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  • K9LUVR ( 58 / M / Cape Coral, Florida )

    Our date begins outdoors with a round of golf, tennis, bike ride, fishing, visit to the flea market and then I will hit the kitchen and cook a romantic dinner. Finishing off this perfect day, will be snuggling on the sof...  read more >>

  • Reardon ( 64 / W / Nashville, TN )

    Taking a ride on a motorcycle or car and exploring the beauty of a park or the scenic views of nature.

  • VickieR ( 56 / W / Glennville, GA )

    Somewhere nice and quite so we can get to know each other first. Then what ever we both would enjoy doing. (A nice restaurant, grilling out and enjoying the stars, long walk on beach, or even nice coffee break).

  • mikezei ( 71 / M / Santa Fe, NM )

    Dance by the light of the moon!

  • Itsabouttiming ( 62 / W / Henderson, NV )

    😬l just realized that it's been years since last time I was RIDING A ROLLERCOASTER 🎢🚨🗽🏰 LAS VEGAS HAS FANTASTIC FUN ATTRACTIONS. LET'S PLAY LIKE CHILDREN AND LAUGH out loud 🌃🏜️

  • SingularSiren ( 48 / W / Norwich, England - Norfolk )

    I adore being spontaneous and adventurous. I can enjoy myself and see the positive literally anywhere. I've also just demonstrated for you that I can write a cohesive sentence with proper grammar, verb tenses, etc. You c...  read more >>

  • 2beingme ( 55 / W / Glendale, CA )

    I had a date where my date and I went and played miniature golf. I can't remember how many years it had been since I had played but it was so much fun. GREAT DATE!!! I had another one where my date taught me how to play...  read more >>

  • Ptashkin ( 66 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    The best 1st date can be anywhere, if there is chemistry, the date will be amazing! It's who I'm with that makes it a great first date!

  • HoneyBear3 ( 57 / W / Mount Kisco, NY )

    Brunch and a concert Lunch and a gallery A hike with dogs and then dinner A picnic on a beach A backyard BBQ

  • Sunset64 ( 54 / W / Holland, MI )

    Dinner and talk to get to know each other. Make sure there is a conection. Sorry not a good speller.

  • Twitbrit3 ( 57 / W / Peterborough, England - Northamptonshire )

    I love water, so any ideas? Picnic on the beach or a boat ride?

  • Whistlin1 ( 47 / M / Mira Loma, CA )

    I'm the type of guy that hooks up with interesting women like you no strings attached. Are you interested?

  • Kackie ( 63 / W / Carson City, NV )

    Oh my! A first date, gee haven't been on one of these in years.. Well looking back all of the first dates I had when I was younger were done around drinks or coffee. Let me warn you if it is a coffee date be prepared to...  read more >>

  • pmlarsen ( 63 / W / Smithfield, UT )

    I think lunch or dinner is a good first date so we can get to know one another better. Being able to look into one another's eyes tells a lot about a person, their sincerity and personality traits. A nice little walk in...  read more >>

  • yogajim ( 71 / M / Boston, MA )

    My dates I like to take to the Spa, Facial, Message, Manicure, Pedicure. Not all just pick one as I like to be pampered as you can see by my photos. I went on one after I turned down 66 coffee dates. The lady loved it. B...  read more >>