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  • Avoid looking like a complete weirdo

    Ladies - make sure you don't put all your goodies out there for everyone too see. Unless you're just after a quick one night stand, you want your date to respect you, show him you're a real lady.
    Plus you don't want him to get so distracted from looking at your chest that he can't hear what's coming out of your mouth lol.
    It's okay to dress a little sexy, but leave some for the imagination - let him wonder what's under there :)
    Make sure you smell good, but a little perfume goes a long way, don't give him a headache from too much chemicals.
    Plus, make sure your clothes are clean and with no holes - one shouldn't really have to say this, but you'd be suprised.

    By Cyanideshadows66, Valley, Alabama, United States

  • Be classy and comfortable!

    No matter who or where you're going to meet, make sure you dress in a way that if someones mother saw you they would approve. This means ladies: avoid the tight cocktail dresses that leave nothing to the imagination and the 5 inch platform bedazzled heels. Go for a dressy top and black skinny jeans or a skirt that is above the knee, not one that will give a free show when you bend over. Neutral heels are great with about 3 inches. For the men: avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed in sweatpants and a hoodie and also avoid going too over the top with a full on suit and tie. Try to meet in between with a casual look. This can be a pair of dark jeans with a stylish sweater or a dress shirt and cardigan. Pair that with black dress shoes and you're golden! Most of all make sure you are comfortable in whatever you decide to wear.

    By wanderlust9, Ontario, Canada

  • Choose dress according to your personality

    You style should not be determined by current fashion streaks or trends. It is not based on job type or income. It is more determined by your personality. How you live your life and carry yourself is how want to dress yourself. If you're conservative,organized and pragmatic then let your clothes convey that. If you are alternative, free spirited, and creative, let that come out in your clothing as well. You want your style to represent every side of yourself. And there is nothing wrong with combining styles to create your own. Balance rugged with indulgent, classy with artistic, etc. Also, it is always important to accentuate your strengths and hide your weakness'. If you tend you be overweight, darker colors will make you appear thinner. If you overly skinny, lighter colors will make you appear thicker. If you are on the shorter side, buy shoes that make you seem taller such as Doc Martens or elevator shoes. If your ears jet straight out, longer hair looks better than shorter hair.
    When buying a button up shirt the first thing you want to consider is it fits. Always buy button ups that fit snugly below your breast line. In fact, most good button ups will be slimmer around the waist than they are around the breast line. This is the tailor fit that you are going to want to have. Another good way to determine the quality of a shirt is by thread count. The higher thread count, the higher quality of shirt it is and the longer it will last. The attractive man always has a variety of color button ups for every occasion. But out of any color, a man must have at least one white button up. It is versatile and can be worn in almost any occasion.
    Unless you are going to work, a formal party, or an upscale martini bar, avoid wearing dress pants or Khaki pants. They are formal, common and leave little room for individual style. Your better off wearing a nice pair of jeans. When picking out remember fit is more important than brand or cost. If jeans fit contour to your body well, than get them.
    In terms of fitting jeans, always make sure the waist in thin enough to sit on hips but wide enough so they are not pinching your stomach. Also in terms of the fit, you generally want a higher crotch than a baggier, lower one. This makes the article of clothing appear more tailored and custom fit. In general, when buying jeans or clothing in general always think "tailor fit." You want snug where it's neither too loose or too tight. In terms of the wash, darker is still in, but the lighter washes are starting to make a comeback. Whatever wash color you decide, stay away from torn jeans. They came into style during the grunge explosion and have managed to stick around until..well...about a year ago. So stay away from pre-torn jeans. In terms of length, you want your jeans ¾ of an inch higher than your shoes. If you must choose between too long or too short, always buy jeans that are too long. It is easy to get them altered if they are too long. But they are too short.

    By lincme07, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

  • Clean shirt, tie suit for men. Dress alluringly but not sexy for women

    Men should dress as if they are going on a job interview. Wearing the very best they can. Hair trimmed. Nails manicured. Clean shirt, tie suit or sport coat. A soft aftershave always works for me.

