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  • 10 tips to write an effective personal ad

    Writing personal ads should be considered an art in its own right. For decades personal ads have appeared in magazines and newspapers all over the world, and for decades people have struggled to describe themselves in 25 words or less. It is difficult, impossible really, to fully sum up one's essence in just a few lines, including likes, dislikes, interests and goals. These days the top quality dating sites offer more sophisticated personal ads, which are usually called profiles. Unlike the older personal ads in newspapers, modern profiles are detailed and in-depth and often help the user to build his or her description by taking a test or answering a series of questions. Even though describing yourself to a virtual stranger will always be difficult, making a free profile and getting yourself in the dating scene can be done if you follow our advice.

    If you want to get the best of your personal ads membership, try to present the right image and get people to interact with you by chatting daily, make note of these 10 personal ad tips:

    1. An obvious one - complete your personal ad profile fully. And accurately! There is nothing worse for a browsing member than spending their quality time opening your profile only to find your profile is full of Ask Me statements. So ... Be informative, be complete, be thorough, be interesting.

    2. Add a photograph or two or even four! Amazingly, members with photos in their personal ads are likely to get up to 9 times more replies than members without any photo image attached to their profile. Okay, so even if we aren't all photogenic models, any photo is far better than none at all.

    3. Don't be aggressive or rude in personal ads. It may be your sense of humor to be sarcastic or cutting, but it doesn't always come across best in anonymous text. Biting humor in the first instance will not usually attract the desired attention, even if it's meant to be amusing. That comes once you are chatting face to face.

    4. You may have had a bad experience with a previous partner, but making a list of specific criteria a future partner must meet usually has the effect of making people look elsewhere. Even if they match! We all seek Mr. and Miss Right, but turning dating into a job interview removes every ounce of romance and passion from the occasion.

    5. No matter how you speak in your day-to-day life, don't use swear or curse words in your profile, personal ad, conversations or emails! They are generally offensive and turn people off. Again, swearing is like sarcasm -- people may find your colorful language charming in face-to-face conversations, but without context your cursing may make you seem uneducated or angry.

    6. Make your personal ad truthful above all things, but also emphasize your best characteristics. Admitting that you are a loner who has no friends will not win you many admirers, but emphasizing that you are a true individual will. Learning to sell yourself a bit without exaggerating is your best bet.

    7. If you really feel passionate about something say so, don't try and hide the things that are important to you. If you love partying say so, if your religion is important to you, say so. Be yourself, and be upfront with who you are.

    8. Do not pretend that you are willing to fly half way round the world to meet someone if you are not. It's not fair to anyone including you. If you are really only looking for someone in your state or close to home then stick with that and make it clear.

    9. Always try and reply to people's messages and reply in a reasonable amount of time, not weeks later. If you are serious about dating, you are serious about replying to personal messages. Give people the ability to move on to other potential partners if you are not interested. Conversely, don't email someone weeks later and not expect that they haven't written you off!

    10. Be positive! The more you project a friendly and positive attitude, the more likely people are going to be attracted to you. Smile in your photo and be inviting in your chats and comments. People who seem bitter, negative or conceited push others away -- people on dating websites are often sensitive to rejection, so who would want to take a chance getting to know someone who may end up being cruel or mean?

    Be patient, it takes time to find someone special using personal ads but it does work. After all, it's just that one special person that you wish to meet. Sometimes you need to chat to quite a few people first. Know that the missteps and fizzles in chemistry are part of the process. Take your time to complete your personal ads, take your time to chat with many different people, and take your time to get to know someone well. It's all part of moving toward the day when you find that special someone.

    By goldeneyez, Washington, United States

  • 3 important tips for an impressive profile

    If I can humbly impart any useful advice to the wonderful women and men on this site that will enhance their success rate of actually receiving positive contacts it would be this - in spite of the catch phrase "keep it simple stupid", what works here (since your words are your representative manifesto) is to be detailed (without being redundant), complete (without being overly wordy), funny (without being childish), and emotionally revealing (without being too sappy). Nothing peaks someone's interest (and shows the kind of intention you bring) like a well-thought out and written description of yourself.

