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  • Be picky. You have that right

    Attraction is wonderful!!! It is important to have that initial chemistry, however, many confuse these first tingly feelings as love! WAIT!!! What that is at first is Lust. While given time Lust can develop into Love, then a life of two compatible souls. Our bodies are merely vessels that carry our souls. It's fantastic to look great!!! It's even more fantastic to BE great!!! So take your time. It's not a race and those that start before the gun is fired are usually disqualified!!! Many times in past relationships when they have ended and left scared and hurting, we wonder why. Why didn't I see that or why did I miss that huge red flag? It's because we are all innate creatures that have a burning desire to love and be loved!!! The best thing anyone could do for themselves is to love themselves first!!! Take inventory of who you are. Be honest when you look yourself in the mirror. Who am I? Too many of us have this negative recordings playing over and over in our frontal lobe where all our reasoning is done. Why? Because all of us have been hurt, no one can escape this, however we can change that recording by taking responsibility for our thoughts!!! Thoughts are so powerful because our thoughts become our actions. Next time when you are tempted to think those negative, unworthy thoughts ask yourself, "Are they true?". If so be more accountable. Why and what makes them true.

    When you learn to love you for you. We will be able to love others for them too. That's the connection!!! That's where lasting love develops!!! Always consider the fact that when problems do arise use this scenario. If your car breaks down. Maybe you ran out of gas, simple solution take the hike to gas station and get some more gas and then keep going. Problems are only as big as we make them or allow them to be. It depends how long your gonna run that broken car before fixing it. Sometimes we fix ourselves in order to fix the "us".

    Don't be discouraged. Take the time needed and after that Lust has turned to Love!!! Be a FORD - Fix Or Repair Daily. Spend time cultivating every relationship daily. Think of one thing small or big that you could do for the one you love. Both should do this!!! It keeps the fire alive. Nothing against Fords just was a good analogy!!! Best wishes too all as we embark on new and exciting moments!!! Moments? Chances are the first person you meet won't be the one. Search until they are found. Have fun and don't take it so seriously!!! Have fun getting to know each other. Those are memories that can never be bought!!!

    By: Contributed by FaithFully2, Alberta, Canada
  • Become someone's friend first

    I know when I first started dating I would get a little overly excited and probably put too much emphasis on thinking about what the next date would be like and basically would get too caught up in the moment, especially if I was really into someone. Both men and women can SMELL a desperate date a mile away. Play it cool and just be friends. Be a good conversationalist as well as a good listener and have a sense of humor. Talk about funny stuff and family times and just be original. And if it doesn't go well on the first date and there is no hint of a second one, don't sweat it! There are too many nice men or women out there (whatever your dating situation) to get down on one bad date. Who cares! It's a numbers game like my parents always tell me. The more you go out, the easier it becomes and the more confidence you gain. People will sense that and you will find yourself having more opportunities to go out. Confidence is the key and BEING DESPERATE is a definite date killer.

    By fun_fella, Texas, United States

  • How to choose a good second date

    Try to think of a good second date that can build on things you discussed during your first date. Did you just talk over coffee on your first date? If there is a hobby you both enjoy, for your second date, enjoy it together! You can share your passion for something with each other, and it will be a fun memory to look back on during future dates.

    By Venezia14´╝îKentucky, United States

  • How to ensure a second date

    1: During the date, remember to listen rather than hear your date when they are speaking. Getting to know your date requires you to ask reasonable questions, and then carefully listen to the answers. Do not ask questions you don't want to know the answers to.

    2: Don't go overboard when dressing for your date. The key is to appear comfortable and look nice, but not to appear as if you're trying too hard.

    3: To ensure a second date, the first date must be a success. How can you tell if that's the case? Some signs of a successful date include feelings of attraction, wanting to get to know the person better, feeling their kindness, being able to talk openly with each other, and feeling at ease. If you have these impressions after a date, (be it first, or otherwise) a second date is a good possibility!

    By Sparrow2001, Manchester, United Kingdom

  • How to have a second date

    Hi ladies, do you go on a first date with a guy but then you wonder why you haven't went on a second one well. Here is how I am going to help you out:

    1. Never talk about past relationship.If he ask why are you single? Keep it short by saying in a nice way "the past is the past." with a smile.

    2. Never put your financial problems out there.Like serious who want a broke girlfriend but most of all you will seem like you looking for a sugar daddy.

    3. Show that you are classy, smile, say thank you and keep voice a normal pitch.

    4. Communication is the key. Long deep conversations is perfect, because you grab his attention so he can see who you really are.

