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  • 6 Questions to Ask on a Date if You Don't Know What to Talk About

    Nothing can be more nerve wracking then trying to keep up an interesting conversation with someone on your first date. For some people it is quite easy to initiate the conversation. But for many people, it is quite a challenge.

    When you meet someone on date, you don't have much to talk about. Many people start their conversation by asking "Where do you work?" or similar questions. So if you are about to go on a date, then here are some questions that will help you when you are out of the ordinary options.

    1. What makes you proud about your life?

    This is a perfect question to know how much the other person appreciates his/her life. The only way for you to know about it is by asking such questions. This question is not too personal or straightforward. It is just a nice and polite way of knowing someone else's personality.

    2. Do you have close relationship with your family?

    This type of question will help you know about the other person's personal life. You can't judge him/her on the basis of their answer because everyone comes from different families. Their past might not be very pleasant. So if they say that they are not close to their family, respect their answer.

    3. What type of music do you listen to?

    You can have an interesting conversation about music with your date. Ask them about the type of music they listen to. What is their favourite singer? Do they have a favourite band, if so then what is their name? You can come up with 100 things to talk about on this topic. So when you realise that your conversation is coming to a dead end, then start talking about music.

    4. Do you have a best friend?

    When you don't know a lot about the other person then you can ask about their close friends. Getting to know them will tell you a lot about that person and his/her behaviour. If your date's best friend is not a nice person, then chances are that your date is the same as well. Because we all know that like minded people spend time together.

    5. What is your biggest wish?

    We all have our goals and wishes and that is what makes life worth living. Try to know what your date's biggest wish is. It might be to visit Paris or help the poor in Africa or it can be simply to find love. Their answer might surprise you.

    6. What is your favourite place to travel?

    Travelling is something that everyone loves to do. That makes it a very interesting question to ask you date. You or your date can share the story of past travel experiences. This will make the conversation very interesting. Apart from this you can also ask tons to other questions. But remember to not make the conversation too serious or boring.

    By Jul2018, Western Australia, Australia

  • 6 tips on how to make a good first impression

    There's a reason why you should want to make a good first impression. You attract what you put out. If you a seeking a classy professional man/ woman, present yourself as such. When you are out with someone it is rude to leave their side and wonder off on your own. Gentleman there is nothing wrong with picking up the tab on the first date. That is not saying every date has to be on you.

    1. Proper grammar is imperative.

    2. Knowing how to eat in pubic is a must. For example no elbows on the table, chew with your mouth closed, smile, converse don't be shy. Do not rush through your food, but do not be afraid to eat in front of each other either.

    3. Sex on a first date is not a must. You can wait. If you happen to please be safe. Condoms are a must. Most men do not respect an "easy woman".

    4. Do not dress too revealing. There are conservative clothing that make you look even more beautiful than something that shows all the goods. That does not mean wear a dress that looks like a second skin. Men a suit and tie does wonders.

    5. Intelligence is key. If you can not stimulate each others minds then things will not last. If you aren't that smart and do not understand what your spouse is saying then ask questions.

    6. Be inquisitive and educate yourself. There are so many things to learn on finding your true love. The number one key is BE YOURSELF.

    By EBONY_AMOR_QUEEN´╝îNew Jersey, United States

  • 7 Tips what not to do on your first date

    There are some things you must not do when you first meet someone in person. These have been collected from personal experiences of mine and my friends:

    1. Be on time for the date. If you are going to be late, definitely text the person(these days, everyone has a cell with texting) and let him/her know.

    2. Do not use a cell phone at all unless it is a dire emergency (and only then, excuse yourself from the table with apologies and a promise to be right back, explain it is urgent).

    3. Dress appropriately! No sexy or revealing attire. Wear a nice wardrobe, no wrinkled shirts, no scruffy shoes!

    4. Stay focused on the other person. Ask questions about his/her life. Do NOT get too personal with religion, exes, politics just yet!

