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Suggestions for this SITE

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I am in agreement with JJ. I ama also suspect  as to the quality of the photos. With the tecnology we of of smartphones and digital cameras, ther is NO reason to have blurry, out of focus pictures submitted. Allso, and I know people live wher the sun actually does shine, wearing sun glsses, face goggls, photos of the grandkids, dog, members of the family, the buffet feats, the margarita being drunk, and stuf, seems out of place. The idea is for. people to get to see YOU.


It's difficult to tell just who is "working" this site or who's genuinely interest in meeting someone for real.  JJ, has some good points, yet I'll say my own typing isn't so great. Sentence structure, grammar and all that are potential give aways, but then not evryone is from English speaking countries. 

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1 year ago

I think it must be difficult to pick out the scammers, but for me it's their sentence structure (although it could be typos) and the fact that most always say they have a high college degrees (I doubt that) and make lots of money (red flags for me).  One just needs to be careful.  Also those that don't have pics or only one pic seem suspicious to me.


As for suggestions.  Why don't dating web sites offer members to submit a short video of themselves, say 15 seconds.  That would make the person seem more real than just still pictures and potential suitors could decide if they wanted to pursue that person further.  


Anyways, just my thoughts