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  • 5 valuable tips to learn to deal with rejection

    Rejection is part and parcel of dating. Even the greatest pickup artists in the world will experience several counts of failures. After all, you can't win them all. No one in the world has a 100% success rate, not even Ryan Gosling for that matter. Nevertheless, there is a need for you to up your game, but at the same time, you have to learn to deal with rejection. So here are 5 valuable tips for you to learn how to shrug it off your shoulders.

    Tip #1: Don't blame yourself

    As narcissistic as it may seem, you can't blame yourself for getting rejected. Some times you just have to know that she wasn't the right one, and that's perfectly okay. There are plenty of girls to go around, and there's simply no time for you to be wallowing in shame for something that's complete natural.

    Tip #2: Laugh it off and don't be shy about it

    I'm sure you've come across a few friends who take rejection far too lightly. They may even save a few stories to tell you when you're having a drink at your local bar. But it's true, and it works. Don't take rejection too seriously, no matter how strong your infatuation is. Instead, take it as a story worth telling, it may even come in useful on your next attempt. Be proud that you tried, it establishes confidence and it shows that you're a man who knows your standards.

    Tip #3: Don't succumb to your insecurities

    You should never let your insecurities get the better of you. There's no doubt that you may end up beating yourself up for not being good-looking enough or not being suave enough, but that's not true. Everyone has their strengths and their fair share of weaknesses. If you find yourself doubting yourself, then fight against it with positivity and reaffirmation.

    Tip #4: Take it as a learning point

    People tend to fear failure, but I see it as an opportunity. You should always view your rejection as something worth learning from so that you can improve yourself and move forward. Maybe you can tweak your approach a bit more and appear more confident.

    Tip #5: Keep on trying, no matter what

    No one's born immune to rejection; it's simply human psychology. However, there's always a way to curb that and recondition yourself. A reinforced piece of steel needs to go through the fire and get beaten up repeatedly. Similarly, you should keep on trying and get rejected as many times as possible. Soon enough, you'll learn that you couldn't care less any more.

    By julian127, Cumbria, United Kingdom

  • 7 Ways to Bounce Back From Rejection

    Learning to handle rejection is all part and parcel of becoming a more confident individual. Having this attribute will go a long way in increasing your success rates with women and moving on from rough breakups. These 7 tips will guarantee that you'll bounce back from matter how much your self-esteem is damaged or the extent of your heartbreaks.

    #1 Allocate a period for grieving
    This is better known as an immediate remedy. Set a maximum timeframe for you to wallow in your state of despond, but have the discipline to ensure that you won't think about it once the deadline comes.

    #2 Keep yourself surrounded with friends
    Humans are social creatures, and being immersed into social settings will allow youto keep your mind off things. The less you think about it, the higher your chances are of picking yourself up.

    #3 Accept the fact that you got rejected
    Once all's been said and done, the fact of the matter is that you were rejected. There's no better way to phrase it, and there's no point telling it any other way. Don't spend your days wondering what could have been or what you did wrong, and just accept it for what it is.

    #4 Don't take it personally
    This is probably the hardest tip to follow, but it'll come in time. Don't blame yourself for what happened, because what's not meant to be won't be. Instead, take it as an opportunity for you to grow stronger.

    #5 Find a new hobby
    You're going to spend a lot of time lying in bed with your mind clawing relentless at you about the rejection. You need to occupy yourself at home when you're all by yourself. Getting a new video game works, or even learning an instrument.

    #6 Let nature take its course
    Once enough time has passed, you'll come to realize that certain things just aren't within your control. Admit that in certain situations, you have to let nature take its course and you can't force someone to accept you.

    #7 Keep your chin up and move forward
    This is the part where you can finally let go of your internal suffering. Keep your head high and stride forward with nothing but pride, because you finally got over your rejection and it's time for you to move on. You've learned valuable lessons that have made you become a better person, and you can now move on and focus your energy on tackling something or someone else.

    By julianuk2014, Cumbria, United Kingdom

  • Be flexible on search requirements

    If someone rejects you keep on trying to meet someone new, change the age requirement, go for someone younger than you or much older. Maybe search with less requirements, such as height, weight, money, race, religion. Keep all your options open and keep it simple if it's not working. Ideally one should search for someone close to your location. Be flexible.

    By Tiffany5887 , Florida, United States

  • Be prepared for rejection

    When dating on the Internet, please be prepared for rejection.

    I have found that a lot of people are caught up on things that look good. In the past, I have met ladies that's look at my Pict and never return my emails. And sometimes it does hurt my feelings because I know I'm handsome. But everyone is not looking for the same things in a mate. I have decided to take it all in stride and keep it moving. Because there is someone for everybody.But the rejection on line feels twice as bad. Because you have not even had a chance to wow this her in person. I have also had cases where I met ladies, and they were more impressed by my looks in person than online.

