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  • 3 Photos every profile must have

    Like all online daters, I look at photos on profiles which interest me and I have found that even though someone can have several photos, having the wrong kind of photos can be just as bad as not having any photos at all.

    So here are the 3 types of photos I think every profile should have (along with some things to avoid):

    1. An up close headshot of a smiling you. People want to see your eyes, your smile and even a few of your "flaws" as those add character and anyone who can't accept any flaws you may have, probably isn't worth getting to know.

    2. A full body shot so people can see how you carry yourself.

    3. Your environmental photo and this is the photo that shows you in the place you love or doing that thing you love to do the most. Some examples might be you on the beach or riding your horse or hanging out in your favorite place.

    Now that you know which 3 types of photos you need on your profile, here are some things that you need to avoid in those photos:

    1. Photos taken with your camera phone... arm outstretched or reflecting in the mirror of your bathroom. Everyone has a friend, get someone to take some decent photos and post something worth having.

    2. Topless/shirtless photos. Guys come across as superficial and ladies, if you use boobs as bait, all you are gonna catch is a boob! The exception to this is if your photo in environmental and shows you playing volley ball on the beach or something else that's natural.

    3. Professional / Corporate / Glamour shots may look great but they're not really you. People want to see the "real" you!

    4. Old photos. There is nothing worse than finding someone attractive based on their photo and show up for a date only to learn they look nothing like their photo and the photo is 5-10-20 years old.

    5. Superficial photos. These are photos that show you with your all your toys. Photos can reflect your values and if the most important thing to you are your possessions, you will end up attracting people who are only interested in your possessions.

    The most important thing to remember is that you're setting an expectation and when you show up for that first date, you want your potential partner to not be disappointed. Disappointment feels like a lie and lies destroy trust and with no trust there can be no relationship... not even a friendship.

    By easymantolove, Florida, United States

  • 3 tips to win a positive first impression

    Professional workers and businessmen/women usually have a busy time schedule. Sometimes they may not have time to read through so many details, but your decent, charming and bright photos can significantly grasp a positive first impression which is really better than saying thousands of words.

    The following 3 simple tips for your profile pictures can intensively catch millions of attention:

    1. Highly recommanded to take some gorgeous yet natural photos from professional photographers as your profile pictures as well besides the daily life photos. Professional photographers know how to take beautiful photos since they have good cameras, experience, knowledge and venues. It will definately look better and more respectful than those taken from bathroom mirrors.

    2. It is suggested to be natural rather than wearing too much make up and over trendy fashion in photos because generally potential prince charming will feel more comfortable with natural appearance.

    3. A confident, sincere smile with lovely eye contact can draw a great attention. It will also make others feel more approachable, friendly and warm.

    By Princesssweet, Macao SAR, China

  • 3 top tips for successful profile pictures

    1. Smile. Everyone is attracted to a happy person.

    2. Smile. Everyone wants to feel you're glad to see them.

    3. Smile. Everyone appreciates good dental hygiene.

    Maybe the last one is silly, but you know the first two are true! After all, how much time do you spend clicking "learn more" on photos of people who look annoyed, unhappy, bored, indifferent? That's right: "Next!"

    By photoshopimage, NY, United States

  • 4 types of pictures may make others feel annoying!

    Here are a few things that I have found to be annoying when seeing someones picture.

    1. Having no picture! - a lot of times you are over looked because of this. Most people like to have an idea of who they are contacting.
    2. Taking a picture with a bottle of alcohol - Yes if you were trying to get friends to come to a party this may be acceptable. For the most part its just saying that your not serious or you need to attend a AA meeting.
    3. Having a picture of your belongings - It's nice to know that you are in love with your possessions, but no one wants to date your car.
    4. Having a picture of half naked men/women in your picture - Clearly this only says that you are not interested in someone here but those in your picture. (so why even bother contacting you)

    By GracefullyAWoman, Texas, United States

  • 5 tips to take a good photo

    My biggest issue with profiles on dating sites is the pictures people use. What drives me into confusion, is the choices some people make for photos to represent themselves online. Here are tips to greatly improve your image and hopefully gather more views.

    First things first, here are a few of my pet peeves for poor photo choices.. and then we'll improve from there.

    These poor techniques apply to the general population, or about 90% of everyone. Chances are you've done this..
    -In a mirror reflection shot
    -Crooked angles, extreme angles
    -Excessive flash
    -Too close or too distant to tell who or what you are
    -Porno shot? I mean half naked shots not at the beach
    -Your face is framed right down the center of the shot vertically and horizontally.. other words, your face is in the bullseye of the portrait.

    ..these are just a few of my pet peeves I've seen on many profiles. By doing any of the above, your not presenting yourself to your greatest potential.

