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  • 3 Simple Suggestions for meeting the new family

    Meeting the love of your life's family can be a very scary moment but can be very rewarding if you follow a few small guidlines that i have outlined.

    1. Research the family-Find out what their likes/ dislikes are. Find out what type of foods they life to eat. Beverages they like to drink. Get the scoop before meeting so you will at least have some type of conversation piece.
    2. Compliment the family-THink of something nice to compliment them with. Nice shoes, hair, or body. This is always a good ice-breaker.
    3. Compliment Yourself- If you got as far as meeting the family, You must be doing something right. SO be yourself and honestly you will be ok!

    By Jordyn1986, Virginia, United States
  • Accept that your date's family is going to be a big part of your life and his

    Even though your date is the one who makes the decision to be with you, his family still has some influence. If he really cares and enjoys being with you then he will have no problem introducing you to his family and friends proudly. He should show his family that he cares for and wants to be with you.

    You should know from him his family ways and dislikes so you will know how to conduct yourself therefore avoiding any possible issues. If he has a strong relationship with his family, then they will respect the decision he has made to be with you. You never want to come in between him and his family, but be part of it.

    By ronnie484ro, Clinton, North Carolina, United States

  • Another big step

    Meeting ones family isn't easy. The stress is put on wondering in your mind are they going to like me? I'm sure everyone knows it is important to be yourself, be the person your partner sees. Everyone is going to have an opinion of you. Show them the same respect that you would want. Don't be rude, vulgar or disrespectful. If it seems your butting heads with someone stay calm and try to avoid confrontation. You can talk to your partner about it after you leave. Otherwise relax and enjoy the company.

    By Dmc1359, Texas, United States

  • Be authentic when meeting the family
    What will make you 10x more nervous than the first date? Meeting the family. When the time comes, the most important thing to remember is to be your authentic self. When you are unsure of your surroundings and new to the people in it, your best bet is to stick with the universal basics of etiquette. A warm hello, with eye contact, talking about yourself only when asked, and making a point to engage others in conversation about themselves. If you tend to be a nervous rambler, practice talking about yourself in a concise and genuine way so that you're prepared to give articulate answers. Be mindful that you don't talk too fast if you are predisposed to doing so when nervous. First impressions go a long way and so does a warm, genuine smile followed by polite engagement. Good luck!!

    By Sereine, Pennsylvania, United States

  • Be yourself when meeting his / her families

    It's easy to pretend, and it's very easy to pretend for few hours. But it's important that you be yourself. Don't waste a lot of time in preparing for it. But before you do that, ask him or her questions about theirs family...what they like, how they spent theirs life...etc. Books are classy and noble gift but be sure that you know about their interest first. Be assured that he or she loves you enough that she wants to meet you with his or hers parents. Your partner wants commitment. And even if it's ideal that you make best impression, don't forget about your partner. Sometimes it's enough that family members see genuine affection and love, and it will make them happy. If you are still scared, try not to think about what they will talk about you or how they will see you, but instead think about them, how your life will be with them.

    By Cub_83, Becej, Serbia
  • Don't ruin the Meeting!

    1-Introduce an appointed time, not before and without warning.
    2-Find out how your family is, if old-fashioned, modern etc. so you can make them feel comfortable, and so no disrespect.
    3-Do not try to impress them with your social status or your economic situation, you are middle or upper class.
    4-Do not talk about you all night.
    5-Let them express themselves and so will know a bit more about them, and you can comfortably join the conversation.
    6-No apparent what you are not.
    7-Do not talk about the 'drama' or problems in your life.
    9-your sister / brother looks better than your partner, do not be looking all night.
    10-And finally, enjoy with respect, while still being yourself.

    By MarillaSade, FL, United States

  • Get To Know The Family

    Meeting your date's parents are one thing, but getting to know them as well is another. If the parents want to learn about your character or life, don't feel intimidated. They propably just want to know who is dating their son/daughter and what they are capable of. Give the most positive and casual aspects about yourself and talk calmly. By speaking truthfully, you will give your date's parents the security they need and get their trust in you. If necessary, you may also reveal more personal aspects or events that occured in your life as you get more serious in the relationship.

    By VenomRavess , Ontario, Canada
  • Have good manners when meeting the family

    It's hard to figure out how to behave around someones family when you meet them for the first time. You're nervous and don't want to say the wrong thing. Make sure to talk to your significant other first and find out what type of parents they are. Some parents might not want to be called by the first names, while others might not want to be treated so elderly. Just knowing beforehand can make the interaction easier and help your nervousness subside.

    By singlelady93, California, United States

  • How to behave around family?

