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  • Hear his heart when he tells you his dislikes

    When you are in a relationship with a man and he tells you what he dislikes about you, don't get an attitude with him for it. Just listen and hear his heart because you should be thankful that he didn't leave you. Instead he's trying to work things out with you that could possibly turn him off. If you have a man who tells you his dislikes no matter if you are older than him or if he's older than you, just hear his heart and work things out.

    By mrnbapler, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

  • How to attract what you truly want?

    Locating your ideal mate is a process that in time you will get right. Have fun learning about yourself while you are going through the process of dating. Each intimate situation helps us learn more about ourselves. This helps us to clarify what it is that we truly seek in apartnership so that we will find the ultimate situation that fulfills us on every level.

    To get started really define what is important to you in a mate and write it down. You may want to title the paper "The Man or Women I will Marry" and proceed to write out the details that are important to you. My list includes: is not afraid of commitment, is seeking apartnership based on true love, knows how to please me in every way, is handsome and smart. Really think about the qualities and attributes that you are seeking in an intimate partnership. This list will serve as the foundation to writing your successful profile.

    Getting clear on what you really want helps you to narrow down your search and focus on your goal. When an employer is seeking acandidate for a specific position a job description narrows down the qualifications necessary to locate that target individual. We should all approach locating our intimate partner in a similar fashion as this is the most important relationship in our lives.

    While actively dating you may realize that you need to redefine your direction as you learn more about your wants and desires. This is normal and the process that will eventually leads to happiness and satisfaction when the ideal partner is located. This is called fate. Fate is a process and can be a fun one.

    By luckyone1111, Waterbury, Connecticut, United States

  • How to catch a woman's attention?

    A lot of men are failing at getting a woman's attention, because they try too hard. Here are a couple of tips for these problems.

    First, make sure you look good, jeans and a button up shirt, (Not Dress Shirt, an Everyday Button up Shirt) with a white undershirt and the top button undone.

    Second, (for most guys) if you have short hair 1"-2" long hair, spike it. Women are attracted to this for some reason. Use gel just enough to keep it in place. Then for guys with longer hair 3"-5", women like long hair also, keep your hair not like bed-head but wet it a little with Gel also, and mess it up. Make sure do not have the hair covering your hair. Women like to look into your eyes and keep it neat.

    Then if you want to get a Beautiful women's attention, make sure you project confidence. Do NOT be the guy in the back just having a drink and looking around. Women see you and stay away from you like a soar thumb. If you want to project confidence walk up to women, talk to other people and don't be afraid to smile. Do not look at the ground while talking to a woman, you want her to know that you're listening. Look her into the eyes, if you want you can look at other women, NOT GAWKING at them but so that she knows that you're looking for other options. That let her knows that if she wants you she's got to work for you. Now if you want to walk up to a woman and attract her, keep it simple. Be funny, nothing cheesy, nothing like did it hurt, when you fell from heaven. Women don't like Cheesy, be smart unique something that women never heard before. Walk up to women and be confident say, "I'm sorry madam, I just had to stop you and tell you that you are beautiful. And I would like to get to know you, and if I don't take the chance now I may regret it the rest of my life." Make sure you say "Madam", that shows a sign of respect and manners. Women eat that up, if you can come up with something more creative.

    By 5exyluver, Wisconsin, United States

  • How to choose the right mate?

    In choosing the right mate, one must be careful to assume that sweet and kind words are just alphabetical characters that anyone can put together. The words spoken mustbe put to the test, which is why actions speak louder than words! I'm not talking about the type of actions that would drive anyone away from you (forceful or intimidating ones). Love has a many faces and the problem with finding the right connection is within the realms of honesty and down to earthiness of an individual. It takes a lot of soul searching first to find love within ones-self to appreciate being loved by the other person.

    Love is not boastful or rude! Love is kind and respectful of the other person. Nor is love hastily found! Love is patience and enduring, not judgmental! love overlooks flaws and searches for passion within the heart of an individual. No one (1) person is perfect, but it takes 2 lovers to become the perfect love for each other! Love is not substance, love is caring, a smile, a joyful true real moment together! Love is what you make of the time you spend together with your special someone. Love is sharing yourself with someone who doesn't mind the mascara tear stained dress or the extra gray strands of hair on the top of your head. Love is acceptance!

    By Tears2Dry, Marietta, Georgia, United States

  • How to coax a shy date out of his/her shell?
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    How To Coax a shy date out of his/her shell?

