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  • Be a gentlemen on a date

    Pull her chair out for her and make sure she is seated happily.Use proper English. Brush your teeth before the date and also use some gum. Pay for everything. When you get to the restaurant, hold the door open for her and do the same when you leave.

    By lost_love, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Be a masculine man in woman's point of view

    Girls are insecure by nature and are looking for a partner who can keep them safe and protect them. As a woman I've thought about the statement above and I believe this is so true.

    When a guy is masculine, takes control, and guides and leads us, we feel protected. When a guy stands up to us and doesn't take our bitchiness, he proves that he can stand up to you and therefore can stand up for you. It all comes back to the point. Do I feel safe around this guy? Does he make me feel protected? And can I let my guard down and allow him to take care of things? Seriously girls think about this, because I think this plays a really important factor in the type of guys that we date and are attracted to. There is no way that we are going to stay with a guy who can stand up to us, who won't make his own decisions, and who exists for the very approval of others.

    On a biological level it demonstrates that this is someone who is weak and is unable to take care of us. So for the guys out there, please just tell us what to do when we ask for your advice or for you to make a decision!

    By blondambition76, Texas, United States

  • Be open to ask more questions before meeting

    When looking at someones profile, look and read carefully, be open and ask questions that you might feel a little forward. But in the long run, sometimes they need to be asked...ask up front to get your information, don't wait till you meet, it takes a lot of effort to get together and then they not be what they said they are.. Being blunt is sometimes the only kind...don't waste others time.

    By Tetter, Florida, United States
  • Be polite even if you are not interested

    Please be polite and courteous by sending a short e-mail saying that although you thank them for their interest, you believe that you would not be compatible. And please don't put it off, maybe the other person is waiting for your reply. It's not only rude, it's cruel to make a person think you are interested when you aren't . This will allow the other person to move on and to try and find someone else.

    By pwalls23, New York, United States

  • Be positive

    There is nothing more unattractive then someone who is not positive. If you read a profile and it has nothing but everything you are not looking then there is no amount of money that is going to help you attract a good person. Instead of stating what you DON'T want state what you do want and be positive. You will get a lot more interest and a better selection.

    By Fleur_De_Lis38, California, United States

  • Be yourself

    If its love you are after, when dating, please be yourself. Don't pretend to be someone you are not. It will be even harder to love freely, happily because you will be spending too much time worrying about formulating your next lie. If someone really loves you or likes you,they will accept and appreciate the real you!

    By zanele, South Africa

  • Being a perfect gentleman on a date does have its advantages

    Men, ladies are stereotyped as the chatty ones, but when on dates it is really good for you guys to initiate questions and conversation.

    Please do not leave all the work to us girls. Even if you may not be interested in the lady when you finally meet, remember these ladies have a chance to comment on their experiences of you at the bottom of your profile. This can have a lot of sway to other girls. Also bare in mind that many people find their ideal person through friends. So even if you are not romantically compatible maybe she has a friend, relative or colleague that you hit it off with. So keep this in mind and be the best you can. You can never have too many friends.

    By rubyred2000, Manchester, England - Lancashire, United Kingdom

  • Being genuine tip

    Being Genuine Tip

    An important factor when having a genuine interest in someone is to remember things about them and to listen.

    During chat sessions or email we often reveal things about ourselves, family or work alongside with general banter. Proving you have a keen interest in that particular person by remembering details and asking about their situation / ideas will certainly indicate you are fair genuine person.

    I have noticed in the past when I've had an interest in someone, they didn't remember nor listen. Many times I had to remind them of what location I lived in, or what sort of work I did. I was constantly having to repeat myself. Yeah, sure, that's fine every now and again but when you find you are repeating yourself during chat or emails about the same thing, take note that he/she may not be as interested as you think. A person who has an interest in you will remember most details and will often pursue interests or information in getting to know you better.

    So if you really want to impress someone, keywords of thought are remembering and of course listening.

    By jellybean14fun, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Being open and vulnerable in the advanced relationship

    In my last relationship, my partner often complained that, with respect to our intimacy, I was never "open and vulnerable". I got frustrated when she could not define it in terms I could understand. Men and women speak different languages on that subject. But now, I know what it means.

