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We fell in love during the pandemic!  #Engaged
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Met the woman of my dreams on here at the start of the pandemic. She was the second lady I corresponded with. Texted for a couple of days, met in person, and started the romance of our lives.
We have been inseparable for the past few months. Moved in together a short while ago. Bought the rings a couple of weeks ago, and we pick them up today. Will be married in about 6 weeks.
Both of us still have trouble believing this has happened, but we cannot deny the sheer joy and love we feel for the other. We know there was a force greater than us at work here, but this website helped bring us together, in the right place, at the right time..

WE WISH ALL OUT THERE THE BEST OF LUCK IN YOUR SEARCH! We are living proof it can happen to you@!

Advice to other members:

Just don’t give up, go with your heart. If you feel something, just from a picture...say hi.
You can never tell what will happen.