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  • How do I know when someone wants to make a commitment?

    If no one has asked the question, "Will you be committed to me?" and the other person has not responded, "Yes!" Then there should be no expectation of commitment even if two people have had sexual intercourse. One can always say, I thought we were just fooling around. First have the clear conversation that you both want a one on one, LTR. I let it be known that I will continue to date until someone ask me to be in a one on one relationship with them AND I say YES. Both of these things have to happen before one can expect me to be their life partner and vice versa.

    By ishadow, North Carolina, United States

  • How to have a long lasting relationship?

    Ladies! Some of us definitely take advantage of initial sexual attraction, and seem to follow with our bodies and not our hearts. Some of us do not find each other attractive any longer. I urge you to wait for a while before entering a physical relationship. We all know that when the physical attraction gets old and all that left is the mental attraction. I promise to all those ladies who wait will benefit and receive more out of a relationship that based on mental and physical attraction then just the good looks.

    By Watchinsky, Maryland, United States.

  • How to keep the relationship going?

    The first thing you don't do, is ask more than 3 questions in a 5 min. period. Always be yourself, don't change who you are on the computer because it is lying to the one you want to find. Communication is the best way to know someone. Always talk about how you feel, otherwise you will lose communication and then the relationship. Be open and honest no matter what then if they want you, you are the same person they know, hence a longer healthier relationship and that's how you find and keep a person or two!!!

    By LOVERS3SUM, Arkansas, United States

  • How to maintain a relationship?

    Firstly, never lead you partner into something he / she may not want. Communication is the key to every relationship, whether it's online or offline. Make sure both partners agree on everything. If not, that idea or plan will not go as planned. Be direct and upfront to make your point across. No need to beat around the bush. Once you do that, you are wasting each other's time. Some people find it hard to be direct to say how they feel. But if you want to spend your whole life with someone, you will need to be direct and say what you feel and how you feel about any situation.

    Sharing ideas and plans is another key to a relationship. Of course, we can not forget honesty, trusting, loving, caring and understanding. We all want a great listening partner to share our feelings. The best advice that I can give to a long distance dating is for each partner to write down on a piece of paper what they expect to receive from the relationship. If they match, then the partners will have a great relationship. There is always bump in the road but they will overcome them "together".

    By topgun030, New Jersey, United States

  • How to make a relationship last?

    When women meet a man they have a tendency to jump in head first. The initial attraction that we have for one another is chemical and we are also intrigued with the persons individuality. Therefore, it is important to take things slowly. Don't

    drown in the initial excitement. Keep the mystery by continuing to have your own life and do things that you enjoy. Don't look for a man to be your saviour. As Khalil Gibran said in the "Prophet" , the Oak and the Cypress grow not in each others shadow.

    By sunnyFLgirl, Florida, United States

  • How to make your relationship a lot smoother

    Have you ever wondered what sets off the opposite sex? Well here are somethings not to do for your relationship to go a lot smoother.

    First the guys. Ladies, guys need sex every once in awhile so give it to them every other day or two.Also when they cry don't try to be there for them, just let them deal with it their way because they feel emasculated and they don't like that.

    Also don't accuse them of cheating and let them watch their sports. Do this and they will be happy.

    Next its the women. Guys, ladies love the sweet surprises so go put on some slow music, get a dozen roses, and let them know how much you care and love them. When they are down be there for them and listen to their problems and use your brain to figure out how to make them happy again.

    Also when you screw up and make them sad,no matter how much you don't want to, apologize and admit you were wrong. Just try to let them know they are the most important thing in the world to you. Take them out unexpectedly.Do that then its all good.

    By 2hot4u2002, Ohio, United States

  • How to meet someone to share a long term relationship with online?

    If your intention on this site is to meet someone to share a long term relationship with, it's important to spend some time talking via email before you move things forward. It's easy for people to get excited over another member's photo, but the benefit of dating sites is the ability to eliminate involvement with people who aren't suitable mates... possibly the sort of people we've dated in the past, against our better judgement; before getting too involved.

    Reading a profile thoroughly, and looking for signs of compatability on a deeper level is a good first step. Emailing back and forth, at least a few times, is a good way to ask questions about the things that really matter to you; before you get too wrapped up in chemistry to care. On that note, asking someone to send you more pictures only shows they got your attention with their looks.

    Chemistry is essential, I know, but as long as you find someone even mildly attractive, the time online should be spentgetting to know their interests and values. If you decide, in time, to meet, Then you will know if there's chemistry... and it won't be just based on their looks. It can be built by the conversations you have shared, and by humor. Chemistry is an energy, and is often found in surprising places, so look for the things that matter, and leave the rest to nature.

    By itstillme, New Jersey, United States

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