    Being open and vulnerable means saying how you feel first, without having a clue how the other person feels, or whether your feelings will be, at best reciprocated, or at worst trampled on. It's saying "I miss you" not knowing if she misses you; it's saying it a second time even after the first offering is not reciprocated. It's saying what you feel, not because it's safe to do so, but because it's your truth. It's asking for what you want, not because you're sure you'll get it, but despite the fact that it might scare the other person away. It's a very scary place to be.

    It takes a lot of courage, but it is the foundation upon which true intimacy can be built.

    By Webwraith, British Columbia, Canada

  • Confidence is sexy

    Don't be intimidated by looks. If you see someone smoking hot and want to get to know them better, don't shy away. The best thing you can do is walk up to them ask them their name.If you get shot down keep your cool, others around you will see your confidence and find it sexy.

    Guys perspective: The guys around you will give you props because they were thinking the same thing.

    Girls perspective: When you see a girl dressed up she wants to be talked to, don't walk away and lower your self-esteem because not only did you lose your confidence the girl just lost hers too.

    Bonus tip-Best way to turn someone down is just lie say you have a partner bf/gf. Gets them away from you and does not hurt their feelings as bad.

    By Faithryan, Illinois, United States
  • Control your anger

    1.The very first thing you want to do is rationalize the situation. Did the person you're angry at really cause something to happen or are you just mad at the situation? Is it possible that the person didn't know that something was that important to you?

    2.Looking at the big picture can always help. Sure you might be mad at a certain person about one particular thing, but try to think about the many good things this same person has done for you. Nobody is all bad.

    3.Learn to accept things for what they are. If a person is selfish, your anger won't improve their generosity. If a person is stupid, your anger won't make them any smarter.

    4.When you are very mad, stay inside your home or house. And if you are outside at the time when your temper visit your brain then stay inside your car or go to a place where you can breathe fresh air.

    5.Keep your mouth close as you can when you are angry either be yourself or someone else.

    6.If it's difficult for you to handle the stress and depression, ask help or support from your family and friends.

    7.If you do not get any support from your relatives and you might not comfortable to share what you feel then you might need an Anger Management Counselor. Try to be an actor not a reactor in any bad situation in life.

    By Kangta, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

  • Do not talk sexual on here, it places you in that category

    When a man begins to go in the direction of suggestive sexual comments he is interviewing to see if you are a candidate. If you start to give him what he is looking for then all respect is gone. He also will no longer have an interest in any kind of courting. Women fall for this because they think that if they are sexy, and fun with open comments or response that they will get the man. You may separate yourself but in their eyes it is for one time, and not the relationship that we are all claiming to be looking for on here.

    When a women makes a man be respectful and treat her in that manner then they see her as a women worthy of being treated like that. All men are sexual creatures in nature but they need a women that will make them be a gentlemen in their actions. Men are not looking for a puss cat they are looking for a partner, friend, and a women that they are proud to have on there arm. What happens behind close doors well that is another thing but it is behind closed do ors. Being sexy, and giving it all up will not get the man or will it get the security that some women may also be looking for.

    By Vicarious2001, Illinois, United States

  • Don't act to be cheapness

    Cheapness of behavior has nothing to do with lack of money. A millionaire can be cheaper than the poorest person in town.

    Cheapness is exemplified in the person who puts no value in themselves: no reserves mentally, morally, or physically; who confides most personal and intimate details of their lives to strangers. A person who does not mind being nudged or pushed or shoved; and having no sense of personal value, is willing to be kissed and petted - in other words puts themselves in a class with the food on a free lunch counter.

    By fourreal,Matamoras, Pennsylvania, United States

  • Don't be over aggressive or try to hard

    I love a man with good manner and that knows how to treat a lady. But however I don't like a man that is to persistent. I like a more so go with the flow kinda guy. If you see that the female is a little shy or may not seem as interested, give her time to feel you out without trying to over do it or being pushy. That's just my opinion.

