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Why are the young people checking me out? lovingbutterc... 419 05/07/2013
Why do all the nuts fall in my basket? Or Block ... Greatdaysalwa... 345 03/12/2013
Charleston, SC Quality Males?? Sweetheartr... 130 02/02/2013
One more try... bsparr... 382 05/11/2012
Senior Match Member Q's & A's removed_counselor_1228434... 1,177 08/30/2011
don't fall for the sweet talkers!!! happy2bhe... 183 12/08/2010
the holidays and our soldiers!!! sammie19... 107 11/24/2009
sammie1944 sammie19... 184 11/22/2009
on alert!!!! sammie19... 358 11/21/2009
life sammie19... 123 11/14/2009
The Day. sammie19... 77 11/13/2009
destiny sammie19... 91 11/11/2009
At home in San Francisco Mosse... 102 02/18/2009
At home in San Francisco Mosse... 62 02/18/2009
Sustainable Living WendyGra... 135 12/25/2008
Speed Dates hotcoug... 187 01/18/2008
retired marines removed_lunam... 241 03/12/2007
The Third Rail-settin' Emma Free. ridermc... 29 08/13/2006
The Third Rail-Fri.and cool! ridermc... 32 08/11/2006
The Thied Rail-LoVe! ridermc... 61 08/10/2006
The Third Rail ridermc... 43 08/09/2006
Love In Search of a Heart Red19... 130 06/18/2006
I need a relationship monicata... 612 04/06/2006
a blogging neophyte donn... 107 12/07/2005
I know your profile's beautiful monicata... 271 11/29/2005
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Hi there
Suggestions for this SITE
easy ways to spot losers/users
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