    The same for women, she should dress alluringly but not sexy, that will send him the wrong message. A dress that is flattering and one that you are comfortable wearing. Don't go out and buy a new dress. Put on your makeup and fix your hair. Shoulders back. Stand straight. Smile!

    By MissMe125, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

  • Confidence and appearance lead to success

    I am going to keep this short and simple.

    I have been to many places and lived all over the world, one common theme I have noticed with the opposite sex is that they are always attracted to confidence and appearance. I am not saying those are the only qualities, but for a first impression they certainly help

    * First of all, take care of your self. Nobody likes a slob

    * I would pick what I wear based on where I am going and who I am going with.

    * Try to match your attire to your shoes. I believe this is very important.

    * Iron or press your cloths. DONT wear cloths with wrinkles. Makes one look lazy!

    * If you don't have a sense of fashion, ask someone. Maybe a friend? if not even Google? Look at some current fashion trends.

    * Mainly, wear something you are comfortable with. If you are going to a nice restaurant and you wear a suit with you never having worn a suit before, you may feel a little uncomfortable and not your self.

    I can go on and on about the way one should dress, but I think having a few simple points that can be used as a guidelines help much better.

    Good luck!

    By global2014, Addison, TX, United States

  • Don't be trashy, be classsy

    If you are looking to be a go getter, and get that man you've been dreaming of, don't be trashy, be classy. Matching, and appropriate attire and accessories are a must in today's sophisticated society. Putting something like stripes with plaid, or mixing outrageous colors immediately cries "Attention-seeking-wannabe-gangster-golddigger" intead, soft, simple colors, or even black and white, with some simple jewelry and accessories can make you stand out more than your neon stalkings and purple pumps. Think Classy ladies ;)

    By BonTempsLala, Gloucester, ON, Canada

  • Dress Age Appropriate!

    Make sure on your fist date to dress age appropriately! Nothing is more of a turn off than if you are dressing to try to "fit-in"...

    Be comfortable, dress comfortable and you will be comfortable on your date! There is no since in having to worry about what you are wearing, you have more than that to focus on!

    Men, dress nice and make sure it fits your age, don't try to look like something you are not women will see right through it and just think you are a fake!

    Women, dress like you are confident in yourself and not just part of your body! Men need to focus on your eyes and what you are about and not what you are reveling!

    Again dress well, be yourself, be comfortable, and be respectful and your first date will be a hit!

    By SweetDan, Alabama, United States

  • Dress for success! She must have that subtle attitude that says, "Yes, I know I'm pretty."

    Dress for success! Make him think "WOW, look at her!" I have noticed time and time again that men of ALL ages like a woman in a dress! A nice flowy, pretty dress. Not too sexy or too frumpy. A dress that moves with her, not too tight and not too loose. She must have that subtle attitude about her that says, "Yes, I know I'm pretty." Trust me it works, I notice it mostly in stores. Many times it's a really young guy too! That's an extra ego boost!

    By GreatNorthWoods, New Hampshire, United States

  • Dress for the occasion, and keep in mind what your date might be wearing too!

    I always like to dress smart although casual and feel good about myself. I do have a taste for classy designer clothes and feel good in them, but need to be very much aware of how your partner is going to dress on the date as well. May then have to adjust to fit in!

    By ferrari360, England - Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

  • Dress in a bright color to impress and stand out

    I know everyone looks great in black and it is slenderizing and chic... BUT if you want to stand out, make a memorable first impression think color!

    If your wear a dress, pearls and a bright color, you are sure to impress and make an impact. Don't be afraid you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression, so be the lady that stands out with a bright smile and an outfit to match that smile!!

    Vintage clothing with a modern touch also makes a unique impression that makes you memorable. Mix a lace dress with chunky jewelry and boots and watch the heads turn when you walk in the room!!

    Winter White also is a head turner when everyone else is in dark colors, you will light up the room in head to toe shimmer!

    Remember, this is the chance you have to impress and stand out, so make sure you smile, make eye contact and wear a color that will help you stand out from the competition.

    P.S. Guys love Dresses!!!

