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  • Be upfront if you want to break up

    If you do not want to see or stay in a relationship with your latest lady or gent friend, at least be upfront, and tell him or her. Do not just be mean or cruel in comments or treatment, like not calling or simply staying away. With me all that would be needed would be a simple "This is no longer working, and we should part.".

    By dancealone, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  • Don't be afraid to say no

    Make sure if and when you are about to meet someone through this or any other website, to make it somewhere where you are comfortable. If in any situation, the person asks you to go back to their place or to go somewhere alone, only go if you are 100 percent that is what you want to do. Do not be afraid to say no. Follow your instincts if you ever feel the meeting is getting strange or highly uncomfortable.

    By Denise, Florida, United State

  • How to control a break up

    The best way to control a break up is to pick a preferable place. Such as a public place , where are many people. I this way,we can minimize an angry responce, then let him \ her down easy.

    By tallman2008, Tennessee, United States

  • How to end a bad date?

    If you are going on a date and you are unsure about the person set up a close friend to call you and hang up after the call is connected. This way if the date is going good you can just say "I'll call you back later." But if the date is going horribly you can act as though it is an emergency.

    It is best to practice your emergency phone call in advance. Some phones come with the feature to call you. This may be available in one of your applications. You can just set a time and date for your fake phone call to go off.

    By bboops16, Massachusetts, United States

  • How to end a short-term relationship nicely?

    When ending a short-term relationship, avoid using cliches(e.g. it's not you, it's me)if you are hoping to stay as friends. This will break any chance of that from happening. I know from personally experience.

    Be honest about why you wish to break up with them, and this will ultimately help them move on. In addition try to be clear about your intentions with them after the break up, and make sure they will know that you will only be friends or less depending on your situation.

    Finally, if you are living with the person, try to tell them inside your home (unless it is an abusive relationship, do not do this) that way you aren't embarrassing them and shows that you respect them. Remember this is only for ending a short-term relationship, some of this may work for long-term but it is not advised since their are many variables between short and long-term relationships.

    By CallieArckine, Lancashire, United Kingdom

  • The proper way to end things with someone in the early stages

    After a first date or even after a couple of phone conversations, Skype, Face Time, emails etc. You may feel that the person is not right for you. Do not just completely ignore the person without letting them know that your no longer interested. You should always end things on good terms instead of bad terms. It's all about having manners Please be polite and courteous by sending a e-mail or text message or even a call saying that although you thank them for their interest and time you believe that you are not interested in continuing a relationship. It's sort of like sending a thank you note after a job interview. Always know that rejection is not a dead end job and is also not the end of the world . Move on and don't give up on love and remember every disappointment is a blessing in disguise!

    By lovelyliabeauty, Newyork, United states

  • Tips for a healthier breakup

    Whatever you do, don't say? It's not you, it's me? if you don't really mean it. Be honest and try to communicate some of the real reasons the relationship is no longer working for you. Pointing fingers or placing blame entirely on the other person is not the way to go. Use this time as an opportunity to admit to some of your shortcomings as well. The last thing you want is to make it appear as though you're perfect. This is a sure way to get them to resent you. Letting them know you're aware of the mistakes you've made can also makes it easier to move forward without feeling like the relationship was a failure.

    By sandiegobabe, San Diego, California, United States

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