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  • A pet farm is a great first date.

    A pet farm is a great first date. Stroking and feeding the animals is fun and takes the pressure off of talking all the time. When its time to stop for a coffee there is always something to smile and laugh about. Animals can do the funniest things!

    By happygirl2058, England - Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

  • Advantages of going to the movies for a first date

    Admittedly, it sounds very cliche, taking your date to the movies for a first date. However, there are some very clear advantages which may lend to its popularity.

    Firstly, whether you intend on picking her up or taking public transportation together, the time allotted to get to the theater and the wait before the movie's showing is ample time to get to know one another and strike up a conversation. It is also, generally, short enough to prevent a conversation that has gone stale to last too long.

    Secondly, by gauging her response to a movie you selected (and probably enjoy) you will gain more information about her personality.

    Lastly, depending on how everything went, and assuming you selected a showing that isn't too late, you get the guilt-free option to either take her home if you didn't enjoy her company, or ask her out for dinner that very night if you happened to hit it off.

    These three points illustrate the strengths of the movie outing as a first date

    By RyadBen,Ontario,Canada

  • Always at church on the first date

    I always invite anyone I may want to consider to date to the church. There's a couple of good reasons. First, I'm in my comfort zone. Second I'm surrounded by friends and family and third its more than likely if the person isn't honest in their intent-they wont show up. It has worked very well for me in the past. If they cant praise with you then they aren't for you. You can get all that in the 2hours of service.

    By Osothick, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

  • Be mindeful where your first date will take place

    Key points you should be aware of on the first date.
    1. When choosing a place for a first date no matter what ethnicity you and your date are, be aware of environment. Take into mind that you will probably want to talk. Going on a first date where there is loud music may not be ideal for getting to know someone better.

    2. Even though you may love a place that is just your speed take into consideration that your date may not be 100% comfortable there. If you are going to take your date to a club make sure it is a mixed crowd. No one wants to feel like the elephant in the room because of race.

    3. If you and your date are going to be in a environment where there will be drinking and smoking try to understand that everyone will not be comfortable with that. If you drink but your date does not they may want to get a drink to look cool but it is up to you to say hey you're cool enough because your with me! Don't ever make your date feel bad about their choices in life style and if you're the non-drinker non-smoker be understanding that they are adults and they have the right to enjoy themselves.

    Enjoy yourselves and have fun on your first date!

    By SxyATL, Georgia, United States

  • Best place to go on a first date

    Everytime one of my friends is trying to make plans for a first/blind date, I always have the same answer: A walk in the park. No, that isn't a metaphor. I literally mean, go for a walk in a park.

    I live in Baltimore, and there's a place I like to go that few people have heard of, but instantly fall in love with when they see it. It's absolutely beautiful during the spring, and is very large so you don't end up walking in a circle for three hours. Why a park? Well, the first date is always about getting to know each other, checking for chemistry, etc. You can't do that at the movies or a bar/club, and dinner is so cliche. So why not go somewhere that is intimate, yet still public and open, where you can really talk and get to know each other? If it works out, you'll always have a "special place" that you can visit together anytime you'd like.

    By FamGuy1, Essex, Maryland, United States

  • Best venues for first impressions

    All my successful dates have started from that initial attraction to a person's profile or probably most importantly photos. After exchanging several emails to make sure we actually want to meet it is best to arrange a meeting at a nice restaurant that is located halfway in between where we both live.

    I think anytime is fine but the middle of the afternoon is a bit awkward since generally you end up being the only people there and that is not always comfortable. I think happy hour or early evening is a good time. That way it is very easy to have 1 drunk with someone and leave if there is no connection.

    The restaurant should be one where it is not too noisy so you can talk to one another easily. In my online dating experiences I have never had any problems with meeting someone this way. I think anyone can talk to someone for 20 or 30 minutes, enjoy 1 drink and decide whether to have another drink and keep talking or decide that although it was nice chatting, it's time to leave and say goodbye. I don't think anyone usually says right then and there that there is no attraction or connection but generally there is just no more contact after that initial meeting.

    This advice may seem basic but it is the only way I would have a first meeting with someone.

    By Jules0100, Ohio, United States

  • Choose a place free to talk and easy to more around. Great place opens door for awesome conversion.

    If you choose a place that neither of you have ever been it gives you many different ways to help keep the entire situation fresh, safe, and open to go with the flow. First I suggest a new place because natural curiosity of your environment sets in, so by mutually experiencing that together already begins a bond. Choose a place that leaves you free to talk i.e. no movie theaters. Also recommended is a place where you can walk around or more free to be active. Picking a great place can open the door for awesome conversation and real insight to who a person is when they respond to the environment as well. A walk on the beach, an art festival, walk through the garden center....etc is positive, creative and can open doors if you choose. Also, in the event that the first date is a dud the public scene gives you a likely easy route out and even an opportunity to learn something new.

