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  • 7 Tips to Finding a Man Who Is Financially Secure

    The reason for wanting a financially secure man can range. It can be material reasons that fuel that fire or it can be practical ones. No one is judging. Most wealthy men do want someone to spend their riches on. If you're looking to be that someone, you need to know what traits he is looking for:

    1. Confidence

    Confidence can catch the attention of anyone from across the room. You have to be comfortable with yourself and know your own value. Radiate that confidence wherever you go.

    2. Goal-orientation

    There is nothing more attractive than a woman who knows what she wants. You're willing to do what it takes to accomplish your goals. He also wants to see that you won't compromise those goals for anyone or anything.

    3. Takes pride in her appearance

    You're going to want to stand out against anyone else he meets. You don't have to look like a Queen, but you should take pride in your appearance. Make sure you don't take too much pride though, because vanity isn't sexy. If you're too in love with yourself, he's going to assume you don't have room for him.

    4. Isn't high maintenance

    There is always some level of maintenance to keep yourself happy, healthy, and looking great. But casual wear on occasion won't hurt. He wants to see that you have a down to earth side, because not everyone wants to date a Princess.

    5. Is independent

    You don't have to be financially stable, but you should emotionally. If you're the type of person who is back and fourth, he's not going to be interested. Most wealthy men value their time and don't waste to waste it. You should also have your own friends and your own hobbies. He wants to know that if he wasn't in your life, you would still be doing what you want.

    6. Is interesting

    One of the things wealthy men are looking for is someone who entices them. You should have some sort of exotic hobby or interest. You should have stories of fun adventures and dreams of future ones. You should also be able to hold great conversations.

    7. Listens

    It's one thing to have great stories, but to make the conversation great you've also got to listen. You might not understand when he starts talking about work, but you have to try. You can always ask him to tone down the language so that you can follow along easier. It shows that you're paying attention and taking initiative.

    If you meet all of that criteria, you're already on your way to meeting a financially secure man! Oh, but if you're wondering where to look, try your local charity events. Wealthy men tend to make appearances at charity events. But don't just show up blindly! Make sure you know a little bit about the charity first!

    By julinuk, England - Cumbria United Kingdom

  • Geeks are sexy only when they are not 'that guy'

    In the orientation to mit, the advice is to look to your left, look to your right: one of you three are going to fail. Done with high school, the "geek" suddenly discovers college! The niche! The place where your intelligence and discipline are rewarded and the fact that you're still caught up in high-school girl / boy troubles follow you as never before. I don't care what kind of 6- or 7- figure salary you're going to get. I don't care how successful you are with all the rest of your life. If you're not willing to accept that there are some attractive people willing to accept you, then it's all for naught. The "geek" in high-school (our formative years) was a person that spoke his or her mind with raging desires, the same as everyone else.

    If you were a boy, you probably weren't out there jogging 5 miles and running up and down the exorcist steps every morning before sunlight. As a girl, (I'm not and can only guess), you might have been physically attractive with a nice face until you opened your mouth to say something. And wondered why that boy was running away... maybe you even learned that using your "brain" was a bad way to get a bf... bad way even to get a friend. My dad made me go into martial arts. I was light and quick and could land a punch in the ring to win awards, but never was I able to "hit" when it counted: to gain self respect in high school. it took a long time to realize that my "geek" status was following me into college and it was I that was causing it: it's how I perceived myself, it became who I was.

    1. You're smart. Let it go. You are not going to be the best looking guy or girl on campus, but the woman and man that is interested in you doesn't really give a shit. Let it go that they may see your frumpy or skinny body as attractive to them at that moment in their lives. They saw something you can't see in you.

    2. Do not ever be a person that you are not. If you're a "geek" then be that.

    3. "that guy" (and. conversely, "that girl") is a person that doesn't allow an attraction to develop because they have an issue they want to discuss, or argue, or defend, or hide... and they chase away the person that was attracted to them: the were attracted when you were seen, and became not so much attracted as you chased them away with your problems.