    By jramsey420, California, United States

  • Dress smart and casual

    Content: On a first date I will always dress smart and casual. Nothing too revealing or intimidating so as not to make my date uncomfortable. Should there be a second date then I like to dress to her tastes in order to please her.

    By Delux_Bi, Texas, United States

  • Dress to Impression, Dress for Safety

    Dress to Impression:

    I once met someone from PS and upon arrival I could not believe my eyes. Here I was after hours of primping and it looked as if he rolled out of bed and decided to come and meet me.

    First impressions make a lasting impression to this date, I still shutter at the thought of his hideous apparel.

    Dress for Safety:

    The only real advice I can offer is to women. I once experienced a blind date that did not turn out so well. I ended up being raped towards the end of the date, on which I decided to wear a dress which gave my rapist quick and easy access. I am not saying that my dress caused me to get raped, bur if I had worn pants it could have gave me more time to fight and get out of the situation. So be smart dress appropriately, and be safe.

    By CamrynMonroe, Washington, D.C., United States

  • Dress to draw interest, but leave some to the imagination

    We all want to look our best, and should most definitely keep this habit when trying to attract a man. We should showcase what we like, and downplay what we don't. While showing a little skin will interest a man, they are typically visual, we shouldn't give away everything. It has been said to play up or display one area or part if the body, such as cleavage, or legs. But conceal the other. Don't show everything, to do so kind of takes the fun of the hunt away from the man. Always stay classy ladies.

    By womaninjeans76, Tennessee, United States

  • Dress to impress - Dressing feminine in color and texture to attract a man

    Ladies, men love that women are the opposite of them. Remember to dress feminine in color and texture. Think soft. A lbd with a scarf or accent of pink works well. Show skin appropriately. For example, show cleavage with a layer of sheer or lace covering it, a hint, not an eyeful. Most importantly, smell feminine. Scent is the greatest trigger of emotion, so wear a light scent that is noticeable and memorable and ultra feminine.

    By SweetheartBecky, Wisconsin, United States

  • Dress to impress?

    It could be difficult to decide what to wear. You don't want to make the wrong impression and you want to look attractive. Choose clothes that make you feel at your best, confident, happy and comfortable. If you feel confident you will radiate confidence. Don't wear clothes just because it's your favorite color but also keep in mind which color looks good on you. Don't overdress or under dress, make sure to dress proper for the occasion.

    It can be fun to invite a girlfriend to come over to help you select which clothes to wear but it can also be confusing if she doesn't have the same dressing style like you. You could end up dressed in a way that doesn't reflect your own style. Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself, your date will surely notice and that might be just the thing that makes him fall in love with you.

    Smelling good will definitely do well to you, it can make you feel attractive and confident. Scents trigger emotions and affect our mood. Use a modest amount of perfume. You don't want to asphyxiate your date with your fragrance, the poor man could faint. Instead use just enough perfume to caress and seduce his senses in a subtle way. Make him wish to get closer to you so he can enjoy your fragrance.

    You can wear those sexy high heels shoes as long as you can walk in them. High heels shoes will make you look taller, give you a nice posture and make your legs look longer. But if you are not used to wear high heels don't put them on your first date. It could make you look insecure, walk clumsy and you could even hurt your ankle; that's not the best scene for a successful date. Make the right choice. There are also shoes with small heels that might give you that sexy look. Can't find a shoe that fits the occasion and you are low on budget? What are friends for? Take a look at their shoe collection. They may have just what you need. Make sure the shoes fit you well and feel comfortable. It might have worked out for Cinderella to lose a shoe but it could spoil your date and make you feel embarrassed.

    Wear your hair as much as possible in the way you usually do. It's fine to try to make it look nicer as long as it doesn't give your date a wrong impression of who you are. For the first date keep it simple and real, same thing goes for your make-up.

    Don't dress to impress. Dress to show your date the real you, to feel good about yourself and to enjoy the moment. Be true to yourself, have fun, get to know your date and allow him to get to know you. And if your date doesn't appreciate who you are, don't worry somebody else will.

    By Caribeanfunnn, Miami, United States

  • Dress well and comfortably on your first date to improve your confidence

    First dates can be hard enough, but you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Always confirm the date, and make sure you ask where you are going. There is nothing worse than showing up in heels if you are going hiking!

    Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Being late is NEVER in fashion. Take a nice hot bath or shower. Take extra time with your hair and make-up. Don't wear too much make-up, just enough to accent your best features. Wear clothes appropriate for the date. Wear clothes that make you feel great, and you will feel more confident! Perfume is always a nice final touch!

    The best thing to wear is your beautiful smile! Bring your manners too! Be on time. Preparing for a first date can ensure you a second date if the chemistry is just right. There is no dress rehearsal; for a first date!

    By MsFineWine777, Nevada, United States

  • Dressing right for your first date

    Always make sure to know what the plan of the date is ahead of time, so you aren't inappropriately dressed. You wouldn't want to be caught wearing skinny jeans and high heels on a hiking date or wearing work boots and overalls for a fancy dinner.

    Always be sure to dress for the occasion but, still, be mindful of your comfort. Don't wear something uncomfortable because that could lead to an embarrassing encounter with the ground or you having to explain to your new date why you're taking your shoes off in the middle of a fancy restaurant.

    In short, always know the plan, dress appropriately, and always be comfortable.

    By CarrieAnnx3, Maryland, United States

  • Finally, don't wear heels so high and painful that you can't enjoy a possible romantic stroll after donner!

    When going on a first date, one of the most important things to consider is what to wear.

    First, make sure you are comfortable. You are already going to be a bit nervous, so the last thing you need is to be constantly adjusting your clothing.

    Second, don't go overboard with the sexiness. Men who are seeking women for a long term relationship, tend to commit to those who maintain a level of mystery, especially during the courtship stage. That isn't to suggest that you need to dress in a turtleneck and long pants, but if too much of your assets are on display, it could potentially work against you when searching for something serious.

    Finally, it's possible you may take a romantic stroll after dinner, so don't wear heels so high and painful that you can't enjoy a moonlit walk!

    Be cute, add a dash of sexy and keep it comfortable!

    By rubenesque525, Louisiana, United States

  • Function Trumps Fashion.

    There is nothing more embarrassing or dangeous than being unprepared for a date or trip with the wrong shoes, the wrong outerwear or just wrong.

    If you have been invited to go boating, find out if non-marking soles are required on that particular size or type boat and be prepared for a sudden change in weather including wet and windy. A light rain jacket with a hood is always a sure bet to carry.

    If you are invited to go hiking, make sure you have walked in the footwear previously (walk around the mall in them for several hours including climbing stairs), your footwear is somewhat waterproof, as well as, durable. Sandals, unless specifically river shoes, are a NO GO for hiking.

    Pack a pair of spare socks (if you are prone to cold feet or have a chance of getting your feet wet) and be sure to change them before your toes reach the point of no return. Boots or shoes should have non-slip soles.

    If you are invited to the mountains in the fall, winter or spring, invest in a REAL ski jacket and warm boots. Fashion does NOT trump function in this situation, but you CAN have both with a little research and resourcefulness. Layer up in extreme cold temps.

    If going to the mounains, always carry or wear gloves and a scarf (if you are not a hat person) that can be used on your head, your face and around your neck in the event the temperature drops quickly (it almost always does), it begins to snow or the wind picks up.

    There is nothing like being on a romantic chairlift ride and watching those clouds move in. Better yet...being stuck on a stopped chairlift with storm clouds rolling in just waiting to freeze your hind-end off. A scarf and gloves will always save your day.

    Being cold & wet makes for a very miserable date.

    Take a stroll into your nearest bookstore and flip through boating, skiing and other related magazines that pertain to your future adventure. Key in on functional attire and jump on e-bay or your favorite site for some great deals on jackets, boots and proper shoe gear.

    By BlueJeanne2000, FL, United States

  • Give him just enough to come back for more

    When going on a first date, you don't want to show him to much skin. Give him just enough to come back for more. Wear a nice dress nothing too short remember just enough. Pick your best asset leg, chest, butt, which ever one you pick back sure that you just over play that. It will have him wanting more!!

    By Boonton,New Jersy, United States

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