    By SweetSallyis1, Cleveland OH, United States

  • Choose a public location such as a cafe or a popular restaurant

    When setting up a first meeting it is important to feel safe in the setting that you choose. While the vast majority of people on internet dating sites are sincere and as interested in safety and appropriate behavior as you are there may be a few situations where either party may feel uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. For this reason we would suggest initially choosing a public location where there will be other people around such as a café or a popular restaurant. It is also a good idea to consider not including alcohol in any first visit so that no one's perception may be clouded in any way. Keep your cell phone handy in the rare instance where you may feel the need to contact a friend or authorities. Engaging in internet dating is not inherently any more dangerous than engaging in any activity in public. Just remember to take the same precautions you would take if you were going out alone or with some friends.

    By HopingToMeetYou, Carlifornia, United State

  • Choose a public place and be with a friend or two for the first meeting

    When you are going to meet up with the person you've been talking to on the a dating site for a while, it would be best to have a meeting location. Something like a coffee shop or restaurant, basically just a public location with lots of people around. Also, making it a meeting with you, a friend or two, and then the person your meeting is also another key way to be safe.

    By big_guy0491, New Jersey, United States

  • Coffee shops are perfect

    The atmosphere is mellow and is good for conversation. The best part is that if the date is not going as well as you would have hoped you can make it a 1- cupper. If it is going well make it a multi-cupper. There is no huge costs involved and none is 'stuck' sitting through an entire meal the first go round. Save dinner for the second date when both involved know a second date is desired.

    By VirgoBaby64, Florida, United States

  • Dating while doing a light hearted event to help break the ice

    It's amazing to finally connect with someone that you've been interested in, now it comes down to meeting and how to plan the perfect date! Now of course there's no one answer to what's a perfect date it really just depends on both of you but, from my experience romantic dates aren't the best first dates when you're trying to get to know someone because if the feelings aren't there it becomes very awkward.

    So I've come to learn with dating, the best places to go are places that allow you both to show your personality , your interest, and what makes you happy! Plan to go on a place that is it full of pressure but more so full of laughs! "Wine and paint", you get to make a fool of yourself or showcase your artistic side while sipping on wine and enjoying company, the Ambiance is always fun and light-hearted! Adventure parks are good ideas too if you are a thrill-seeker there's nothing like breaking the ice like going on a roller coaster, a safari exploration or a theme park to let you relive your childhood or getting to know each other in a playful light! Ultimately it's all about fun and finding a connection that leads to love but sometimes breaking the ice is the best place to start!

    BluJaye, California, United States

  • Do's and don'ts for picking a first date spot!

    Now I know deciding on the on a first date can be difficult, but there are certain places that have a much better success rate than others.

    Let's start with the Don'ts, movies are not good for a first date because there is not as much of an opportunity to talk. Also clubs or loud crowded bars don't work either, if you can't hear each other than it will be hard to get to know each other.

    Now lets look at some Do's, if you would like to meet up with your date for a drink, pick a quieter tamer bar where you will be able to talk with each other. Also restaurants are great for first dates because you can talk in a relaxed environment which provides alternate conversation topics such as styles of food you both like as well as cooking. Last but not least a local coffee shop makes a great first date. They typically have a great atmosphere and lots of great comfortable seating for you to have great conversations and really get to know someone. So if you don't know where to go on a first date one of these three options will guarantee an atmosphere that lends itself to conversation opportunities!

    By Cyanideshadows66, Valley, Alabama, United States

  • Don't go to a chain restaurant.

    1. Be normal...don't take her to a noisy place..take her to a place that is quiet and beautiful...know the history of the place..and try to be considerate.

    2. Show up on cant afford to keep her a situation you were forced to run late call her..don't text.

    3. have to dress well if she has decided to go on a date with you…she's going to take a decent amount of time to get ready and look her best. you should do the same.

    3. have to dress well if she has decided to go on a date with you…she's going to take a decent amount of time to get ready and look her best. you should do the same.

    4. Have a plan..because a man without a plan is actually extremely unattractive.

    5. Have a well design date..there are two component of a good date..meal and activity...Look for a place with a more intimate, romantic atmosphere. This will make it more memorable and provide a better opportunity for the two of you to talk.

    Oh, whatever you do…don't go to a chain restaurant.