    So my advice is to be open minded about the pictures you see online, and be prepared for rejection. And if it happens to you, just keep it moving.....

    By jackblack0961, Tennessee, United States

  • Does he really fit me?

    Being rejected is something we all experienced at least once in our life. the thing we need to under stand about it that it's actually a good thing/ if we change our prospective and vision for ask myself, does this person really fit me? and not am i good enough for him, what have i done wrong,,, and other bad advice we come up when our ego hearts. than everything will change; inly when we value our self as a worth and amazing person!! only when we ask our self-what do i want? and not what he wants, only when we really understand that no one who doesn't aprriciate us should be in our life. than the good thing start to happend.

    By natalie2068, Tel Aviv Israel

  • Don't Take It Personal

    Reality is that in life you will encounter people that will not have the same amount of interest in you, as you do in them and you know what..THAT IS OKAY!

    Though our differences make us unique, the fact that we are all gathered here for the same reason UNITES us. Don't take it personal. Everything happens for a reason.

    So THAT ONE, may not be YOUR ONE, but keep trusting that THE ONE for you is still out there. New people join this site everyday. That means that each new day presents new opportunities to meet that special person we are all in search of.

    Rejection is not easy but believe that it is not the end all, say all. You get up, brush your self off, and move forward. Never allow rejection to change who you are or compromise what you're looking for. Eventually that one you seek will find their way to you.

    By MissLovingMe, Florida, United States

  • Don't fret being rejected by a non-infected person

    Don't fret being rejected by a non-infected person...If they can't except you for a part of who you are, they are not worth your time or energy! The right guy positive or not will except you, and take the risks to be with you!

    By changing1, Alberta, Canada

  • Don't give up - change your profile if you keep meeting Mr. Wrong!

    Its somebody out there for everybody. If you keep running into mr wrong change your profile or even your picture put that lil black dress on and snap away. Never mention your ex during a first date he is there to get to know you not your ex besides its uncomfortable... Its nothing wronv with showing a lil skin have fun live a lil but whatever you do dont give up!!!!!!

    By baddtadabone, PA, United States

  • Don't give up on love after getting rejection

    You will get rejected once in a while but its part of the process to find your "One". Ok but rejection hurts. Yes, it does but take that rejection and turn it into a positive by telling yourself not to give up on love and treating yourself to something special always a good thing because once you get out of the house and in the public you are bound to meet someone new that'll turn you frown upside down.

    By HelenRousseau, MS United States

  • Don't let rejection stop you from seeking love

    Some of us out there are successful of winning a potential mate's affections and a couple of dates later, have a successful relationship with that person while some of us may not experience that same success of having a guaranteed date for Saturday night. For those who may experience rejection, it is always good to not become depressed for the rest of the day/night or to blow a fuse or express a hot temper for being rejected. The best way to handle rejection is to not let rejection upset a person seeking love, companionship, or friendship. A person experiencing a moment of rejection should not be easily discouraged not to continue seeking a mate. If a rejected person stays optimistic and keeps patience, he or she will eventually be connected with a mate.

    By Famous2005, Toledo, OH, United States

  • Every disappointment is a blessing.

    Its not mandatory that we look at rejection through a negative lens. Rejection does not define who we are as individuals. We must realize that just because someone is single, it does not mean they are right for us. Most of the time if a person rejects you, its a sign, the encounter was not meant to go further than a greeting. Looking through a positive lens would probably show you that you saved time, energy , effort, and a possible broken heart? I believe their is someone special out there for all, we just have to grow patience...

    By jay_etiquette57, Alberta, United States
  • Get over it when being rejected

    If someone rejects you just move on to the next obviously, it was faith that's telling you both that your not ment for each other, and if he / she is rude and cocky that must mean there self-esteem is so low that they have to put others down. All that I'm trying to say is don't sob and eat ice cream while watching lifetime just because that person said no, It doesn't mean its the end of humanity. Believe me I've done this before.

    By Jade272, Florida, United States

  • Handle Rejection by Cookie Theory

    So you have your eye on that profile, eh? You find their pictures stunning and their words sound like someone made just for you. BINGO!!!!

    But how do you capture the attention of this amazing person? You read their profile and you thoughtfully craft a great email and you wait... and you wait... and you wait... sometimes you never get a response while other times its a simple "thanks but your not my type".

    How do you handle this rejection? I use the cookie theory which goes like this:

    You're in the grocery store and you're walking down the cookie isle looking for a snack. Do you buy each and every kind of cookie on the shelf? Of course not! First off, it would make you sick but realistically, 75% of the brands you simply don't like and would never buy. Another 20% you would eat but only if that's all there was. The last 5% is really what you'd pay good money for... its all you want, its what makes you happy!

    When someone is rejecting you, its the same thing... they are shopping for what makes them happy and you're not in their 5%. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you just like there's nothing wrong with all those cookies you didn't buy.

    Don't believe me? Just stand in the cookie isle and watch all the people who buy perfectly good cookies that you walked right by!