    Here's my way of giving a great impression..

    1. Use the rule of thirds! In photography lingo, the rule of thirds simply means place all items of interest (your body, smile, or areas of interest) along the 1/3rds of a divided shot frame. More simply put.. Don't put yourself directly in the bullseye of a photo. A quick google or youtube on 'rule of thirds' will clearly demonstrate this point.

    2. Look relaxed and at ease in your photos. Sometimes the best photos of us are those when we least expect them because we look so completely 'natural'. The more natural and relaxed you can look in a photo, the more attractive your body language will be. A relaxed natural body language gives off all the right signs when other potentials are looking at you.

    3. Lay off the photoshop and photo enhancements. I see too many photos of people who over-do the enhance button and other features. If you have to alter the color or lighting of your photo excessively then just discard the photo and use better techniques when taking your next photo. Small things like cropping and such are fine, but everything in moderation.

    4. The best time to take a photo are in the prime sunlight hours. This means photos in the morning 8am-11am and photos in the afternoon 2pm-5pm. The natural angled sunlight is the best lighting conditions you can get for free. Any photos taken at noon will give you vertical face shadows.. you don't want vertical shadows all over your face. ..and indoor shots are absolutely terrible on lighting.

    5. Here's a great secret that I use every time I see a photo. The secret is a test really.. and it's what determines the 'winners' from the 'potentials'. First things first, a person who does not smile in any photos is hard to trust. Its just basic psychology to show less interest in people who don't smile or look happy. So, smile in a few shots. Show teeth. Once that happens, you've already passed half the test! but don't party yet.. Here's what takes a picture to the next level..

    There's a reason why the eyes are the windows to one's soul. If you smile in a picture, but your eyes don't look genuinely happy, its easy to tell your pushing a smile just for the picture. The end result is mixed body language where I think your confused if your happy or not. To people like me who look for those things, its extremely unattractive when your smile looks fake. The easy fix is to smile 'with your eyes'. By this I mean there should be a small wrinkle in the corner of your eyes, a slight upward lift from the bottom eye lid, and a twinkle in your eye (if the photographer grabs the right moment). The easiest way to perform this is to think of a funny joke or truly hilarious memory that makes you laugh anytime. As soon as you feel that emotion, your eyes will display that happiness and its truly the icing on a delicious cake for photos.

    By ClosertoThesun, California, United States

  • 6 Types of Profile Pictures Get the Wrong Attention

    This is a suggestion of what kind of photos get the wrong attention.

    1. Shirtless Photos - it instantly say you are very into yourself and looks are most important (a.k.a. shallow)

    2. Photos of your Possessions- it is not necessary to have a picture with every toy you own. It generally attracts the type of person that is more interested in what you have than in you.

    3. Photos of you and a bunch of random (half dressed) girls- this does not make a woman say "wow, he is popualr with the ladies" if anything it says "he is a womanizer and only interested in one thing". *This is usually an instant turn off.

    4. Photos of you NOT smiling- the serious look can be appealing but not in every photo. It then looks like you never smile and might be angry or too serious. SMILE

    5. Photos of just your pets- pets are cute and in some cases a package deal but the women are here to date you not your pet. (photos of you with a pet usually gets you bonus points)

    6. Photos with a drink in your hand- to some it says "he likes to have a good time" to others it might say "he drinks too much". *I recommend keeping the drink in hand photos to a minimum.

    By Belle852001, Alabama, United States
  • 7 tips for how to Get Photo Right

    There are a few guidelines that apply to online dating pictures that you should observe which will improve your profile. These are as follows:

    1.Yesterday's gone: You may have looked stunning a few years and/or a few pounds ago. But please, post a photo of yourself as you look like today.

    2. Cast yourself in good light

    3. Use a real camera, preferably a digital one.

    4.To smile or not to smile: There is usually a facial aspect or expression people seem to like you for

    5.Eye contact: No, you don't have to look directly into the camera lens

    6.Dress to kill, but not overkill: Too many internet dating pictures are pretentious

    7.Ex them out: Leave exes out of the picture, literally.

    By Wizinja, Saint Andrew, Jamaica

  • A Glamour Shot is the kiss of death

    Ladies: Posting a Glamour Shot or professional photo which required heavy amounts of makeup is an instant turn-off.
    Gentlemen: Posting photos of your high school heyday when you're 20 years out of school, is an instant turn-off.

    -Post recent photos of you (within the last year)
    -Photos taken in a natural light, in a natural pose, without a lot of distractions in the background are the photos which get noticed.
    -Make sure that YOU are the focus of the photo (not your car or your dog or your kids, etc.).
    -Make sure that if you crop a photo, it's not obvious. (Don't leave phantom hands or limbs of those who were cut out of the picture or post an odd-shaped picture.)
    -If you are a jeans & a t-shirt kind of person, don't choose that one picture you took at a wedding which you will not resemble at your first meeting.
    -Look in the mirror and look at your photo choices...if you look nothing alike, post a new photo.