    Check your spelling! It is quite annoying to those who have spent years achieving advanced education to confront often simple errors - it shows lack of seriousness, for it should mean enough to you to at least spell check and proof read your own work (see what I mean?!).

    Finally, neither include photos that require magnifying glasses nor only ones where you are completely hidden behind sunglasses, hats, or other folks. This is show business - not hide business! Flaunt your stuff . . .proudly. The ones who are really interested will definitely contact you - and aren't those the people you'd rather connect with anyway?

    I wish all of us buona fortuna in finding new friends, lovers, and hopefully perfect mates!

    By TallDarkItalian, Beverly Hills, CA, United States

  • 5 tips for creating an attractive profile

    If you have gone through the effort of creating a profile, then great! You have taken the first step towards attracting that special someone into your life, and will probably be making some pretty cool friends along the way.

    With that said, your profile needs to be representative of who you are and what you are looking for, so that you 'are' attracting like-minded people. But what kinds of things can you do to make sure you have a good profile that will indeed attract visitors to your page and spark interest among those that read your profile?

    Consider the following tips:

    1. You can't write "too much" about yourself. What you specifically write about yourself in your profile is important and should reflect what you are looking for, your interests, and should give the reader a sense of your personality through what you have written. Don't short-change yourself by writing one sentence. There is surely much more to write about yourself and your likes/dislikes than that. Writing too little can give the impression you are not serious about finding someone.

    2. Take time to think about what you write before you write it. Think about it this way: Let's imagine that the potential love of your life is reading your profile right now, without you knowing it. What things would you want to make sure that person knew about you?

    3. Be consistent. If you write in the text of your profile that you only are looking for a long term relationship, but you select in the drop-down menu "casual dating" only, then readers will be confused by what you are seeking and/or may think you didn't put much time/consideration into your profile.

    4. Update your profile often. I like this tip because it shows that you are active on the site and makes other members aware of your activity; especially non-upgraded members. You need not change the entire text of your profile, but if something changes in what you're looking for, by all means update your profile so that it is reflective of that change. Or, if something exciting and new just happened in your life, you might want to share it (i.e., "Just got back from a week long vacation to Miami with the girls! Had a blast!) Adding that little extra update from time to time may just spark a conversation between you and someone new.

    5. Be positive. This is the most important thing, Especially in the title to your profile. If your profile headline reads something like, "This is my last resort", or, "Losing Hope" may want to first re-evaluate your attitude and readiness towards dating online here. And then come back and write a more positive, upbeat description of what it is you want.

    Expect your profile to change a little as you get the hang of saying what you want to say! But in the meantime, be positive and have fun with it!

    By southernsweety, Georgia, United States

  • 5 tips for me to pick up a great profile

    So as far as 'dating' advice, I wouldn't find it rightly within my qualifications to advise much, less anything at all; in that I have minimal experience being much more than a spinstress singleton as of late. :/ However, in terms of being a person, (and more specifically a single person and a woman); I, like all of us in fact, are nothing less than expert in determining the manner in which I prefer to be treated, as well as (although most often unbeknowents to us in a conscience manner) expert as to what specifically sparks my interests in another person (at least at first glance that is.)

    Because of my long-term ''spinsterhood'' as I phrased it earlier; or more accurtately, 'time off' the dating scene; and newly inspired 'break from the break' as I've determined it so; I've commanded that should I so insist on being so damned picky, as I've been; I had least start getting honest and speicific with myself as to what exactly were both my expectations as well as what specifically would/is turning me away from any potential suitor(s).

    Going on the internet (this being my first and only experience in that avenue thus far), it became very clear instantly. I imagine partly because of the luxury we have within this venue to be so critical of one another, as we are simply 'checking out' possible interests from afar (ie- not looking them in the eyes and then finding a creative and kind way to bolt, lol). I found it so easy to click past potential dates by noticing one line in their profile that could perhaps lead to something that would prove a severe difficulty for myself to connect with that person. The more I 'searched' within my criteria listed, and the more i 'moved past' potential matches- I quickly noticed a few trends appearing, and began to wonder if these 'trends' are less an attribute that would clash within a mutial chemestry between the two of us, or simply a 'mistake' in phrasing or placement on their part that was turning me away (and with that I can only imagine several other women as well). So now knowing these specifics I 'click past', and now speculating that they may well be mishaps on the part of a well intended site member, I have come up with a list of things that should a man be creating his profile here, may want to consider.