    When dating someone's family it is important to be open and communicate with them. They want to get a sincere look at who you are and what kind of person you behave as. Being on your phone is not acceptable because it looks like they aren't worth your time. Try to engage in the conversation even if you aren't that knowledgeable at least state so, state your opinions and be open to disagreement so that you can have a polite difference of opinion. Try to find activities to do with them and act like you want to join and show the same courtesy to your significant other so they feel comfortable to get along with your family.

    By Sapphire93, Texas, United States

  • How to greet the parents?

    One of the hardest parts of dating is greeting the parents. Always remember, handshakes are an important thing! Shake the dads hand. If you are a guy, remember a firm grasp and looking him in the eyes is the perfect way to go- don't be shy. If you are a girl, don't give him too firm of a grasp, it shows too much control. Give him a nice smile and try to look in his eyes. The mom may want to shake hands or hug. Never reach out to hug them first. Always smile, you're meeting the parents, you're happy. Don't be too loud or excited, be controlled but not dark. Parents don't want their child to hav a bad influence. If they ask about the way you dress, simply say its just a lifestyle and try to leave it at that.

    By lunalovezya, Texas, United States

  • Keep good relation with sugar daddies' children

    If you are or planning on dating a sugar daddy who has a small child or children, it's important to discuss what type of relationship you are going to have with that child(ren).

    Children in the adolescent stage are forming attachments and it is important for them to have secure attachment bonds. If the relationship is NSA (No Strings Attached) then make sure that the relationship is kept away from the child(ren). If it is going to be a LTR (Long Term relationship), it is ok to meet the child(ren) once both, the sugar baby and sugar daddy have established a secure relationship. As for older children/adults 18+, the dynamics of the relationship are not important to disclose just make sure that you are comfortable with the possibility of those children being your age if not older than you.

    By LAjai16, Los Angeles, CA, United States

  • Meet the parents

    To meet the parents (family)

    When this event happens you must not have it anywhere else but in a more entertaining place like out to eat in a nice place or a movie so things don't get weird if something does wrong.

    By DoDrugs420, Pennsylvania, United States

  • Meeting the family for the 1st time? Handmade gifts show extra care!

    I personally think that a lovely touch, when meeting someone's family for the first time is to bring a little gift. Bringing something expensive like a posh bottle of wine, or something as typical as flowers is still sweet but very impersonal. I would recommend making something, like a batch of cookies, or some cupcakes. They're not expensive and are appreciated a lot more, it shows you want them to like you, and how could they resist after that?

    By buttons123, England - Kent, United Kingdom

  • To meet Japanese parents

    If you want to meet Japanese parents successfully you must bring a gift and remember to bow. Bowing is important to Japanese parents because it shows respect to your girlfriends parents. It is not groveling it is respect. Next you must learn how to use chopsticks correctly so you to not offend. You must not fill your own cup. You must say "Itadakimasu" before eating.

    By smart_sweet2000, Alabama, United States

  • Why do your date avoid family and friends?

    A person looking to secure a place in your life will want to meet and make nice with your family and your friends. They would not want to put in the time if they didn't think there was any future in your relationship. The reason why they might not want to spend the quality time with the important people in your life is because they don't want to become ingrained in your social circle. This makes it much harder to walk away. A relationship-minded person will make every effort to become a part of your inner circle if they plan to be an important part of your life.

    By sandiegobabe, San Diego, California, United States

  • You only have ONE chance to make a good first impression!

    Whether you are the one meeting your significant other's family or viceversa, a good first impression is a MUST!

    Good manners, being respective,and proper language ( no swearing and no slang) are a few starters to this. The family who being introduced to this personal is mentally scanning this person (or your self!) They are sizing up the ability of you to fit into the family. How you would fit into their dynamics. I have first hand been one of those people to witness a bad first impression someone once made on my family. Here's how it went:

    My aunt brought her boyfriend home to meet everybody. He is from California, and was once in the army. At the dinner table, (I was the unfortunate one to be directly across from him at the table) anyway, he really let his true colors how. He managed to direct the entire conversation by himself and with his comments insulted just about everyone at the dinner table. He made disgustingly rude comments about poor people, and such forth.

    That is a prime example of a good first impression gone WRONG! I myself always make a great first impression. After all, the family you meet could eventually become YOUR family!

    By katie_dxoxo, Floresville, TX, US

  • Your potential match should get well along with your family and friends

    Meeting the family of the person you are dating is not what it once was. If you are reading this your obviously and adult. we as adults need to interact with one another and see how friends and family interact with the person we are dating. They know we are not going to marry or even seriously date everyone they meet but it will help us in our journey to find the right person for us. If our friends and family get along well with the person its likely that they are a good match for us. If not, I would rather know sooner than later. I dont want to be head over heels for a man that cant get along with my friends and family.

    By by dennis2022, California, United States

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