    By Honeydi410, California, United State

  • Don't judge a book by its cover!

    There is more to people than money, clothes, and fancy cars. Yeah all of that is nice to have but deep down we all are people that deserve happiness and love. It doesn't matter where you come from or who your family are. All the glitzts and glamer is good and all but does that really make you happy? The only thing that would really make anyone complete and happy is to find that perfect soul mate to grow old with and that is your best friend. So don't judge someone for where they come from or how they have lived their lives but who they really are as a person.

    By sweetsensation35, Vermont, United States

  • Don't leave your drink unattended at the table or bar

    If you agree to meet a man, do not leave your drink unattended at the table or bar to use the restroom returning and continue drinking that drink. Chances are without realizing it your drink has been tampered with by that person.

    By fgldlctflower, Pennsylvania, United States

  • Don't lie

    Whatever you do, no matter what, do not lie. Don't leave out information or spin the real truth about yourself. Many lose out on something great when they lie. It will cause hurt for someone you love and you definitely do not want to do that. Take the time to express your feeling and trust that the person across from you is understanding of you and your situation if you have one. Coming truthful will set you free, free of emotional stress and the knowledge of being honest to someone important to you.

    By Spartacus1972 , Pennsylvania, United States

  • Don't pretend to be someone else when you date.

    The leading cause of divorce is that when people date before the marriage they are someone else. I have been a victim of this. I went out with a guy for three weeks and he was sweet as pie. Always polite, kind, and funny. Then we started to become intimate and commit to each other. Soon after this he started to change from being polite to just saying anything that came out of his mouth. His jokes just weren't funny they were mean spirited. It was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I am glad it took only three weeks for this to show, but it taught me something. I wondered how many relationships start off this way? Always on stage, giving a performance, what we all call putting forward our best. I am not saying don't put your best forward. Don't belch or anything like that. We just need to be ourselves. It is you who they are going out with, not the performer. You are the one they want, and need to end up falling for. You don't want to end up marrying a person who was only putting on a show to impress you to fall for them or vice versa. Beside the real you is great!! If they don't like that, then it was not meant to be. Just breath and be that wonderful person you are and it will be fine. Good luck!!

    By dionnalove, Los Angeles, CA, United States

  • Don't ruin your chance with a girl

    If there is anything that ruins a guy's chance with a girl, is saying the wrong things, and talking about the wrong things in front of them. Here are a couple rules to follow when on the first couple dates:


    2. Talk about them, as much as possible, when asked a question keep it short and simple and ask them to answer it. It shows the person you are genuinely interested in them.

    3. Do something you both will enjoy. Do NOT pick a date that is something unconventional because you enjoy doing it. For example, if you enjoy skateboarding, AVOID taking them skateboarding. You may love doing it, but the other person might find it scary, and will get the wrong first impression. Think of things, from information you have, something you both will like, or something she/he would like. Remember, keep it about them!

    4. DO NOT TALK ABOUT SEX, unless of course, they bring it up first. You do not want to come off as a sex hound and that you're only in it for the sex. The first couple dates really determine what the relationship will be, so if you start talking about sex, you will come off very badly to the other person.

    5. Keep the conversation happy! Don't make it a pity party about you, don't bring up sad experiences, keep it happy! If it comes up, keep the story short and don't show that it bothers you no matter what it is, and changer the subject quickly. You don't want their first impression of you to be that you're a downer.

    By NuoveMusiche86, Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States

  • Dont's on a date

    Indecisive: Make up your mind about: what do you want to order, where do you wanna go, what do you wanna do in life in general. It's much more impressive.

    Unfocused: Pay attention, it happens sometimes when i already answered a question, and you're asking the same thing AGAIN.

    Do not burden the conversation with talk about past relationships. Discuss this at the right time. Please, avoid getting drunk!

    Don't lie and don't hide important facts about yourself, like "I have children", or "I'm not yet divorced".

    Don't show up late. Women hate to wait and like to make YOU wait :).

    Well that's it. Hope it will help and prevent some disasters.

    By Ritazz , Quebec, Canada

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