    They are as follows:

    1. Too serious in their main photo
    So unless you are truly a very serious person and/or intentionally selling yourself in this fashion, it might not be the best idea. If the name and tag line were equally as dull and/or vaue; I grew quick to discover that despite how handsome in appearance, I never clicked on any of those profiles for more info/additional pics

    2. Shirtless in all/too many photos.
    I appreciate a great body of course; but excessive displays of physicality can not only translate into 'less than exessive substance of character', it also serves as a huge and most unfortunate missed opportunity at utilizing those photos to showcase your personality. A picture is worh a thousand words, and how often do you hear, ''abs are key''? You are likely missing out on clicks from the chicks that are thinking that personality proves a better fit to that slit in the door knob. Now don't get me wrong, if you've got it go ahead and flaunt it... just not in every single one of your pictures (yes there are a few people here doing this in yes- every shot) and unless you are really selling something else in the pic too, it's kinda a risky choice for your main profile shot as well. Of course now should your the guy that would likewise seek out/prefer responses from a partner posting 27 shots of her cleavage, slim physique, or whatever other attribute, and providing little to no insight as to whatever might be inside that roundish looking thing a foot or so above than that surely works fine I imagine. Otherwise, you could be the most fun and amazing guy out there- but spoiler alert: the 'smilers' and guys willing to post a goofy or more personality based pic as their main shot, got immeserably more attention in my search and I NEVER once didn't click on someone that might look like he was either funny or had a cool personality in just his first/main profile shot. So while a picture is worth a thousand words, seven or eight of them centered right at your toned abdominals (albeit yes hot, don't get me wrong) speak roughly on average... six or so. ;)
    So if this is you, might want to consider that the other guys have won you on that one by about 994 (insights into their personality that is) hehe

    3. Stating/listing the negetives over the positives.
    Kinda a huuuge one, acutally. While we all understand that we don't want a 'bitch' and/or someone 'shallow/superfical, etc, etc. I HIGHLY advise simply stating the positive attributes you are seeking as opposed to the negative. Positivity begets positivity of course. By simply stating all the wonderful and positive qualities
    you are seeking in your partner, you not only kill out all those lesser traits that would negate just that alltogether anyhow, you also cash in on all us ladies swooning over how sweet, caring, intellegent (etcetc.) YOU are by simply seeking out those traits in your mate. None of us want to hear 'bitch', or 'stuck-up' etc etc, and it's nearly impossible to read such words without the very negetive tone from which it was created. And yes, in opposite likeness to the above stated- negativity begets... well, a click off your profile for one thing.;) My advice, get rid of all the 'don't wants/ likes' IMMEDiATELy and switch them up with the wants. You don't have to mention 'bitchy' by stating 'kind hearted and compassionate'; and it doesn't take a wizard to determine which of those are more pleasant to read and thereby which makes you appear more pleasant yourself.

    4. Photos of your stuff.
    Ok, so this might just be me and/or my demographic specifically; because there is in fact an option on this stie to filter out someone's economic status within one's searches. But should you be interested in the ladies who don't care/entered ''no preference'' as to the financial status of their choice in a match, it might be wise to ommit these all together. I can't help it, but for whatever reason it just registered as quite a turn off, more than I could have expected really, So unless you are soliciting yourself to a house cat from the aspca, a buyer from auto-trader, or an editor of ''better homes 'forbes eddition''' magazine, these pictures are serving no purpose on a relationship based site. I couldn't help but question as to the purpose of these photos- What does a man who sells himself with inademacy anticipate in the partner he is seeking? And, what's wrong with simply himself, I wonder? I tried to cuddle with a fabulous house this one time, but the bricks and beams proved less than snuggley. And as much as I can try to imagine growing old and laughing with an expensive car, unless he's one of those magic talking ones from an old tv show or something, I think I would get pretty tired being responsible for all the converstaion.

