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79, Woman | redding, anderson

Love making a house a home with decorating, beautiful yards with flowers and comfortable. Travel is great if it is a short get away or just a afternoon drive or a long trip. Interested in what is over every hill and down every road. A big history buff. like spending time on the lake swimming and fishing. Love to read and old movies. A home body with a little gypsy in my soul. Looking for a friend to do activities with and just laugh and enjoy this time in life.
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65, Woman | MIdpoint

I admit I am a coffee addict, not Starbucks too bitter. I think meeting for coffee is a good first date. Sweets can be had too
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72, Woman | Anywhere

A first date must be in a quiet place so that we could talk and get to know each other such as a quiet diner. It could be having a nice meal followed by a nice walk in a nearby park or anywhere that allows us to hear each other. There might not be sparks but I'm hopeful we would enjoy ourselves enough so that we might like to give it one more chance. Sometimes sparks have to be lit before they fly.
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67, Man | Boise

A cup of coffee and easy conversation.
coffee and maybe a walk by the river
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75, Man | Cape Town

For starters, a walk on the promenade or in nature would be great . .
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71, Woman | Maryland

Meeting in a neutral place for coffee, tea.
How about Starbucks and a walk
Something simple.
Let's meet for a coffee or drink, and a good conversation
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74, Woman | Central Florida - The Villages

I would like to meet someone over a cup of coffee - breakfast or lunch .... Find out about our similarities and our differences.
Coffee & conversation
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62, Woman | coffee shop

Coffee and a coffee shop are warm and cozy, and a good first time meeting place, I think.
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76, Woman | Indiana

Walk my hom e
Meet for coffee, light conversation to get to know each other. Relaxed setting
I would love to just meet at a small cozy coffee place so we could chat and get to know each other.
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58, Woman | Seattle

Meet for coffee or tea
Would probably like to meet at a Coffee shop or something similiar ..
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66, Woman | Starbucks

Just want to meet you in a casual environment.
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62, Woman | Not in my town

Let's go to lunch somewhere quiet with a great view where we can sit for hours if it happens that way and not be run out by the waiters. Then I would go home or to my motel and you would go home and we would process what happened and not call each other that day or night but we would go somewhere for breakfast that had awesome sweet baked goods and talk some more and see what happens next.

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