    5. Ladies compliment him Tell him his eyes are pretty, or his tie is nice, or the cologne he have on smells good.

    6. Dress to impress but keep something to the imagination.guys love for ladies to look sexy but they don't want to have to worry do you dress like this on the first date with every man you date.

    7.If you are dinning out on your first date please don't get drunk. know your limit. Who want to make a drunk they girlfriend.

    8.Don't come off to strong!! (putting down all the rules you want from a guy,less is more)

    9.Never tell him the mistakes you made in the past. (that can scare him off)

    10. Here is something simply.. just take a deep breath and remember think before you talk.

    By nikkipink, New York, United States

  • How to keep your daddy happy

    Always be honest with him. If you forgot you had a date then tell him so instead of making up an elaborate story. Remember that sugar dating is about providing your SD with all the positives of a relationship like sex, affection, someone to talk to, being cared for. Daddies give allowances so that they don't have to deal with typical relationship drama such as jealousy, demanding tendencies, getting upset when he cancels, or silly head games. Remember that your SD is typically a very busy man with a job that puts a lot of stress on him. You should be there to alleviate that pressure and never add to it. Do this and he will keep you around until you both decide to end the arrangement amicably. Also, always be punctual or early. I can't stress the importance of this too much. Always be early and freshly showered!!

    By BlueEyedSBAZ, Tucson, AZ, United States

  • How to make sure you don't get a second date?

    Numerous books and articles have been written on dating do's and don'ts. Dating can be a tiring and disheartening experience, and can be hard to know exactly where you went wrong. Chances are it was nothing more than a lack of chemistry, but you could be making some critical mistakes that stand in the way between you and your ideal partner.

    Here is a few ways to make sure you won't be getting a second date with someone you had your hopes on.

    1. Ex = past, and that's where your ex should stay, at least until a certain level of intimacy has developed between the two of you. I know this has been said time after time, but it still happens. Give the ex a glowing review and your date will assume you are still in love with her and that she is a consolation prize. Point out how horrible she is and how she wronged you and your date will think "Oh great, if I play my cards right I too one day could be someone you despise."

    If you want sympathy or understanding about your ex partner speak to family, friends or a counsellor about it, not your date!

    2.Look distracted, pick at your teeth, check the back of your hands, scan the room. You may be nervous, and when you are nervous you may subconsciously do things that you don't realise. The early stages of dating are very superficial. She won't get a chance to see what a great soul you have if you have some sort of coping mechanism that is distracting and sends a message of..

    By luckyyyy, Western Australia, Australia

  • How to successfully finish off with your second date already planned?

    Throughout your first date, you would have already noticed interests that your partner may have, and you may start to plan the second date. For example, I went to see twilight new moon with a girl who also liked screamo music, which lead to my second date the next night at a local screamo concert.

    The point is that try not to make it sound like your wanting to plan it, but innocently suggest it in an open conversation. The goal is to make it sound spontaneous, and that's pretty much it. Then you will get wanted chance.

    Warning: Make sure you don't lie to your partner just to get the second date, and make sure you do your research before suggesting it.

    By xx_valor_xx, Queensland, Australia

  • Ideas for 2nd Date

    Let's face it first dates are awkward, but once chemistry has been established both physical and mental what next? I would like to share a pretty cool venue idea ( for a 2nd date) in which you can have a fabulous time, and gauge whether you can collaborate together as a potential couple.

    The location was a converted wine cellar, that could cater to some of the most discerning palates but more importantly the other half was converted into a professional kitchen/ romantic dining area where couples were enticed to work together as teams in order to prepare some pretty elaborate dishes. The venue had some cool funky jazz as background music while our host "Sommelier" introduced us to some fantastic wines. Luckily we didn't get Gordon Ramsey as our "food guru" ( chef) but learned some interesting techniques none the less.

    Ironically as the evening progressed we seemed to get more daring with our "food creations" most would blame the wine, but with relaxing background music, lots of laughs in between, and really cool couples, trying their hand at something new, it seemed that the evening was in full swing. The best part was enjoying everyone's cooking, since each couple was assigned their own cooking station which represented a particular course in the meal. Professional wait staff would serve our meals, while we enjoyed great conversations with our dates, and just the over all candle lit ambiance.

    A second date should be a fun experience, whether it be finding common ground, great laughs, and gauging whether compatibilities are in sync. As a successful career professional my meals always seem to consist ofmostly take out or restaurant type of venues hence to be able to create great food, experience great wine, (rare reserves) with someone special was really an enjoyable experience, because ultimately while we were dicing, chopping and coordinating our dishes I found out some pretty interesting things about my date, since both of us felt at ease. Good luck to all, navigating the Internet dating age doesn't have to be daunting, it definitely can be a really fun experience if one puts a bit of effort and is willing to step out of ones comfort zone!!

