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  • How to not look like a weenie

    Gentlemen, today I will teach you how to not look like a total weenie and consensually and safely charm the miniskirt off your favorite lady friend.I've divided this into simple segments even the most clueless man will have no trouble navigating. Let us begin.

    Get a fresh cut based on the shape of your head. There's plenty of articles online that can help you figure out whether you have a squared, oval, circular,or triangular head and the haircuts that would flatter it. Keep it clean,styled and looking good whether you're going on a date or going to an interview.Highly recommend getting lined up every 2 weeks but for those who are lazy every 4 is the max.

    Rule of thumb is always wear clothes that fit and slim fit is a great option to get a nice fitted look. Don't wear clothes too tight or too baggy as you will look like an idiot. Color palettes flow seasonally and dressing the appropriate colors for the season along with your skin tone is the best way to look "stylish". For example,winter time is whites, greys, blacks, and navy blue colors. But if you're skin tone is pasty white wearing white will make you look like a snowman, opt for the navy blue or grey. Invest in a nice pair of dark blue pants, grey jeans, a blazer or two,and rotation of colored henleys so you can look as fresh as I do.

    Unless you're in 3rd grade please don't wear light up sneakers,sandals and socks,or for all that is holy,crocs. Just dip them in a vat of acid and never look back.A pair of nice wingtips,oxfords, and boots (LL bean is the way to go) are tantamount for survival in this cold world.

    Personal style:
    Don't wear a fedora,backpack,graphic tee,or anything else anyone under the age of 22 is wearing these days.Don't wear gold chains or excessive jewelry.Do wear a nice watch if you'd like,nice cologne,and sunglasses in the summertime but not at night.

    That's all folks hope you enjoyed these basic tips on how not to look like a weenie.

    By Anonymous, Illinois, United States

  • Look sharp not shabby

    Look your best. Get some decent clothes and shoes. Women always look at your shoes. Get clothes that fit you, suit you and are contemporary. Don't just buy one outfit, sort out your entire wardrobe. Buy a nice tailored suit, there is no excuse not to. If you can't take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of her/him?

    By engr_brian, Utah, United States

  • Men...dress like you care!

    Women find it respectful and more sincere, if you dress nicely for your date. First Impressions are difficult to overcome if they are negative. Meeting a man for the first time, that didn't care enough to dress nicely, creates a NEGATIVE FIRST IMPRESSION. Women may try on a dozen or more outfits and many take an hour or so to look their best, in preparation for that first meeting. If the gentleman you are meeting appears to have given no thought to putting their best foot forward for you on the first date - what "thought" will they ever give to you?

    By Lesliehere, Minnesota, United States

  • Please cool it with putting on too much cologne....

    Guys, Please be mindful of putting on too much of the smell good stuff!

    Sometimes we can smell you guys from a mile away! A light spray here and there will be just fine.

    Please don't smell like you took a shower in it. Some people have sensitive noses, It would be nice if you do get a date with us, To ask if we like sprays or colognes.

    That way if the woman has an allergy or is sensitive to smells, We both could avoid a potential issue later. And ladies, This goes both ways! Happy dating!

    By Anonymous, Florida, United States

  • Proper dress to avoid a mismatch

    Let a woman know how you will be dressed on the date. It lets her dress so that there won't be a mismatch.

    I had a date with a woman at an elegant lounge in NYC. I was doing volunteer work and showed up in nice jeans and a nice dress shirt. My date was wearing a couture little black dress and expensive jewelry. We both looked fine for how we were dressed, but the mismatch made for some uncomfortable moments.

    An email or phone call could have prevented the situation from occurring.

    By sfmdnyc, New York, New York, United States

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