them word for word (as that wouldn’t be you, right?) but do use them as inspiration for the amount and type of information to give away. Share a little about your likes and dislikes. Talk about your hobbies and what you do for fun or for a living. Avoid religion (unless you’re on a religious dating site, of course), politics, and about your past relationships. Nobody needs to know everything your exes did wrong or how much you still love your deceased spouse.

While you want to share what you do for a living, don’t give away the exact place you work. You also don’t want to give away your exact location or other personal information, even in messages. When it comes to that first meeting, arrange somewhere public to protect yourself.

By avoiding the above mistakes when senior dating online, you can improve your chances of finding what you need. You’ll also increase the chances of finding the perfect partner for you. Don’t let your age be a hindrance when it doesn’t need to be. Get out of your comfort zone and find the love you deserve.