  • Second Date Ideas for Women --5 ways for Keeping it Fun and Exciting after the First Date

    After the first date both parties should have had a chance to get to know each other. As a woman, once a second date is offered to you that is a clear indication that the other person is interested. But this can still be an anxious time. While a second date offer is a positive step, there is no way to know if your date is calling you because he's still trying to feel you out, or for other ulterior motives. So just remember that this is not the time to slack off or let your guard down

    1. Arrive a Few Minutes Late

    Don't be early for your second date. If your date arrives and sees you sitting there, that could be a sign of desperation on your part, and desperation is not an attractive quality on a woman.

    2. Pick a Topic to Expand On

    The second date is a time to go beyond the general talk that you most likely had on the first date.

    3. Allow Your Date to Talk and Flirt

    Be sure to let your date talk and expand upon something that you two talked about on the first date as well.

    4. Don't Get Too Comfortable

    On the second date you might be feeling on top of the world, as if you have probably already "sealed the deal" with this person, but that is rarely the case by date number two.

    5. To Kiss or Not to Kiss

    The second date is usually a time when an intimate gesture comes into play, even if it is just holding hands.

    By pieter, Gauteng, South Africa

  • Take The Time To Know Him

    One of the most common mistakes a woman can make is letting a man know her intimately before he even knows her last name. Take the time to know him and if he isn't interested in getting to know you first, move on girl! You are not going to build anything real with a man who is only after sex.

    By nospringchick, Tennessee, United States

  • Tell a bit about your history but don't keep mentioning

    Be sure to let the girl / guy you're talking to know a bit about your history with others, including your Ex's and maybe even your breakups.

    A major don't - don't keep mentioning your Ex's to your current partner. It's rude and annoying!

    By QueenofheartsS2 , Alberta, Canada

  • The 2nd date

    The first date is reserved for discovery; is there or is there not the necessary chemistry! Without a spark, even an ember, moving into the 2nd-date often doesn't happen.

    All to frequently, couples move into the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th dates without discussing some very important issues. The couple may even become intimate and some very deep feelings begin to develop.

    Whoa! It is now too late to begin dialogue regarding personal likes and dislikes. Two people often find themselves in lust, moving towards love, only to find that they are terribly incompatible and the attraction was purely physical. Significant time has been wasted and hard feelings are sure to develop as the relationship comes to an end. It doesn't have to reach that point however; there should be an early discussion that addresses individual concerns and expectations, and I suggest you hold them, or begin to discuss them at the very least, as soon as the 2nd-date.

    Having had the first date, the 2nd-date is the time to discover your likes and dislikes. What is your political preference? Favorite color? How much free time do you need, do you want? Are there any obstacles that would stand in the way of bringing a relationship to complete closure? In other words, is one party willing to relocate? Children? Interests? Expectations in regards to entertainment? How do you like to spend your quality time? What are your expectations of me in regards to fulfilling your needs?

    By educator56, Rochester, Minnesota, United States

  • The Second Date: 8 Dating Tips For Meeting Up Again

    Once you have had a successful first date and have made contact again to establish a second meeting it is amazing how many people start questioning the situation and worrying unnecessarily. When people arrange a second date confidence levels should be high because you have already established a mutual attraction and interest level so don't forget that he/she has already indicated they like you a lot. The first date may have been short and sweet but the desire is high on both sides and so it is now that you need to develop the situation into something more concrete.

    1. If you are going to blow the situation it is now. You got over the first major hurdle

    2. If we establish that you weren't creating a facade on the first date and were being yourself then the second date is to establish more of the same but on a grander scale with more detail.

    3. A weekend afternoon lends itself to ebbs and flows, you can talk openly at a cafe table and then walk and feel how it is to walk next to your date.

    4. Once again keep in mind an end time for this date.

    5. Once again, although your conversation on this second date will have more substance and credence to it, you should still shy away from discussing anything about ex relationships and sex

    6. It is likely that you will be feeling a little uneasy because of your high interest levels and sense of attraction.

    7.The second date is about fulfilling the promises established in the first date.

    8.On the other hand, the second date also allows you to uncover some truths about your date you may have missed on the first date.

    By Wizinja, Saint Andrew, Jamaica

  • When you bring your date home

    If you bring your date home, please don't carry extra cash and leave your wallet or purse, cash or valuables in sight. Your possessions and the person you brought home could all be gone while you are in the shower or sleeping.

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