    Be as honest in your photos as you would like others to be.

    By naught_bbw, Texas, United States.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words

    Internet dating is an art form here is how to master it a bit! The first thing that is your photo, a picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure that your photo is a clear shot and one that shows your best attributes. Remember that this is a first impression, so make sure that your pose is one that you will want to live up to. Look at it,is it saying this is me or is it saying something you do not want to be perceived as? If your photo attracts someone, your profile will be read by them. So you also should put a lot of thought in the wording of it. Make sure that you project a image that is appealing and honest. Show a little of your personality in it and you will attract the type of person that you really want!

    By Iamsensual, California, United States

  • Always update and use current photos on dating site

    Always update and use current photos. Post face shots and well as a shot from a distance. If you have been on here for a while, update photos on a regular basis. If a photo is over a year old you should consider not using it on your profile. We all change (even if we don't want to admit it).

    By Jazzloverintx, TX, United States

  • An Average Photo Is Better Than None

    Often I receive contacts from women who have not posted pictures. When I request a photo, here are the most common responses:

    1. "I don't have any recent photos."
    2. "I don't have a digital camera."
    3. "My digital camera is broken. I will get a family member/friend to take one soon."
    4. "I don't know how to download my photo."
    5. "Here is one of me from two years ago - sorry I don't have any recent ones."

    C'mon folks! Those reasons substantially reduce your credibility. If actually true, you need to enter the 21st Century if you are using 21st Century methods of finding love. It isn't that difficult to learn to download a photo or to find a friend who has a digital camera to take a recent picture of you.

    If I were a woman and the man would not post or provide a photo I would suspect he might be hiding something.

    As a man seeking a woman, I usually suspect that the woman perceives herself as currently unattractive or somehow below average in looks, and thinks that she can avoid the appeal of looks to a man by swaying him first with her personality/brilliance/wit/etc, or showing him how she used to look. Just remember that beauty is often in the eye of the beholder. It is better to be honest and say "here I am, warts (well, hopefully not too many warts) and all."

    By onehappycamper, Texas, United States

  • Attraction and honesty are big components

    When selecting a photo for a dating site such as this, be sure to choose a photo that is honestly representative of what you look like on a daily basis. Nothing can spell disaster on a first date faster than showing up to meet a potential partner, and realizing they look nothing like the photo you initially saw. Good looks don't mean everything, however attraction and honesty are big components to starting a lasting relationship!

    By fashionista412, Pennsylvania, United States

  • Be a LADY in your pictures, not all men want a sexy "bunny"

    Females who use the words sexy or hot in their headline are giving men the wrong idea. As well as women with boobs and booty hanging out in the picture. Women think that but putting these words and pictures on their profile the guys will automatically click their profile, but if they do they do it for all the wrong reasons. Also some women come off as "gold diggers" because their photos are sending out a bad message. So ladies please be a LADY in your pictures not all men want a sexy "bunny" some actually want a nice classy girl.

    By MissErika90, Texas, United States

  • Be sure the pictures represent who you really are

    Be sure you're picking a photo that represents you well. No one wants to see you with other hot chicks (unless they happen to be family, lol)especially with the Hooters waitress! Be sure the pictures represent who you really are, on a hike or doing whatever your favorite hobby is, doing your job, hanging with friends or family, SMILING is most important. We want to see what captures who you really are. It is so hard to get across on screen what you really represent so try to do it with your pictures as best as you can.

    By raych823, Texas, United States

  • Be who you are on your photos

    I recently met someone for the first time and I was extremelydisappointed. Make sure you ask for recent pictures, that is rule numberone. I believe I was looking at photographs that were at least 10 yearsold, it didn't dawn on me to ask when they were taken because why wouldyou show people the you from a decade ago? Considering that 100lbs doesmake quite a difference!! So rule number one, recent photographs! Also, ifyour misrepresenting yourself all your really doing is wasting your time,the real you will be evident in person! On to your clothing and shoes. Itis important to look your best. This man I met had a big hole in the frontof his Nike, no no no! A woman will judge you by your shoes, especially ifthey are dirty, old and have holes. If you can't dress yourself properlyyou definitely won't be undressing her, EVER! I'm not saying you have tobe Mr. "GQ", but you need to be clean at the very least and holes are ahuge no-no in anything unless it's your jeans an d they are distressed for fashionable purposes. So, not only was this manmuch larger than I expected, he was dressed like a bum and smelled bad.If you can't shower and put some cologne on, you shouldn't be meetingwomen. You must have good hygiene and dress to impress. A lot of peoplethink of STD's as dirty because that is the stigma it carries, don't letit ring true in your personal hygiene as well. You must clean yourself upand be honest about who you are and what you look like before meeting up!If not, you are only wasting time and setting yourself up for rejection.Honesty is the best policy!

