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54, Man | United States, Hawaii, Hau'ula, having fun

Go to the beach then have lunch and talk story.
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65, Man | United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Fresh seafood dinner and drinks with quiet talk time to get to know each other without too much distraction
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54, Man | United States, Utah, Orem

Casual get-together where we can talk, laugh, share banter. Maybe errands, watch a sporting event, walk around the park, drive thru the mountains. Oh, I know...go do a service project or volunteer.
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66, Woman | United States, Ohio, Kenton

Having coffee and just talking .
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81, Woman | United States, New Mexico, Las Cruces

By the time we would get around to a first date, it is assumed we know each other enough to plan it together online and look forward to it with anticipation......
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47, Woman | United States, Alaska, Adak

How about we go grab coffee<starbucks> and then go for a picnic my treat and maybe later to the movies <thriller preferably> or we can go bowling
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48, Man | Pittsboro

Listen sweet ass I'm a cub but I'm very wise and mature and I'm going to be honest I'm here to give that beautiful body the attention it deserves if your interested you message me anytime anywhere.. This is my email contact me on that bc I'm new and not premium vinnyblanc87 G ma IL
Wait and see what ideas come after initial contact. I'm VERY creative about these things. i.e. notes in your lunch bag or on your pillow, games, treasure hunts, escape rooms, outdoor sports.
Never thought of that idea - it would be a good one so if the date didn't go well at least we would have done some good!
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65, Man | rural areas

I think it would be nice to take a drive somewhere like a lake or river and sit at a viewpoint or walk along a trail to a pleasant meadow and roll out a blanket and make love. Well bet you never saw someone write that in their idea of a first date but you know that's what most guys are thinking. Seriously I would be equally happy to hear about your life and ideas about what being alive is all about. You know your family stuff what your parents and sibling are/were like. Any profound lessons you've learned. hopes dreams for the future. I love just talking pleasantly about most things.
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62, Woman | toronto

just want to enjoy great conversation, get to know you
somewhere to talk and maybe a bite to eat or walk and see wich way fate takes us from there
Going to a museum and walking together. Getting feedback as we walk through the museum. Afterwards we go to lunch and sit and talk to get to know each other better.
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66, Man | Anywhere

Nothing stirs up chemistry like a mutually shared experience that calls upon the primal animal side of our nature. It's what defines us as Mas or Fem. Such as an unplanned survival experience. Even a planned experience might work. NO it's not about hormone driven sex or the search for selfish gratification in breeding or the practice of it. It's not about feeding one's own ego, frail self esteem or childish insecurities either. It calls upon our very nature and helps us determine our compatibility as a pair. It sure as hell isn't smooth talking b.s. or false promises and it isn't the prince or princess in a Cinderella fairy tale.
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69, Man | Lakes, fore shore the zoo

Going to the park, the bay or the beach, have a stroll find a bench and have a good long conversation about thinks like our lives past, present and what the future holes
Having Diner on a first date is okay, but doing it in a different than normal first date type of style, having an out of the box idea.
Maybe a motorcycle ride on a country backroad, stop for lunch at a local hot spot. Go off road 4X4 trail riding, picnic along the way. Horse backing riding, then hang around the barn. So many get the idea!
My idea of a first date would be having a nice meal, whether home cooked or dining out, enjoying a great conversation getting to know one another and maybe a movie. I enjoy the simplest things in life because they are more fulfilling.
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64, Man | Avoca/Omaha/ Council Bluffs

I am up for almost anything. It all depends on the day ( or evening) I enjoy life and all its beauty. I like to talk and listen. I like outdoors, walking, listening to rivers, ocean, nature. I also would like a local hangout, with wine, music, or just chatting. I like adventures, sightseeing, etc. you get the picture.

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