    There was nothing wrong with the cookies you didn't buy and there's nothing wrong with you, its just the other person wants a different taste.

    By easymantolove, Texas, United States

  • Handle rejection gracefully - it's a stepping stone to your soul mate

    Being a highly successful sales representative it was very helpful early in my career (and upon initial diagnosis, as well as, current dating scenarios) to accept each rejection as being one step closer to acceptance by applying the "rule of thumb" of selling pencils on a corner. It is an established/statistical fact (which you may test for yourself)that on average 1 out of every 10 people you ask to buy a pencil will. Sometimes it is the first person you ask (rarely) and (equally as rare)it is the last person you ask. The acceptance usually comes somewhere in between. The point to keep in mind is that each rejection brings you closer and closer to acceptance (your goal). The most successful people in life regardless of profession advertantly or in-advertantly practice this principle and turn "negatives" (such as rejection) into "positives" thereby, pushing forward to great achievements! I think the greatest fear/challenge to those of us with an STD is dealing with societal and, more importantly, individual rejection (especially when dating). Many give up on life and stop living, dating, etc. all together. Again, keep this "rule of thumb" in mind and push forward. Your success is ultimately inevitable proven)!

    By MisterClean2011, Michigan, United States
  • Handle rejection with class and grace

    I don't know too many people that have been into the dating scene and not been rejected at one time or another. Couple of key thoughts: It takes as much nerve to reject someone as it does to ask someone out. Don't try to 'paint' people as 'untouchables' --- 'outa-my-league' type of people. I'm quite sure they never asked to be put there. If they choose not to go out with you...they probably have very specific reasons.--Worrying and 'what-ifing' and "What's Wrong With Me?"--Is a self-imposed jail that you 'choose' to put yourself in. DON'T!! Remember that you will obviously have more fun with people that you have more things in common with and if it is based on 'Surface Characteristics' -- (Appearance Only) then that kinda stuff is as 'shallow' as it gets. It is a large world and the internet makes it very easy to match up with similar people with similar interests and characteristics. Don't be limited by old habits, try new things! Get out of your comfort zone enough to learn new things. Rejection is a nice way of saying 'No Thank You' like when the brussel sprouts are passed around the table. Class is moving on with dignity (believing in who you are) and Grace-- well that is handling rejection with maturity and realizing that you have a 'Responsibility' to that imperfect someone who is out there for you to build a future with!

    By enudeisme, TX, United States

  • How to grow a thick skin to rejection online and keep trying!

    Rejection especially online can hurt a lot.

    When online you chat to many more people in an evening then you would out socially so rejection occurs much more often and possibly by90% of the people you talk to.

    You shouldn't let it get you down and don't think there is something wrong with - not every person is going to be interested as I'm your not interested in every person online that sends a messge or wink your way.

    If you aren't interested in a particular person you should let them know. Explain your reasons why in a nice manner.

    Remember that not every person will reject you and don't let previous failings with online dating get in the way of moving forward with someone else.

    Be happy and be confident and you may find rejection won't always happen.

    By DazzlingHarmony, Leamington Spa, England - Warwickshire, United Kingdom

  • How to handle being rejected by sugar daddies

    It happens to everyone at one point, some more than others. Rejection is a very common thing. Don't beat yourself up over it. Everybody has their own personal tastes, just as you have yours. Try to not form attachments to anybody until you're well acquainted with them. If you're rejected, don't worry. There will be someone better out there that is willing to take you on and accept you for who you are.

    By xoCali, New Hampshire, United States

  • I know it may hurt ... However...

    However... don't take it to heart. Everyone has their preference and you just may not be it. Its nothing against you and it actually works out better for you. You don't have to learn down the line that that person wasn't right for you. Take it as a blessing and keep on fishing.

    By Safirestar, CA United States

  • It is rejection of the relationship, not you

    Okay, you've made it to the third or fourth date...Congratulations!However, here come the lines of rejection,"there isn't any chemistry","you're a great girl/guy but", "I found someone else I am dating" and on and on and on! Don't let this get you down. This is rejection, but NOT OF YOU, it is rejection of this relationship. Do not personalize it as the other person is not doing this. He/she is rejecting the relationship, not you! Isn't this good news?! All this means is that this relationship didn't work out, there is no issue with you as a person. Gather yourself together and keep looking for Mr./Mrs. Right. That person is out there for you!

    By LadyJanuary, Seattle, Washington, United States

  • It's not rejection, it's acceptance

    Rejection is such a negative word to describe a situation or feeling. Acceptance is much easier to handle. We are not being rejected we are accepting that the person we are looking for just hasn't presented themselves yet. We are accepting the fact that we are capable, attractive, and intelligent people who are looking for the same but with a little chemistry mixed into the mold. Accept that you are not alone, we are all alone looking for our special someone.

    By blonde2011bomb, Dayton, Ohio, United States

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