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75, Woman | take an art class together

Over a glass of wineI I would like to have a first date describing recent books we've read and favorite places we may have vacationed when younger. I would also be interested knowing what vacations still are of interest and how he likes to take them. I love cruising or traveling by plane to a special spot and staying there for a few days. I have a large bucket list of things I'd still like to do.
I am first a strong Christian! I am an active writer and photographer. Also I am a professional portrait artist. I draw portraits of people and and pets in charcoal.I was a photographer for the Associated Press, and I have written regular columns and lead articles for seven national magazines. I have written for the newspapers, and I did a hunting and fishing show on television. I'm not looking for a nurse or someone to pay my way. I am financially stable and in excellent health and very active. I am divorced and I am ready to get on with my life in a very positive and exciting way. The only way to really enjoy the rest of my life is to find an exceptional woman to enjoy it with me! I am very romantic and I need a woman that has the same kind of idea and attitude. This has to be a woman that is pretty inside and out and is eager for an active and fulfilling life. I have been burned by lying deceiving woman, so I may require a little proof. I like to travel and go on a cruise once a year. I have traveled to several foreign countries, though I am a conscious traveler. The woman of my dreams is one that will show me day by day an exceptional love and devotion. I would do no less than the same for her. If you want someone exceptional, you have to be exceptional. Understand that. Talk to me. Send me emails. Send me pictures and tell me the desires of your heart. I was closely listen to what you are telling me. If you are not willing to do the above and keep this fun and very interesting, you need to do it with someone else. I am an Honorable man and I will accept nothing less than an Honorable woman that is willing to be everything that each of us desires
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72, Man | in a home

preparing a fine dinner with glass of wine and candles with or without her help. Then settle down cuddling with glass of wine.
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72, Man | At the rainbow's end.

On a sunny day, how about something outdoors like an arts festival, crafts show, farmers market, big flea market, something like that. Stroll and talk and make discoveries and maybe have a giggle or two. Or a walk along the shaded river walkway? Somewhere relaxed and open and freeform. Even sitting around at some outdoor restaurant area with drinks ( not necessarily green tea :-) The first time out, i think dining is just too programmed and confining.
I have found that a drink and talk is nice, but sometimes I want to do something unexpected. Laser tag? A class together where we have to collaborate to make something? One of my "first dates" was a Renasissance Fair--we had lots to see and eat and laugh about. No awkward silences and no pressure to be entertaining every moment.
My ideal first date would be a quiet dinner for two with a slow dance or two after dinner
Visit a nice restaurant where we can listen to some enjoyable music
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66, Woman | Pinot's Palette

Let's paint, listen to music and drink wine at Pinot's Palette.
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66, Man | mings chinese rest.or Chuckchancisi casino

friendly and have my medical card . And I try to make the first meeting a short simple few minutes for a coke or drink just to see if we even have any interest in each other . Nothing more ackward than spending time with someone that you do have anything in common with so a short meeting is usually best I think .
a place to get to know my date a place quiet and not distracting.
We can take a nice walk on the beach. I don't have many idea for first date, just think may be we have to know a little bit of each other so take a walk shoud be a good thing to do.
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76, Man | Queens Surt, Waikki Hawaii

Would do what ever needed to be done to make my mate feel as comfortable as possible. Preferably I´ll coock a French dinner (love to cook) and just sit down talking getting to know each other. Chemistry will sparkle if connected.
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70, Woman | I have just relocated. tour of the city

I would enjoy a car cruise in and a trip to the beach to enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean.
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73, Man | Red lobster

Have a home cooked meal,and a glass of wine,then go for a walk in the country then sit on the porch cuddled up watching the sun set,smiling,and laughing,mabe another glass of wine.
a bite to eat anywhere, glass of wine, nothing fancy, just to visit and get to know one another a bit to see if there is any interest
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60, Man | My Place on the lake

Come out here to my place.Ride on the pontoon.Meet dog and 2 cats. HAve dinner and talk.
meting in a publick plase and talking a bout are sels and what we like and be ones to each other
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72, Woman | anywhere between San Francisco or Montery

A quiet place near some kind of outdoors where there is water, sun, people laughing, kids playing old people watching everyone and everybody having a great time enjoying life.
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60, Woman | Санкт-Петербург

You do not mind talking to me?
My first date idea is to go for coffee and then a walk. I would like to take my time in getting to know you and for you to get to know me. I would like to go on many dates before we consider ourselves more than friends.

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