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  • nang312 ( 60 / W / Barrington, RI )

    I think the ideal first date is something that will become clear after we get to know each other. A relaxed, public area where we can chat and see how it goes.

  • apple5442 ( 55 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    if i wake up to you the next morning then it was a good date...

  • Sailinsailor ( 62 / M / Eustis, FL )

    Meet for coffee in the morning or at a local movie theater in the evening and watch the show we both want to see. Meet at the park. Split a bottle of wine, talk and watch the sunset. Head out on a boat through the Dora C...  read more >>

  • mckJoyce36 ( 82 / W / Houston, TX )

    Mid morning coffee in the park - relaxed and easy conversation.

  • beaucastel ( 61 / M / Vernon, BC )

    We meet in a city that represents approximately midway distance between our home cities. Meet somewhere in that city for an hour together, over coffee or a walk. After which we decide if we meet again during that visit.

  • Rita765 ( 45 / W / Mirfield, England - West Yorkshire )

    Tabboganing at the ski centre

  • Kitith ( 80 / W / Canton, GA )

    For a first date a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner someplace quiet where we can talk.

  • 1happyone ( 67 / W / Waco, TX )

    Gee whiz. If we do all the following "stuff", we won't have a thing to talk about. Just ask, for crying out loud. I'll talk. You won't even have to use a strong, bright light!!!

  • tnjjgogoe ( 49 / W / Hendersonville, TN )

    I like dining out, dining in (I'm a amatuer home chef) boating, antiquing, casino trips. Bingeing on Netflix. Outdoor venues. Sightseeing. Daytripping, I'm flexible. If your in good company it's not a date it's time well...  read more >>

  • McBarker ( 72 / M / Jewett City, CT )

    A nice quiet dinner at a good restaurant. Live music concerts (classical, folk, pop, rock, etc). Day trip adventures. Sometimes weekend trips. Photography trips. It's my main hobby, and I may bore you to death showing yo...  read more >>

  • SandyJ066 ( 76 / W / Kent, WA )

    I didn't grow up in the PNW so there's lots I haven't seen, not to repeat the coffee or drink ideas, there are a million things to do that don't cost anything but time and gas. Small towns to walk through and window shop...  read more >>

  • sholiday2195 ( 64 / W / Lake Forest, CA )

    A spontaneous road trip to someplace we both have never been. Staying at a quaint b&b, golfing and seeing the sights. Exploring the local shops, eating at mom n' pop restaurants and just taking a stroll through the wonde...  read more >>

  • rozsdasvas ( 81 / M / Windsor, ON )

    just some information I do wish to meet someone of HUngarian *Magyar background.

  • Paulisme ( 62 / M / Franklin, TN )

    We talk and decide together

  • WhereRu4me ( 67 / M / Omaha, NE )

    First of all I would never plan a "date" first off without getting to know someone a little first and what they might like. The "first" would be a meet n greet only. Maybe coffee or a drink at a quit...  read more >>