    5. Hey look out... your ex-girlfriend is attached to your arml three o'clock!
    Honestly, I'm a little surprised I even have to mention this one- but dang!.. how many ladies did I see in your(men's) profile pictures, sweet God?!. Crop her out or something at least, man! (and I do mean all of her lol, you don't have to show us that you dated some hot girl once). Too funny. Seriously, you can't sell yourself as 'sensitive' if your sporting your ex on your dating website. We won't buy it.

    So that's my five. Am I being picky? Harsh even? Perhaps. But guess what?... there are a GAzillion other guys on this site here. And we're not gonna email everyone. So why the heck not be picky?

    Hope it helps :D

    Best of luck with life, ladies and LOVE!

    By katrin90028, Los Angeles, CA, US.

  • 7 Winning Profile Tips for getting more attention

    Here are 7 quick tips for getting more attention from your online dating profile. Your mailbox will fill up faster and your chances of finding a connection will jump sky-high.

    1. Write a unique and friendly introductory line: "Looking for hiking partner" or "Seeking a shipmate for sailing and more"
    2. Post at least two current photos: Photos significantly increase responses! Try at least one close-up and one full-body shot for the best results.
    3. Use a positive tone: "I love to learn and meet new people." "Life is an adventure and I would like to share it with someone special."
    4. Keep it simple: Keep your descriptions light and avoid demanding checklists. Try listing only three things you desire in a mate.
    5. Write a short essay, not a book: Four or five sentences is a good goal. Save the details for your dates.
    6. Include a fun hobby note: "I need someone to distract me from the piano." "I love to travel and tend to take too many photographs."
    7. Add your marketing pitch: What makes you unique? Try listing only three things and make them catchy (everyone is smart, outgoing and fun -- how are you different?).

    Wizinja, Saint Andrew, Jamaica.

  • 7 secrets to a sexier profile

    _ Here are 7 secrets for making your profile sexier_

    1. Smile - Your first impression at MM is your profile photo, and nothing says sexy like a big confident smile!

    2. Post lots of photos of you having fun - Fun people are sexy people! Here are a few do's and dont's.

    A) Do use recent photos.
    B) Do use captions on your photos. Keep it short, but let other members know where you were, and what you were doing.
    C) Do change up your photos every couple of weeks. This lets other members know that you are an active member, and that you are serious about meeting someone.
    A) Don't use old, grainy, or dark photos.
    B) Don't use selfie photos. They can make you look desperate.
    C) Don't post photos with people that look like they may be your significant other.

    3. Complete your profile - Other members see this as their chance to get to know you, and if their is nothing to read they may assume that you are a scammer, or that you just don't care if you meet someone or not.

    4. Use proper grammar and spell check. - Nothing is less sexy than misspelled words all over your profile.

    5. Add humor to your profile - Don't be afraid to show people that you can laugh at yourself. People find a good sense of humor to be very sexy. Don't go all Don Rickles and joke about everything, but remember that a little light humor is sexy.

    6. Don't be perceived as a gold digger - Here are a couple of tells that someone may be a gold digger.

    _______COMMON GOLD DIGGER TELLS_______
    A) Profile is incomplete, but specifies what they would like their matches annual income to be.
    B) Profile has photo of member with little to no clothing on, and the age for their match is 18 to 99.

    7. Keep your status up to date - This lets other members know that you are actively involved. Once they know this they will be more likely to email or wink at you. The The coolest thing about your status is that you can post whatever you like. Here are a few ideas.

    ___________STATUS UPDATE IDEAS__________
    A) You can post a romantic quote that you like.
    B) You can thank members for visiting your profile.
    C) You can say something as simple as having a nice Friday night all.

