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Top Reasons Why seniors Should Try Online Dating

The corners of dating sites and message boxes of social media have become one of the most common places to find love in this age but online dating isn’t exactly popular among seniors. For one reason or the other, many people in that age bracket tend to shy away from registering on online dating platforms and exploring the possibilities therein. Only about 3% of adults that are single and above 65 years make use of online dating platforms. If we come down to the 55-64 age bracket, the percentage increases to 6%; an increase, albeit one with a small margin. The negative reports about online dating, the perception that it’s risky to talk to random strangers, and the feeling that online dating doesn’t fit their lifestyle are among the top reasons why seniors shy away from online dating. But do you stand to gain anything if you take a leap of faith and set up a profile on any of the popular online dating platforms? Here are some of the reasons why you should try online dating as a senior.

1.Everybody is online

The old romantic tales of strangers in a park sensing an instant connection after their wandering eyes met is highly unlikely in this age. And we have our smartphones to thank for this. People do not spend much time admiring the sights and absorbing the beauty around them when they go to public places. There is always a trend to catch up with on Twitter or another story unveiling on Facebook. When they are not doing this, they are taking pictures to upload on these platforms. If you thought this is only common among millennials, you couldn’t be more wrong. About 5 in 10 seniors now own smartphones. Technology adoption among seniors is also closely related to their level of education and exposure as well as affluence. It follows that there is a very high chance your dream partner also spends a lot of time on his phone. So, if you want to increase your chances of meeting him/her, you might as well go meet them on the phone.

2.The stigma is fading away

Many people would cringe at the thought of meeting their partner online some years ago. But the stigma that used to cloud the world of online dating is almost nonexistent now. Dating platforms now boast millions of users with Tinder alone recording more than 13 million matches on a daily basis. Estimates show that about 1 out of every 5 relationships in America begin online and there have been more than one TED Talk dedicated to the topic. Contrary to what you think, you won’t be perceived as desperate when you tell people you met your partner online.

3.You’re in total control

Hoping to meet a stranger means you’re leaving matters to luck or fate. But don’t you think you are too old for that? Online dating allows you to be proactive about dating. You’re in total control of all the information you provide, how interested persons would get in touch with you, and who you will or will not reply. And if you are going all out to approach someone, you’ll already have an idea of the things that make that person tick. You’ll have all the time in the world to perfect your first impression and you could even draw up a list of things to talk about from the person’s hobbies and interests.

4.You have nothing to lose

When you are that old already, it’s only normal to start thinking less about consequences. Chances are, you spent a lot of time being careful when you were younger and looking back, you can’t stop thinking about how much more you could have done. As a senior, there is no better time to let go of your inhibitions. Go ahead and register on a dating platform of your choice. If you meet someone and things turn out well, it’s perfect. And if you do not meet anyone or things do not exactly go as planned, it’s just fine too. Your happiness should be all that matters and not what anyone would think or say.

5.It’s a great backup plan

Online dating doesn’t stop you from going out and finding love offline. That you have registered on a platform doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time on that platform. You can still explore your environment as much as you like and check the dating site as a platform. If you are able to find someone offline, good for you. And if your backup plan somehow becomes plan A, it’s all good still.

You’re never too old to find someone that shares your interests. Interestingly, it appears a good number of people have difficulty knowing where to look. Online dating platforms are definitely a good place to start. The search filters are one of the strongest suits of these dating platforms. You can simply enter your idea of the ‘Mr. Right’ and you’ll be amazed at the number of perfect matches. ?