    Be honest, and straight forward about the things you say. Try to get your date involved in a discussion and "wake them up". Don't be too edgy or hardcore right off the bat. You don't want to intimidate them. Try to relate to what they say. If they mention a band, compare them to another band to try to spark a conversation. Your main goal here to get them talking. The more they talk to you the more comfortable they will be around you.
  • How to date a girl that you are scared

    If you like a girl and you are scared, firstly start talking to her, say hi or whats up. Remember be yourself, then on the second day ask her what she likes but remember take very slow. If she feels you are vibe, start talking to her friends and getting to them as well. And then, after a week or so, ask the girl out to a place where many of your friends will be and you can talk and then you'll get the luck to step up your game and hug her, then you can go on dates. But when asking her on a date, ask what's she's doing that day then pop the date question. Make the question casual not too random.

    By bhm2010, Washington, United States

  • How to date and keep a smart hottie?

    I have always been asked out or asked if I have a single twin sister/hot friend, being in modeling and TV business for over 10 years with a Master's degree. I would like to share a few tips on dating hot and smart women---not the gold diggers...having seen pretty much all types of hot women due to my work, my advice on dating a hot and smart woman are:

    1. BEING A FULL PACKAGE, THE BEST YOU CAN YOURSELF, FIRST! Especially as a man, you need to be happy and successful, in a right place in your life to meet the right person and keep her.

    2. BEING A GENTLEMAN. It's really not just financial success but how you treat someone. Open a car door, sincerely care for people, be generous are all good qualities to keep a good and hot woman. The good ones are the ones that don't play game!

    3. BEING SINCERE. A hot woman got approached all the time and wonders if they just want the look? Show your sincerity. A TV star friend of mine actually married someone she met online because of his sincerity.

    4. BEING PERSISTENT. A research shows that most men go for the same 10% of women in public so there are more competitions, much more. You just need to keep asking and show your uniqueness.

    5. BEING THOUGHTFUL AND CREATIVE. Put some thoughts into a date, especially your first date, not necessarily to be a fancy restaurant but someone shows you really care. A true good hot woman loves when you show you are dedicated, sincere and fun!

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST, if it's meant to be, it will happen, don't lose hope if you didn't get what you want. If you keep trying, you will eventually get it. If you tried and it didn't happen, it means someone better is waiting for you.

    By Lovelii, New York, United States

  • How to date someone new?

    When meeting someone new, one should be mentally and physically clear of any excess baggage from a previous relationship. Ask questions; tell your likes, dislikes, wishes, dreams, goals, and etc. List certain ground rules for your date, meet at a safe location, and have fun!

    Do something more exciting than just a dinner and movie; that is if the two of you are content on watching a movie and going out to eat then drinks. Share experiences; give your date your attention by looking presentable, smelling good, giving eye contact, and being courteous.

    Even if the date isn't what you expected, give that person the least amount of respect not to totally disqualify them until the end of the date; it shows class. Now if your date is being a jerk, then you have every right to excuse yourself!! (I usually meet at a halfway point between my house and my date's house.)

    Look for the halo effect in every date you meet, no matter how bad your past has been. All men, all women are not alike!!! If yellow and red flags keep popping up, then that person wasn't for you. Nobody is perfect, we all have preferences; it just takes a lot of kissing frogs/forgets to find your prince/princess.

    Contributed by felixr11, New Jersey, United States

  • How to deal with a stalker
    If a person is stalking you (calling you constantly, following, monitoring/spying on you all without your permission), there are a few things you can do to protect and help yourself.

    1. The easiest way to get arid of a stalker is to simply call the police before it gets out of hand. Officers can monitor you and locate your stalker if you don't know anything about him/her.

    2. Another useful weapon is a restraining order. Although this is harder to obtain (evidence to the offense is required), it is extremely effective.

    3. Try not to be alone at any time.

    4. Keep all doors and windows locked, blinds down, curtains shut, and if possible get caller i.d.

    WARNING: Whatever you do DO NOT APPROACH YOUR STALKER! he/she could be dangerous so never approach. Always let the appropriate authorities handle the situation.

    By JakeyJuice, Florida, United States.

  • How to ease the tension on first date?

    First dates are always tricky. That being said, there are a few ways to ease the tension. Don't offer to pick someone up unless they have no car, it sounds creepy on the first date. Picking an upbeat setting with some ambient noise and other activity is always a good way to make sure there will be little if any awkward silence. Make sure to relax and be yourself, it will show your genuine character. Being confident is good but, sometimes overconfidence scares others off. Dates should be fun not stressful so make sure to keep an open mind and positive attitude!