    By sn0wflake07, Wisconsin, United States
  • Casting Yourself in the Starring Role!

    I have been in the entertainment business for many years, and if there is ONE specific thing that rises to the level of an absolute imperative, it is having good head shots.

    They call them "head" shots for a reason - when casting directors and agents (who are metaphorically speaking exactly like the men and women on this site that we are hoping to attract to "cast" us in the role of "romantic lead") look at pictures, they A) have neither the time nor the inclination to guess what you look like; and B) want to "see" you in that role, to envision you playing that part - in essence, to make their job that much easier by giving them what they need - good, clear, close, un-doctored, and commercially viable representations that will sell you to the director and producers. So - a great body notwithstanding - giving good face sells!

    Our future mates are all the director/producers of their own lives, and as such have particular types in mind for their leading men and ladies. The truly enlightened and skilled ones also have a knack for stretching these personal (and artificial) boundaries to include those that may be initially "against" type, but can carry the role with everything else they bring to the table. But you HAVE to get their attention first, get the audition, and get yourself in the door to have any chance to parlay the opportunity into something tangible.

    Sure its more than OK to have some fun with your pictures - by all means include any that reflect the true and varied "you-s" that inhabit your individual persona. However - the thumbnail, the grabber, the cover on your Zed card of however many pics - must be that winner of a head shot that stops them in their tracks, and makes them think: "There s/he is!). Often we only get one chance to capture someone's interest. You wouldn't want to miss out on being hired by Ms. or Mr. Right now would you? Well . . . make sure you have the right pictorial ammunition to bag that part.

    Good hunting to all!

    By talldarkitalian, California, United States

  • Charming first Impression can win a dream relationship

    Professional workers and businessmen/women usually have a tight time schedule. Sometimes they may not have time to read through so many details, but your decent, charming and bright photos can significantly grap a positive first impression which is really better than saying thousands of words.

    The following 3 simple tips for your profile pictures can intensively catch millions of attention:

    1. Highly recommanded to take some gorgeous yet natural photos from professional photographers as your profile pictures as well besides the daily life photos. Professional photographers know how to take beautiful photos since they have good cameras, experience, knowledge and venues.
    It will definately look better and more respectful than those taken from bathroom mirrors.

    2. It is suggested to be natural rather than wearing too much make up and over trendy fashion in photos because generally potential prince charming will feel more comfortable with natural appearance.

    3. A confident, sincere smile with lovely eye contact can draw a great attention, it will also make others feel more approachable, friendly and warm.

    By Princessweet, Florida, United States

  • Correct angle for taking a great photo

    I am a pro photographer and one of the biggest mistakes people make is choosing the wrong angle. So here are a few tips:

    1. If you have got double chin (full time or when smiling) take your photo from slightly above.
    2. If you have got a long nose, taking a picture from above will make it just longer. Try slightly raising your head.
    3. Practise your smile in front of the mirror. You natural, happy smile might make you look completely silly. Find your perfect "fake" smile, memorise it and work it!
    4. Choose natural light. That way you will avoid shadows, red eyes and other impurities. Best lightening ever is a cloudy day. Sun creates unnecessary shadows.
    5. Remember - the part of your body closest to the camera will always look bigger.

    Enjoy :)

    By MisssThing, England - Surrey, United Kingdom

  • Create a real and up-to-date dating profile with recent photos

    Online dating is one of the most popular sites out there today. When choosing a profile, I personally have ignored people that do not have pictures and completed profiles. I like to see whom I am interested in.

    Don't shadow yourself from the public, there is no need to hide yourself, be real and more people will seek your profile.

    What is up with old out-dated pictures? Be true to yourself. Profiles that have up to date pictures get more responses than those that have older pictures. Show whom you are today. There are many people that are truly looking for real love. Pro flies that do not show whom you are get skipped, then those that specify whom the person is today. Take time to do your profile if you are truly looking for that special person in your life. We are all here for a reason or we wouldn't have placed a profile up.

    By dreamboat2009, Nevada, United States.
  • Don't ask for more photos at the beginning

    Asking a woman for "more photos" is a dead give away that you are only interested in her for her looks. It is considered shallow and rude, especially if she has photos already posted. If after some time has gone by and you seem to "hit it off", then you can ask her more photos because it would be considered normal to want to see them in different aspects of their life.

    By Fluentinasl, Orlando, FL, U.S.

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