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  • mikezei ( 71 / M / Santa Fe, NM )

    Dance by the light of the moon!

  • Itsabouttiming ( 62 / W / Henderson, NV )

    😬l just realized that it's been years since last time I was RIDING A ROLLERCOASTER 🎢🚨🗽🏰 LAS VEGAS HAS FANTASTIC FUN ATTRACTIONS. LET'S PLAY LIKE CHILDREN AND LAUGH out loud 🌃🏜️

  • SingularSiren ( 48 / W / Norwich, England - Norfolk )

    I adore being spontaneous and adventurous. I can enjoy myself and see the positive literally anywhere. I've also just demonstrated for you that I can write a cohesive sentence with proper grammar, verb tenses, etc. You c...  read more >>

  • 2beingme ( 55 / W / Glendale, CA )

    I had a date where my date and I went and played miniature golf. I can't remember how many years it had been since I had played but it was so much fun. GREAT DATE!!! I had another one where my date taught me how to play...  read more >>

  • Ptashkin ( 65 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    The best 1st date can be anywhere, if there is chemistry, the date will be amazing! It's who I'm with that makes it a great first date!

  • HoneyBear3 ( 57 / W / Mount Kisco, NY )

    Brunch and a concert Lunch and a gallery A hike with dogs and then dinner A picnic on a beach A backyard BBQ

  • Sunset64 ( 54 / W / Holland, MI )

    Dinner and talk to get to know each other. Make sure there is a conection. Sorry not a good speller.

  • Twitbrit3 ( 57 / W / Peterborough, England - Northamptonshire )

    I love water, so any ideas? Picnic on the beach or a boat ride?

  • Whistlin1 ( 47 / M / Mira Loma, CA )

    I'm the type of guy that hooks up with interesting women like you no strings attached. Are you interested?

  • Kackie ( 62 / W / Carson City, NV )

    Oh my! A first date, gee haven't been on one of these in years.. Well looking back all of the first dates I had when I was younger were done around drinks or coffee. Let me warn you if it is a coffee date be prepared to...  read more >>

  • pmlarsen ( 62 / W / Smithfield, UT )

    I think lunch or dinner is a good first date so we can get to know one another better. Being able to look into one another's eyes tells a lot about a person, their sincerity and personality traits. A nice little walk in...  read more >>

  • yogajim ( 71 / M / Boston, MA )

    My dates I like to take to the Spa, Facial, Message, Manicure, Pedicure. Not all just pick one as I like to be pampered as you can see by my photos. I went on one after I turned down 66 coffee dates. The lady loved it. B...  read more >>

  • blueskies4hope ( 70 / W / Charleston, SC )

    I would take you to the magic of our town dock and we would have a picnic high above on the bluff watching to dolphins and under the light if the full moon .....

  • warslinda ( 59 / W / Hackleburg, AL )

    Maybe dinner and good conversation. To get to know each other ,or maybe just a walk and talk.

  • lonlytexan ( 61 / W / Katy, TX )

    Go to lunch or dinner! Maybe take in a movie depending on how it is going! Sightseeing,Walking,Shopping Live Music.