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Young men dating Older Women

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Well, I have always loved the company of older women. Since I was in 7th grade, I have been attracted to older women. In fact, I had a crush on my 7th grade math teacher. She was HOT!!! What I am looking for on here is to find a woman who would love to be with a younger man. I just think that older women are mature, and they just look so GOOD!!! So if there are any women out there who want to date a younger man, then reply to my blog and let me know your thoughts.

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My 2nd husband was 20 years younger than I am. 


It was the most wondeful time of my life and his, ( so far I hope).


We split because his biological clock started ticking, but it took us 9 months to finally break seriously. He is now dating someone else, but not happy with that person, and will probably move on to someone else soon...and here I am. 


Good thing is that I always knew from the start it wasn't going to be "forever". I was realistic. 


We still adore each other, and we are best friends. I was successful in dealing with this emotionally after a few months of sadness, and I am moving on. 


I will enjoy a partner from now on closer to my age because I am 60 and not into things that 40-year-olds are into these days. It was time. I thank God for having placed him in my life and am grateful for him having been in it. 


Last week I had surgery and he offered to take care of me during surgery and for 8 days afterward. He was an angel. Good things can come out of odd relationships. No one really knows how deeply two people can love each other. No one has the right to judge the lives or decisions of others. I learned that from this experience. 


30 years ago, I would have said "NEVER" and would have missed out on the best years of my life. 


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was a good time

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hy if you talk wit me send a hy

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I too, have been married to younger men. Had demon cancer not interferred, I would still be married. I have experienced a lot of attention from much younger men lately (34 - 54). I certainly know the men in my age range are looking for younger women,

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To me, age means nothing. I would prefer to be with a younger man, but I would limit it to no younger than 48. And no older than 63. I am 60. My ex was almost 15 years younger, and it made no difference. He had always dated older women.

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Hi I have had a lot of interest from younger men and have never dated a younger man. I think a lot of men my age are looking and younger women and younger men looking for older- is this a reverse trend? Trisha

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Well, here goes. I have recently dated a younger man. I was engaged to three men 10 years younger than myself and married a man 10 years younger.(he had grey hair and looked older than me) Younger men have always liked me, I do not know why, but I am happy that they do. I do prefer someone younger, now, not so young that someone thinks I am his mother. I would want some balance. And I would not want to be enbarrassed or to embarrass the man. But hey, you younger guys, I would love to hear from you. For some reason, older men do not like me.

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love to meet older woman for one on one times together please me and i'll please you

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hi, im an older lady married to a younger man by 10 years, my marriage is struggling big time, and i dont know whether i want to stay in it, so im not altogether sure if this kind of relationship works.

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i am a senior lady who has been a widow for a while and have had a few profiles on a few personals sites. most of my mail , i would say 75 % has been maless from 40 to 58 asking for a relationship. i have never dated the, i would really like to but do not see much ofa future in it. maybe i will try if i ever get another for this site i have had no response from anyone since i joined and am very disapointed.

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I am an older woman & I did date a younger man for a short time but he lived a long distance from me so that is what ended the relationship. I enjoyed it though. We had several common interests. I am young at heart so I will wait for a reply from you. Older mature woman who needs some loving. Nancy

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Well, you asked so I will give you my thoughts. I like younger men than me...that does not mean I like "younger men" to date. You are 30 and younger than my children, therefore I would never consider it in a million years. So the term "younger" is too broad to use in a single meaning. I always put an age range of 5 to 10 years younger and up to my age as I prefer younger than older...BUT why do younger men of 30s and 40s think it is ok to respond to a woman's profile anyway? Do you think we will be flattered, bowled over by the attention and think we are hitting the ultimate in attention? I am a big believer that anything goes IF both agree, but I think when a mature woman of over 55 is looking for a relationship, she wants one that will last for the rest of her life and a man who can look at the "best" of her beauty fading into oblivion but still see it, a man who understands why bones creak and the step is not so lively, and why love making sometimes has to take a back seat to other needs. Just my opinion.... Sally in the Valley

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