How to Identify a Scammer Profile on an Over 50 Dating Site?

Posted by Admin on Jan 12, 2016

Although many dating sites have security protocols in place, it is still possible for a scammer to enter and take advantage of the members. This is because once inside, the scammer can pick and choose from any number of people to try and con out of their hard earned money.

However, the good news for those involved in dating sites is that spotting a scammer is now easier than ever if you take notice of the red flags that invariably arise when a dealing with someone who is not on the level.

How Scammers Operate

Generally speaking, a scammer will start in the early stages attempting to get your trust. They will be happy, charming, even delightful people to message on dating sites. It is their success in gaining trust that leads to a shift or turn where they are facing an unexpected problem or issue and they will need your help. It may seem rather silly that anyone could be duped on a dating site, but it happens far more often than you might simple because they catch so many people unaware. Here are five tips to help you identify a scammer profile on a 50+ dating site.

How to Spot a Scammer

Wants to speak off the site: Because onsite conversations are being monitored, the scammer will want to move it off-site and will provide a legitimate-sounding reason such as “My membership is almost up”. You should always keep your conversations on the site so that they can be properly reported.

Wealthy: Many scammers will post photos of their fabulous wealth ranging from expensive autos to vacationing in exotic locations or having large, luxurious homes. In most cases, people that wealthy are not going to need an over 50 dating site to find true love. You should look for the same stock photos on Google and other locations to see if the scammer is using those to mask their true intentions.

Non-Native English: If their English is off in terms of sentence structure, yet they claim to have a college degree or are born and raised in your country, then something is definitely wrong. Ask them about where they are from and where they were educated.

No In-Person Meeting: Most scammers are from foreign countries which make it impossible for a face-to-face meeting. So, if you have any suspicions try to meet them in a safe, public place during the day. If they continually come up with excuses, that is a big red flag.

Emergency: The last stage of being scammed is the emergency where they need your money. Sometimes it is small such as cab fare or a couple hundred dollars for an unexpected expense and sometimes it’s much larger if they think you are wealthy. Never, never hand over a dime no matter the circumstances and instead report them to the site.

By being a little cautious, you can avoid being scammed on an over 50 dating site and instead find the real person who enjoys your company and is not after your money.

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