    By outdoorguy84 Washington, United States

  • How to enjoy dating

    Enjoy dating for what it is, dating. It is meeting people and socializing and spending time in the company of stimulating individuals who may or may not play a bigger part in your life down the road. The fact, most people have something interesting to offer. While you may not be out on the dating scene looking for new friends, you may well find one or two fabulous people along the way.

    By goldeneyez, Washington, United States

  • How to express yourself sincerely

    With so many various ways to express ourselves, we are often cheated out of gainful understanding and knowledge. In a time where the dating scene has changed and people have become fewer chivalries, it is important to say what we mean and mean what we say.

    I speak from a woman's perspective when I say, I am tired and over the "casual dating scene." It has become tiring and wasteful. Both women and men need to re-evaluate and revert back to dating with a purpose. Dating to seek those with the potential of something is greater than a hook up or friend with benefits. I want a man that can ask for what he gives what he expects and puts meaning behind his words. Women need communication. Connecting on a mental level can get you further than you think if that is what youore truly seeking. We truly appreciate a man for those simple pleasures. Think about it, isn't a good woman worth it?

    By cherry1983, California, United States

  • How to figure out if the person across the table is interested in you

    Flirting is a naturally thing for most people. Flirting can simply be outgrowths of the way you behave when you meet someone you really. However,some people struggle with flirting, some flirting is more subtle, making it hard to tell whether you're reading into something that's not there, simply because you want the other person to flirt with you. For these reasons, it's useful to examine some of the key indicators of flirting, which can prove extremely helpful when trying to figure out if the person across the table is interested in you and help you express your interest in them.

    Look out for signs of Body Language such as:
    Prolonged eye contact
    Arched eyebrows
    Rapid eye movement and blinking
    Stroking or toying with hair
    Licking of lips
    Touching the lips or teeth with tongue
    Thrusting chest or breasts outward
    Mirroring or copying posture
    Crossing legs
    Leaning inward

    Other Behavior:
    Any form of touching
    Playing with hands
    Fidgeting nervously
    Shy avoidance of eye contact
    Standing on one leg or shifting weight back and forth

    Personal questions, especially about relationship status
    Singling someone out in a group for conversation and questions

    By tia777, London, United Kingdom

  • How to get attention of a single beautiful female at the bar or restaurant?

    If you see single beautiful female by herself or with another girlfriend, you can order and sent a drink for her. When she said she did not ordered, server will point to you, that you did. She will stop by to say hello and say thank you. If she finds you are attractive, she will keep talking to you. If not, she will say thank you and excuse herself in few minutes. You have 50/50 chance, so you can try it. If it is works, great! If not, oh well at least you made an offer and I am proud of you. Do not be a chicken! Women love brave and confident guys! Good luck !

    By socialbutterfl, California, United States

  • How to get inside a guy's mind through 10 phrases?

    It's no secret that guys aren't the best at articulating what they're thinking. Combine that with the fact that they'd rather bend the truth a little than risk letting you down and you're left with a baffling, cryptic code to decipher. We got guys to let us in on what some of their most said phrases really mean.

    1. He Says: "We should hang out sometime." He Means: "I'm afraid you'll say 'no' if I ask you out." Of course, actions speak louder than words. Find out if he's hitting on you by decoding his body language.

    2. He Says: "I'll call you later." He Means: "I may or may not call you at some point between now and three months from now."

    3. He Says: "My ex is crazy." He Means: "I messed her up, and she got upset." When you talk about your ex, here's how to bend the truth so you don't bruise his ego.

    4. He Says: "That guy seems like a good friend of yours." He Means: "Was there ever a thing between you?"

    5. He Says: "It's a long story." He Means: "It's a story that makes me look bad."

    6. He Says: "That's a new look." He Means: "You look weird."

    7. He Says: "Why are you being so emotional?" He Means: "Why are you acting like a psycho?"

    8. He Says: "That's not what I meant." He Means: "That's totally what I meant, but now that I see you're mad, I wish I hadn't said it out loud."

    9. He Says: "It's fine." He Means: "It's not actually fine, but I'm in no mood to discuss it."

    10. He Says: "Can we talk about this later?" He Means: "I never want to talk about this again."

    And there you have it! But keep in mind this interesting talk versus walk fact: Women prefer to bond with their partner via conversation, while the majority of men would rather engage in activities together. So next time, when you feel the urge to bond over a deep discussion, try planning a fun activity together instead.