    By Ryanobrian, Wisconsin, United States

  • 8 red flags on your internet dating profile

    There are a lot of important things you should consider when starting up with internet dating. But your profile is by far the most important. It's your first line of offense, so to speak, when it comes to attracting the kind of people you're looking to date. So you know that if you want to be successful online, you need to spend some time making your profile the best it can be.
    But what seems "best" to you isn't necessarily what attracts the people you're looking for. And while different people look for different things on an internet dating profile, there are some things that are universal turn-offs.
    Trying to attract somebody of the opposite sex to your profile? Then read on for the top four "red flags" that women look for on man's profile, as well as the top four that men see on a woman's.

    Red Flags on a Man's Profile No details.

    Women want to know more about the men they might date than their age, sex, and location. We want details! For most women, a man's profile should be completely (or almost completely) filled out before we're interested in him. Unlike with men, a picture just isn't enough to tell us we want to know more. Unless, of course, you look like Robert Pattinson.


    There's almost nothing less appealing than a man who won't shut up about his "accomplishments." So if you go on and on about what you can do, what a great guy you are, what you have, how much money you make, etc., on your internet dating profile, you're bound to turn off a lot more women than you attract. The kind of women you want to be dating care a lot more about who you are than what you have. Show it, don't tell it.

    Stupid photos.

    While women's internet dating photos aren't always 100% wise, men's photos tend to be much, much worse. And for most women, a shirtless, flexing torso, a stuck-out tongue and middle finger, or a beer can or shot glass are red flags that we wouldn't be interested in dating you. These are the pics you want to show off to your friends, not your potential partners. Here's a good guideline for photos: if you wouldn't bring it over to show to your mother, it shouldn't be on your profile. Really.

    Sex talk.

    Sure, sex is an important part of any romantic relationship. But its place lies outside of your online profile. If you talk about --or even mention-- the size of your penis, how much you like sex, or how good you are at it in your internet dating profile, you're automatically sending away a lot of potential great matches. That includes using things like "playerguy69" or "9InchHero" as a username, as well. It's an automatic turn-off, guys.

    Red Flags on a Woman's Profile No photo.

    It can't be said enough: men are very, very visual. And while many men really think the inside of a woman is more important than the outside, there are still very few who would be interested in a woman if they didn't know what the outside looked like. Even if you don't like your looks, post a photo. It's the number one thing that men look at first. Even a not-so-good photo will get more responses than no photo at all.

    An unattractive photo.

    Ah, this kind of contradicts what I said above, right? Well, an unattractive photo is probably better than no photo, but you can still do better than that. While you don't want to fib in your photos, you do want to present a positive version of who you are. So don't be lazy. If you don't have any appealing, candid shots you like, grab a camera, go down to the park, and ask a friend to take some. Being a little camera-shy is no excuse for having a profile photo that's less attractive than it could be.

    Important blanks.

    While men focus less on reading about a potential date's future goals and favorite movies than women do, they still care about the information on your internet dating profile. Especially when it comes to the important things. If you don't answer the questions like number of children or relationship status, guys are automatically going to assume you have something to hide. And so will move their search someplace else.


    A lot of people looking for love on internet dating sites are a little lonely or sad. But the last thing you want to do is talk about that on your profile! If you come across as desperate to settle down and get married, or lonely and pathetic, you're going to be anything but appealing. Confidence is key... and if you can't appear confident in a pre-written profile, where can you?

    By Karenlyn, Ontario, Canada

  • 8 tips on writing a better profile

    Some easily fixed mistakes:

    1. Many people quickly answer the questions, filling in only the basics for topics regarding personal interests- Imagine yourself in a conversation with someone, what would you tell them about yourself?

    2. A lot of people write very short essays in their "About Me" sections.- You are an interesting person! Show it!

    3. Many people give little thought to the headlines at the top.- This is a persons first impression of you. You get to CHOOSE IT!

    4. Nearly everyone forgets to spell check-simple fix.

    5. A lot of people upload bad photos.- Again, first impressions are vital!

    6. There are many profiles that contain lots of cliches.- Is that the kind of relationship you want to have too?

    7. Both men and women ignore one of the most fundamental rules of advertising in their profiles, which is always to write with the reader in mind.- In other words, you should both anticipate and answer the question, "What's in it for me?"