    4. Listen. It's the hardest lesson to learn as a geek. Do not try to be smart. Do not try to wear your resume on your sleeve. Do not try to over-compensate for what you think is a short-coming. Yeah, it's not going to work with some dates. Yeah, it is going to work in the long run.

    By tabula_rasa, Massachusetts, United States

  • In Life I See No Limitations Only Possibilities

    I really don't know where to start there's so much I could say about myself. Well to start I'm an imperfect man but God is still working on me. I'm 41 years of age born and raised in Decatur, Georgia. I'm a high school graduate with prior military service(U.S.Army). I don't smoke or do drugs neither do I consume alcohol. I'm a father of 4 beautiful daughters who I love dearly ages 21, 20, 19 & 3. Some call me a walking testimony so I share my story. In 2004 I was in a life threatening car accident in which I should have died. Due to the major injuries to my lower extremities my right leg had to be amputated below the knee. In 2007 I was diagnosed with leukemia and went through 2 years of chemotherapy. As of 2009 my cancer has been in remission. It's been a long road but my Lord & Savior supports my every need. After all I've been through I still have a Positive Outlook on this thing we call LIFE. Also I've been in "H" category 17 years. I'm a simple average kind of guy who enjoy the simple pleasures of life. I come from a large family I'm very family oriented. I love to laugh and have a good.

    So it's been 14 years since I lost my leg & I never thought this would be my life but I'm making the best of it. My faith in God has kept me strong. I strive to never give up & keep pushing forward. "In Life I See No Limitations Only Possibilities". Nothing can deter me of His plans for me.

  • Tip for girls

    This tip is for all the girls out there. I stayed in a relationship for too long because I loved someone who, despite loving me back, took me for granted greatly. Ladies, know that you deserve the best and don't stick around thinking that a man will change for you one day and that you'll live happily ever after. There is someone out there for you that will treat you right, love you, and be your best friend. Don't despair. And it is also important to remember that there is no age limit on when to get married. Don't stay with a jerk because you want to get married because everyone else is getting married around you. Wouldn't it be better to find Mr. Right than to settle for Mr. Right Here?

    By BrownieInMotion, FL, United States

  • What to do during travel dates

    Travel dates are the easiest dates, it's all about fun and laughter and flowing vibes. On a travel date I prefer my own room, it gives me space to do all of mygirly things. I also don't have to worry about unpacking and packing all of my makeup and hair products. Jack and Jill sinks are adorable until your side looks like you're getting ready to walk the runway. You must have a sexy yet conservative swim suit, plenty of evening dresses depending on how long the vacation is and how many dinner events you will have to accommodate for. This is the time to bring those sexy little dresses those heels you practiced "strutting" in for days and of course lingerie. You will have those times where it's just you and your daddy, you want to let him see your daring side let him know he's found a perfect lady but a tiger when alone.

    By lirtatiousSmile, Oregon, United State

  • What to do with close friends while you are seriously dating someone?

    It is wonderful to find someone new. During the first few months of dating, the unexplained sensation of electrical current sending chills throughout our bodies is a feeling many of us hope to one day have. We long to experience that precious period in which even the slightest morsel of his flesh against our body is felt as if the universe is pulling us together by some unexplainable force. This is a wonderful time & should be enjoyed to the fullest yet not at the sake of our prior lives.

    We have all had the friend who disappears the moment she is dating someone. I speak as a woman who has hurt, upset and lost several of my closest friends because we tend to exchange our old friends for a newer model. We love dearly our circle of friends and it is important to include our previous lives with our new & exciting relationship. I am in no way saying that the thrill of a promising relationship should be diminished in the least, I am merely suggesting that we include our close friends, family, etc. as we enter this next stage of life.

    Our friends greatly influence who we have become & therefore are part of what we have to offer. To lose our dear friends by way of a new relationship will only harm us in the end. Whether we have found 'the one', or we are experiencing a major heart break the non abandonment of our previous lives will allow us to hold on to our identities and only require the mending of our hearts by way of our friendships.

    By robyn26, Corona del Mar, California, United States

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