    5. Be nice to the waiter/waitress and tip generously!

    6. Let the date last up to 2 hours. Any longer, you will tend to overshare yourself with too much detail. Save some for the second date!

    7. For men, ask the woman if she wants to meet again (provided you like her).

    By Dashing007, New York, United States

  • 7 ways to make your first date the stepping stone to a satisfying and successful relationship

    First dates are a funny thing. Usually, they are the most nerve wracking experience, fit with awkward, bizarre confrontations with a person you are interested in. However, the great thing about first dates, is if you run them smoothly, they can be a stepping stone towards a satisfying and successful relationship with that person.

    If you are feeling nervous, don't worry, as this is completely normal for a first date. In fact, it's even normal for some of the first couple of dates, as there is time that's necessary to fully learn about the person, as well as how to act with them around. When you are meeting with the person you are taking out for a date, you can rest easy knowing you were fully informed of the best choices for a first date.

    1. Take A Walk - An activity that's featured predominantly in romance films, taking a walk with your date is a great choice for many reasons. For one, a walk usually doesn't require any money to be paid, if you find yourself low on cash for the night. Walks aren't too complicated, eliminating the need to "impress" your date for the night. All you need to do is keep a conversation going, talking to your date, letting them know the kind of person you are.

    2. Eat Out - While this is a common first date, it doesn't mean it isn't effective. Going out to a local restaurant is one of the safest choices for a first date, however your date may find it a worn out date idea. If you feel like this choice is too simple for a first date, pick a restaurant that is theatrical, or unique, inviting a smoother conversation between you both.

    3. Hiking - If you are an adventurous person, and you feel your date is up to it, hiking can be a awesome first date. Hiking can be entertaining for both parties, and it's healthy!

    4. Attend A Film - Another simple, safe first date idea is going out to a movie. Again, this method is a worn out choice, but it is usually effective. Picking a movie can provide entertainment for a couple of hours, as well as setting up the rest of your evening. It goes well with dinner before or after the film.

    5. Go On A Picnic - Picnics make for a great atmosphere for a first date, as they are peaceful as they are relaxing. Picnics make for a great time, if the weather warrants them.

    6. Play A Game - This choice applies to all games, whether they be video, board, or sport. A game can make for a competitive affair, as well as a unique method in how well your chemistry is with your partner. If you find them getting angry over lost games, you might find they might not be who you are looking for in a relationship.

    7. Swimming - If the weather permits it, swimming can be an awesome activity. Swimming goes even better if you go with a group of friends, making the date less tense, and more open for conversation.

    By julianuk, Cumbria, United Kingdom

  • 9 points for a man on a first date

    Watch your language! Outdated language (like referring to her as a "lady") can be a turn-off. Swearing and bad grammer will not impress your date, either. Using fowl language around a woman may be construed as meaning you don't have much respect for her.

    Put some thought into your date. If you ask a woman out, have some activity or restaurant in mind. You don't have to rigidly stick to a plan. But have in mind what you are going to do with her. A man who asks a woman out then leaves it up to the woman to orchestrate the date is not in least bit impressive.

    Many men have a tendency to lecture or be forceful during conversation. Let your date speak. Relax and listen. Listening is SO important. If you don't care to listen, maybe you shouldn't be out on a date with her.

    You be the one to drive. Don't let the woman drive you around in her car on a first date. Take charge and get in the driver's seat. Also, don't drive HER car.

    Always open the door for the woman. That means car doors, too. There is never an exception to this rule. If you do not, then the woman will view you as being rude, immature, selfish, or just not into her.

    Try to keep the tone of the date lighthearted and fun. Do not get into any serious conversations, and steer cleer of dark moods. Also, do not make the mistake of getting too familiar with your date. She is not your mother or sister or girlfriend of 10 years, so keep your behavior in check.