    8. Writing a dating profile that's too long is not nearly as common as writing an online dating profile that's too short. "The more you tell, the more you sell." This is especially true in an Online Dating Profile where you're really there selling yourself!- Take the time to really express yourself and who you are!

    By divergirl2000, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

  • A complete and detailed profile is the most successful way to meet new people

    Many of us find writing about ourselves difficult. This can result in profiles that do not say much about us. This is a wasted opportunity. Having current pictures up is a great way to succeed at meeting people but without an insightful profile two things will happen.

    1. You will attract people who are physically attracted to you only which is fine if you are into casual and intimate encounters.

    2. You will be passed over by a potential friend who is looking for a good match.

    The best profiles are not laundry lists of likes. They are witty and insightful ones. Filling in likes and dislikes is important but be descriptive ex (live reggae) Like: Dancing (and drinking) to live original Reggae with friends on any given Sunday. Now we know you don't stand in the corner all mousy and we might form a picture of you or us having fun. This is all marketing so, market yourself.

    If people feel that they have gotten to know who you are from your profile they will feel comfortable cont acting you. Lastly don't hold back on letting people know if you are full of tattoos or maybe a vegetarian. These types of details care turn some people right off but consider the fact that others will jump right into your boat.

    By WebsterStYank, Florida, United States

  • Advice for a woman's profile

    1. Pick a seemingly normal headline. It's like the old saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Well truth be told, most guys do. This being said, if you write something ridiculous down in the headline most guys will write you off.

    2. Pick your photo wisely. This is a selling point for most guys. Physical attraction is the first test of any prospective relationship. Make sure you pick a photo which you believe portrays you attractively.

    3. Don't post about your problems, everyone has their own issues. Men are looking for someone to have a relationship with not be your psychologist.

    4. Be honest in your profile, writing down lies will only set you up for disappointment, and will not help others get a true insight into your personality.

    5. Be open about what you are looking for in a prospective partner. If a guy thinks he is able to offer you what you are looking for then he will be more willing to initiate contact.

    By collegekid2000, Pennsylvania, United States

  • Amend your profile when necessary - don't worry about writing the perfect profile!

    1. Include a decent photo - a picture worth a thousand words. Upload a recent one, and don't forget to smile.
    2. Say something good about yourself - if you have a talent or good at something, there is no reason to hold it back. Just need to be careful that you state it in modest way rather than bragging about it.
    3. Humor - humor always works. If you can add a touch of humor to your profile, it sells like a million dollar.
    4. Show your personality - you are unique individual, try to sound as original and interesting as you can to make your profile stand out. Figure out what makes you different and use it to your advantage.
    5. Be honest - don't lie about your age or anything else. If you are 40 but look like 30, say so. People are making choices based on what you say, and will only feel let down when they discover the truth.
    6. Use language appropriate for your target audience and put yourself in their shoes - write a profile to attract the type of person you want to meet. Think about what they would find attractive, and aim every word at them.
    7. Amend as appropriate - don't let writing the perfect profile delay you. Once you are happy with your first draft, put it online and see what response you get. If you are not getting the results you want, you can always go back and amend it.

    By hkfairlady, Shanghai, China

  • Annual Income is Important

    For a girl looking at a man's profile, it is important to see how much they make a year. Profiles without an answer are usually ignored. Whether or not you make a lot of money or not, it is very important for girls to see how much money you make. They may want to know if you will be able to take care of them.

    By aprilbaby19, North Carolina, United States

  • Ask opposite sex (friends) to rate your profile/pictures

    You are not choosing you but someone from the opposite sex. There is a reason why they say women are from Venus and men are from Mars. They don't think like you, they don't see things like you do.

    Ask opposite sex friends to rate your profile and pictures and you will get very interesting tips & comments. If there is a common trend (same comment coming from various people) then take it seriously and improve on it.

    For some it is extremely embarrassing to admit that they are trying on line dating and they hide it from their friends and relatives. But if finding your soul-mate is your main goal, then shouldn't you do anything it takes, including being embarrassed for 5 min?