    The Activity

    Back to first date tip #1: be normal

    6. Complement her..even when she not in good shape.

    7. Have a conversation..don't just talk about your self..but try to know her more of her history and story.

    8. Prepare your question very well.

    9. At the end of the date go for the first kiss.

    By Dyanwilliams7, Utah, United States

  • Don't pick up restaurants as places for a first date

    For a first date is very important for anyone to be calm and show his best sides to the other partner. My best advice is to pick something different than dinner. First because is boring and second because everybody is trying to make a good impression on the other person.

    You have plenty of places to pick up for a first date but..restaurants. It could be a coffee shop where you can talk for a while not make the date too long and hint the other person that you are not that easy. The game starts there. Pick a place that you too love to visit sometimes to have fun bowling place, pool place, darts place, where you can keep busy by doing something and the same time getting to know each other and not paying too much attention on yourself and how you look and what things are you saying. People get a better idea about you and your interests as well as your character by watching you having fun and doing something you like. Everyone can say a ton of smashing good stuff but you can't really show them, can you? On a first date go have fun, do something you both found out you enjoy and lead yourself into getting to know the other person.

    By nikol12345, Missouri, United States

  • First dates should not be in your home

    Do not invite someone to your house for the first date. The only exception is if you are having some kind of cookout or event that will have a lot of people attending(but why would you want everyone you know to meet the girl/guy that you haven't even went out on a date with yet). The first date is already nerve wrecking enough without worrying about being alone in someone's house before you really know them.

    This is definitely true of online dating. Typically people are already freaked out by the thought of dating online and a lot of the people on this site feel like its their only option, so why make it worse by making them feel like you're going to either put pressure on them to have sex, or murder them in your basement. I know that's probably not your intention, but that's what we have been trained to think and I believe its a safe way to think.

    And what if the girl/guy turns out to be a crazy person? Now they know where you live. You should get to know someone really well before you invite them into your home.

    So, invite them out to dinner! Invite them out to anything that involves being in public. A first date whether online or not, should not be at your house!

    By generalginger, Pennsylvania, United States

  • For woman, the first dating place should be her town

    I really feel that the safety of meeting someone for the first time is of great concern. I believe the first time meeting the man should come to the woman's town. It's out of respect and safety for the young lady at hand. They're so many crazy stories nowadays of women being hurt, missing and sometimes killed. Now don't get me wrong, bad things can happen to men as well. But all in all the woman should be comfortable and meet in a public place to ensure their safety.

    By Jade0308, Savannah, Georgia, United States

  • Get creative - events, concerts and simple picnics can easily replace a restaurant experience

    Anyone can go to Starbucks, the local watering hole after work, or grab lunch at The Olive Garden. Why not try something different?

    Check out the local Arts sites for ideas as to local, or regional events. I've done everything from a crafts fair (where you can get an idea of their taste) to the World Harmonica Championships (we had a great time and she would never have gone on her own.)

    Try creating a picnic, it doesn't have to be elaborate, just pick up some crackers, cheese, and a bottle of wine if you like. One of my favorites is to get mousse trouffe and a mountain bread, Saga blue cheese, and a Pinot Noir. If you take along real glasses, silverware, and cloth napkins so much the better.

    Taking her out to something different sets you apart from the crowd from the start. Why not give it a shot?

    By Dozntfitthemold, Sarasota, Florida, United States

  • Give you a chance to meet cool NON LOCAL PEOPLE

    Don't bash the site complaining about the distance. Use the platform to try and talk to members that are in different cities. Sometimes stepping out of range that you may have set on your profile, May give you a chance to meet cool NON LOCAL PEOPLE GOOD LUCK!

    By Anonymous

  • Guys: Don't Be Like All The Others!

    Okay Guys!

    I thought I'd post some advice on a topic that I often get asked before I meet with somebody, "What do you want to do?". Most girls like Romance! Going someplace where we can get to know you and be overwhelmed by the atmosphere. I know that 5 star restaurants are nice but if a guy takes me for something like a midnight picnic on a night where the stars are around, I'm jelly! It is really how much thought somebody puts into this first evening of possibilties that I find that any girl I know will appreciate. Dates don't have to cost a lot of coin and sometimes you can just sit and be with each other. Bad date ideas: Movies! They don't allow for that intimacy needed with conversing with each other! Bars! They suck when trying to be alone! My advice is to look deep inside yourself and evaluate just how much you like this girl. Think of her interests when deciding what to do with her!

    You'll be a Dating God if you do!

    By XPureXPoisonX, Alberta, Canada

  • Have your first date at a coffee shop or out for drinks to make a quick leave if things are not going well

    It's a good idea to always make sure that your first date isn't anything too long like dinner. It's a much better idea to have your first date at a coffee shop or out for drinks, that way if things aren't going well you can always leave without having to wait for your dinner to be over.

    By mike85851, Philadelphia United States

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