    By friendsforum, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

  • How to get over your bashfulness?

    So you know that your shyness might be turning women off; well, here are some tips on getting over your bashfulness. If you're strictly reserved when a girl is in the picture but outgoing overall, then your coyness will probably subside as the relationship progresses. Once you gradually break out of your shell, your new attitude will surely seep into every area of your life.

    Becoming a more socially outgoing person might seem scary for a guy who has known no other way, but chances are you've wanted to get over your shyness before.

    Work on your confidence. Being more extroverted could in turn make you appear more outgoing (without being obnoxious), but you have to start from the inside out. Making your self-esteem pour through your actions and attitude will be easy once you know how much you have to offer. Show yourself how great you are by making a self-worth checklist, citing all your accomplishments, the character traits you love about yourself, and the greatest moments in your life. Once you do an inventory check on how much you have to offer, it could help your pride shine through.

    By SanDiegoBabe, California, United States

  • How to identify a serious relationship?

    Planning ahead is what makes a relationship serious rather than casual. People in love are usually eager to secure your time well in advance of important events to make sure you'll be able to make it, so that they won't miss out on the opportunity to show you off. If you find that your date isn't dropping hints about events or plans more than a month or two away, there's a good chance he/she isn't sure you'll be around. For this reason, they are reluctant to secure future complications (such as tickets to events, travel arrangements, or RSVP situations).

    By sandiegobabe, San Diego, California, United States

  • How to know a man better before and after meeting

    One of the first things to ask a man when you begin to chat with each other is what they think of their mother. If a man understands the question and doesn't wonder why you are asking, that is a good thing. How a man feels about his mother and how he treats her gives you a good preview of how he will treat you as a woman.

    The next thing is when you are going to meet someone for the first time, it should always be in a neutral place, somewhere safe (such as well lit if it is night). Let at least one person you know be aware of where you are going and the name of the person you are supposed to meet along with where you found them to chat with in the first place. Of course the best advice after meeting is to have fun, go somewhere that reduces both of your anxiety levels such as a picnic in the park or a fair to ride amusement rides. Not just the typical dinner and a movie. After all having fun is what it's all about.

    By HoneyBBirdie, Kentucky, United States

  • How to know if a guy is interested in you?

    Step 1
    Men will never tell anyone about things that are personal in his life unless he has some sort of interest in a lady. Men just don't tell anyone things about his personal life. Even if it is simple, like things that they like to do. If you see this, it is rare.

    Step 2
    While sitting in a room or just anywhere, take note of how he sits. Usually, when a man faces you, he has interest. This sounds silly, but listen... next time you are merely sitting in a living room or lounge, take note of how he sits. Here is an example. You are sitting on a couch that is facing him, however he is sitting in a swivel chair that is facing another way. If you notice that he spends most of his time turned in your direction with legs uncrossed, this means that he is interested.

    Step 3
    A guy may have a lot on his mind and that is why he doesn't talk too much? NOT! In fact, most of men are just in the quiet period. This does not mean he isn't thinking of you. Just don't make out that there is something wrong simply because he is not talkative. In fact, there is nothing wrong, so don't assume either.

    By DaGrlNxtDoor, New Philadelphia, Ohio, United States

  • How to separate the relationship-ready guys from the players?

    let me share some experience how you can separate the relationship-ready guys from the players, and make sure you're not wasting your time with someone who isn't capable of the relationship:

    An emotionally mature man knows that in order to have a truly loving and honest relationship, he has to be honest about who he is and how he's feeling, even when he's feeling down about himself. Emotionally mature men are willing to show their feelings, and more importantly, they're able to allow the woman in their life to "see" them even when they're going through a difficult time.

    THE EMOTIONALLY IMMATURE MAN RUNS AND HIDES and afraid to show feelings.

    Friends, family and work (the three areas of maturity). If man able to handle adversity, criticism or even intense politics at work and remain calm and confident, It's a clear sing of mature men. Men spend most of their time with people whose values they share. "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are."

    I hope you got it...

    How does a man handle his relationships with his family members? Fighting intensely, high and low emotional swings, or completely estranged situations without a clear reason can be signs of deeper emotional turmoil and relationship- not ready guy.

    By 77ttaatt, Illinois, United States

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