    Never be too touchy feely on the first date. You are out for the first time, so keep respectable boundaries. Pretend you are out with a dear friend or your sister. Touching should be affectionate and casual.

    Never try to kiss her at the end of the date. Let her make the first move. However, make it very easy for her to do so, should she wish. A guy who is too forceful or who is a cling-on at the end of the date is a big turnoff.

    At the end of the date, if you drop her off at her home, do not drive away until she is safely inside and has turned the light on.

    By Jem0000, Queensland, Australia

  • Be calm as can be

    If you're nervous, it will show and the partner may read that as a vulnerable, or insecure person. It may make partner feel on edge too. Tell yourself, It's just a small date. Don't take drugs unless you're on something a Dr. gave you. Use over the counter supplements like valerian or others. If the date seems to be going well, then your nervousness will not be an issue anymore.

    By Magg8591, Pennsylvania, United States

  • Be proud of who you already are!

    I strongly recommend using the first date for the right reasons. Although this is a potential arrangement, the man you've selected is a human with feelings. Truly get to know this person and find the one with chemistry.

    The DONT'S: settle for the person with the most to offer and don't advertise yourself as who you think the man/ woman would want you to be. Be proud of who you already are!

    By AbbyCaddaby, Brockville, Ontario, Canada

  • Be your best self

    Upon meeting someone on a first date, even if expectations were not realized, it's important to be your best self and behave to others as you would want to be treated. The person who has made the effort to meet deserves a chance and time for conversation. No reason to be rude or quick to dismiss. You never know, maybe that person will be the one.

    By jacqueg, New York, United States

  • Be yourself - It's vital to a successful relationship


    Be yourself, even if you don't deem yourself "good enough", everyone is attracted to different qualities and you may just have them, if you want to meet the right person, always be yourself. It's vital for a successful relationship! Some may find it a little forward, but I find laying all your cards on the table leaves no room for, "I wish I knew that before..", it also may make the other person feel they can open up to you, leaving no nasty surprises. Always tell a friend or relative where you're going and when to expect you home, if not.. maybe arrange a double date, or to meet with friends, that way you can feel safe and also get to know eachothers friends. People are often more comfortable around their friends, which could help with your date. Play safe and have FUN!


    Well, obviously don't do the opposite of the above!.. and If you're going to drink and date, try not to get too drunk, you could end up doing something you will later regret, or you may not act your usual self which can be off-putting. I can't really say don't go back to the other persons house.. 'cause most people do that.. but please, if you can, let someone know where you are going and make sure you have the money or transport to get home safely the following day.

    By Cadaverella, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

  • Be yourself, pretending to be somebody else won't work

    Sometimes when we meet a person for the first time, we want to make a good impression on our first date. This does not mean that we need to act like we are perfect because none of us are. This goes for acting like somebody entirely different too.

    After a couple of dates, everything seems perfect, you could even be lucky to start a new relationship! But let's be honest; have you not asked yourself many of those times after the relationship progresses, "what's going on with him/her? I didn't know he was like this! Why are they so jealous? why are they drinking so much and like to party so much?" and the other person could likely ask themselves the same about you. Of course these are just examples, the point is that this can happen and this is because you did not really know the person you were dating, and neither did they.

    The best tip is simple - don't hide you really are. It'll be easier to determine if you're compatible, and if a relationship starts, it'll be a reason to stay together, not push you apart.

    By Beb418, Distrito Federal, Venezuela

  • Dating Do's and Don't, in black and white.