    By ivo888, Florida, United States

  • Attract your soulmate with a good online dating profile

    It's become a bit of a cliche that first impressions do count a lot.When you're looking for people online you have to create a profile that is appealing to the kind of people you are looking for.

    First, try to be as concise as possible. And always start with the most relevant bit about yourself.

    Second, always try to show off you best side. We all have our shortcomings, but that doesn't mean that you have to disclose them at such an early stage. Go for the positive.

    Third, always tell the truth. Any sort of relationship should be based on honesty, you don't want a potential dating partner to think that you're a macho gregarious beefcake, when you'd actually rather veg out on the sofa watching a movie.

    Finally, try to include something about yourself that makes you stand out from the rest. We all have our hidden assets, something that is uniquely attractive about us, flaunt that.

    By yesiam007, Szeged, Hungary

  • Avoid harsh words / tones in your profile

    Be careful to exclude harsh words or tones when writing your profile. Many people forget that your profile is supposed to draw in as many potential matches as possible.

    When you sound discouraging or rude( trying to narrow down exactly who you are willing/not willing to date) it is a huge TURN OFF. You could be missing out on the person for you by being too scared to be open minded in your profile and willing to weed out those not for you later.

    By fatnorwichchick, Connecticut, United States

  • Be REAL not your Dreamland

    When writing about yourself, tell a few things you really do, then you can add things "I would like to venture one day." There are too many people that exercise everyday and play ten different sports and twenty outdoor activities. If you are that busy you don't have time for a relationship. Keep it REAL

    By bikeronthego, Florida, United States

  • Be an honest reader and writer of profiles

    I know that you have been told to be honest a million times, however the reader should be honest to themselves and the person's profile that they are reading also.

    Interracial relationships can be a very touchy subject. If you are here seeking to have a casual or sexual relationship with someone make sure that is in their profiles. Don't list that you are open to interracial relationships if you are truly not open to the overall. Unfortunately there are people that would just like to experience a sexual relationship with someone of another race.just be honesty if that is what you're looking for.

    Quick Tips:
    1.Be honest if you care about race in your profile.
    2.It's absolutely okay to have your preference.
    3.Be specific in your expectations, the more specific the more you will filter your prospects.
    4.Don't lead someone on with lies or false pretenses.

    Believe or not there are a few people looking for that, I am definitely not one of them. Be read between the lines carefully of their profile and pull out key things that leave you intrigued.

    By Renee30, Maryland, United States

  • Be careful who you chat with, and watch out for inconsistency in other profiles

    There are several contacts that I have made via this site in which a few "fibs" were told, and the ones writing the profiles figured that the statements made wouldn't be scrutinized. I, however check everything now. I was not just mislead by a current member, but flat-out lied to. She stated that she did not smoke, when in fact she smokes like a dozen chimneys. She also has a disease that isn't just highly contagious, but disgusting in it's nature. For the longest time she has kept this from her own family, yet told me before I became infected.

    I strongly suggest that you check EVERY SINGLE DETAIL as best as you can, before you find yourself in the kind of trouble that you can not get out of. If someone will lie about the little things, ( including lies of commission ) then they will lie about anything. Be as cautious as you can, and take NOTHING lightly. If you don't, you may live the rest of your days deep in regret, and eventually alone forever.

    By milt238, Rawlins, Wyoming, United States

  • Be honest about having children

    When writing about your self on your profile page, try to mention that you have children, even if you have already selected the (I have children) option. I find that this will help with any possible miss understandings.

    By gemmoni1, United Kingdom

  • Be honest about what you would like to do after retirement

    If you are retired or plan on retiring soon, list what you would really like to do. Be specific about your future plans, desires, likes and dislikes. There might be someone looking to travel just like you or desiring to live in a specific area that you might list. Or they might be interested in certain sports, dance lessons, or learning something new that you plan on doing as well. Retirement is a fun adventure and especially fun to start it off with the person of your dreams!

    By smilinlakelady , Florida, United States

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