    Don't be late. It's rude to keep anyone waiting, including your date! Be respectful of your date if you smoke. Don't be rude. No matter what type of day you've had, be polite to your date. Don't jump past first base to third. Unless you've already established a relationship with your sweetie, don't become all hands as she or he fights you off! Do ask his or her opinion. Don't act as if the date is all about what "you want to do". Do pay for the meal, movie, event, etc. This holds true if you invited the other person, regardless of your gender, unless you have an understanding between the two of you. Do consider your attire. This doesn't mean you have to blow your savings on a designer suit. However, consideration involves not openly trying to embarrass the person whom you are with. Anyone can put on a clean shirt and pressed pants. Don't cheat. By that I mean, don't play the field if your girlfriend or boyfriend thinks the two of you are in a monogamous relationship. While it is perfectly okay to see more than one person, be sure that both parties understand and agree to this arrangement! Finally, don't battle for control. If you have to be the alpha-dog, try not to be so obvious about it!

    By brooke0928, Michigan, United States

  • Dating with a pretty lady, Dos and Don'ts

    Going on a date with a pretty lady? here are your dos and don'ts.

    -Pick her on time
    -compliment her outfit
    -buy her flowers
    -take her to dinner/lunch
    -be romantic
    -focus on her and only her
    -be yourself

    -Make her pay
    -be rude
    -check out other women
    -talk about how you miss you ex
    -Lie -try to hard

    Good luck to you!

    By Sunshine94, Frackville, Pennsylvania, United States

  • Do not go to movie for your first date

    When you go on your first always go somewhere you are about to talk and get to know each other on a personal level never make a movie your first date because you can't talk or get to know each other only get to know the movie you are watching. First impressions mean everything so if you are unable to talk and show that new person yourself whats the point.

    By abake21, Wisconsin, United States

  • Don't be nervous on a first date

    We are all pretty nervous when meeting a new person to go out with. There are many questions open and we, women, often start imagining far future, considering the (poor!) guy as the potential ONE.

    My personal view on this is that we often try a bit too much. We try to look our best, try to say the right words, try to be too open or too shy, we think way too much and analyze too much - ourselves and him.

    STOP IT! Relax and enjoy!
    - Wear comfortable clothes (not for jogging, off course, but enabling you to breathe),
    - Think about meeting an interesting new friend, not the potential ONE. This will make you relax and truly enjoy conversation without analyzing.
    - Have fun and do not think too much of every word and gesture, just enjoy!

    Now, smile and enjoy life and dating :-)

    By MayaMay, Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Don't be scared to be yourself

    So we are all here looking for that special something that is currently unfulfilled in our lives. L.O.V.E. Some people are lucky enough to feel a spark as soon as they set eyes on each other, others aren't quite as lucky. Most of us will meet many, many potential partners before we find the one. This can be disheartening and we can start to alter what we want and who we are in the hope that it will lead to a more successful search for love. One of the greatest, most attractive features of a person is their confidence in their own skin. We need to stay focussed on what it is that we do want when we meet new and different people from all walks of life. There is no point pretending to be something we are not just to make an attempt to make the meeting more successful. At the end of the day, any prospective relationship will be built on lies-to the other person but more importantly, to yourself. Stay true to yourself. Write a list about what you want out of the interaction. Maybe even write a list about who you are and what you want. I'm certainly not saying-take the list on your meeting and tick the boxes as the conversation progresses! But, it is certainly handy as a little reminder about what and why you're here for. Dont feel like you must change just to find someone-everyone has their special match-we just haven't met them yet. Be patient and stay true to yourself!

    By bellefemme25, Queensland, Australia

  • Don't be too forward to break your first date up

    I know you will be nervous and excited on your first date, but keep a straight head. Never meet anyone in a private place. It is much better to make it a group situation for the first meeting. Do not give out too much information about yourself when having conversations on the computer or the phone. You would be surprised how much someone can find out about you with a little information.

    When you do meet them and they come up and hug and kiss you, run the other way. I have experienced this and he turned out to be a controlling and angry guy. If they are too forward in the beginning, that is the first sign of desperation. You do not want to be too forward either. I believe you should not be alone, kiss, make out or talk about subjects that are too deep.

    You are on a fact finding mission. This person could turn out to be a close friend and not someone you want to date. He may feel that way also, so don't go too far too fast. Learn about each other and see if you have a lot in common and then move forward slowly. People have changed the way they date. They go too fast and end in disaster or have children when they barely know each other. Truly know who you are getting involved with. Good Luck and Happy Dating. Remember, safety first, and move slowly.

    By Chistmas2009, Haines City, Florida, United States

  • Don't let the past taint your future

    Many men I have come across in recent months have been bitter due to bad break ups, or the low quality of men they have attracted. Unfortunately, when that good man does cross their path, they carry the bitterness from the past and other bad experiences, causing them to miss out on something good. It makes those good men out there feel that every gay man is jaded, which is not the case.

    My advice is to go into each encounter with someone new as a new experience. True, many people share some habits; yet, just because a man has qualities that a previous bad date or boyfriend had, doesn't mean this new guy is the same. Give him a chance, and evaluate him on his qualities and your experiences with him. Remember, he's not your ex, he's not that bad date you had three months ago, and he's not that guy that rejected you last week.

    By y2kidd, Atlanta , Georgia, United States

  • Don't let your nerves get the best of you

    Do not let your nerves get the best of you. We understand you are nervous, but so are we. Just know both of you are on the date because there is some interest. Do not over eat or drink too much just because you do not know what to say. A great ice breaker is a joke, even a corny one that cracks a smile. Make sure you tell your date in advance where you are going and what the attire is, one thing that makes women nervous is being under-dressed. Make small talk conversational, no need to learn everything about them on the first date, that's what date 2, 3, 4, ect is for. Take everything said on the first date with a grain of salt, after the nerves come down and you get comfortable with one another is when your true feelings will show naturally. Do not try to impress your date too much, chances are it will back fire.

    By LoveisPatient, Illinois, United States

  • Don't put off the actual meeting for too long

    If and when you are looking for that special someone on line, keep in mind that communication breaks down into three sections. 7% of communication is through words, spoken or typed. 38% happens through voice tone. And 55% happens via general body language. Although these numbers can change slightly on case to case basis, the underlined importance of this break down remains. Especially when on line dating.

    Why is this so important you may ask? When you have met someone on line that you think you have great chemistry with, remember that phone calls, emails, and instant messages will only take you so far on the compatibility charts.

    With out body communication, it can be very easy to misunderstand what is being said, even when using emoticons. In addition it is easier for us to draw conclusions about individuals and put them more into our own ideal category, a category they may not fit in so perfectly if you were meeting face to face.

    The bottom line is meeting on line via emails, IM's, and phone calls is a great way to break the ice. We have E-courage and are able to communicate with a bit more confidence. We are not concerned if our clothes are wrinkled, if our breath smells bad after that pastrami on rye, or if we are having a bad hair day.

    But if and when you meet someone that you feel you have chemistry with, try to meet that person for a fist date, a coffee, cocktail hour, etc. Keep the first dates semi short (you don't want to plan a day a the beach only to find out you cant stand being around this person for more than a couple hours) but don't put it off for too long. Your E-chemistry could be amazing but when sitting next to one another at a bar, it could feel surprisingly uncomfortable.

    There is not reason to waste weeks and months getting to know someone through the phone and internet just to find out that when you are in the same room its nothing but awkward. Because remember general body language makes up over 1/2 of our communication.

    And for those of you who may find that someone who classifies as long distance. Try video chatting on line, at least this way you are able to have some sort of communication that involves your body language, even if the person is hundreds of miles away.

    By luckystar2001, Oregon, United States

  • End the date early if it gets too hot! Save it for later!

    If you're going out on first date, remember, its totally your decision whether you want to tell them right away. You should at least see how well the date goes first. If it goes well, before the end of the night, you can just hurry and blurt it out before you get too nervous or wait until they get home and text it to them. If the other person is becoming too physical, and your aroused, end the date early before you do something you will regret.

    By InMyOwnWorld21, Virginia, United States

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