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My opinion of what to watch for in players!

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Well everyone, since trying to help my friend who was blindsighted, I decided to put together a list of what to watch for in players for the women.
1. Watch for their use of English, spelling. I've found for the most part, you can tell if someone actually speaks English.
2. If their profile says no preference.....on most of what they are looking for....beware.
3. What age bracket of men (or women)contact you should tell you something. If someone 20 yrs younger contacts you...they are hunting a sugar mama. If someone much much older contacts you...beware and I sure don't want to have to change depends....lolol.
4. If they tell you right away you have been lucky for them as they got a job offer in another country for a few weeks...ha ha ha.
Thats their way of not meeting you.
5. When they tell you there is no problem they will relocate? Come on, don't fall for that one either.
6. Then you may meet someone with only one child and this child talked them into the dating site as "it was time" for them to
meet someone. Really?
7. Once you start talking to someone, are they starting to ask you a lot of personal questions? Come on...wake up.
8. After you have talked to someone for a while, are they insisting you give them your password so they can check out your profile since they are no longer on the site?
9. Has any of your online guys been in another country and their child needs assistance and they just don't have anyone to turn to for help? Thats getting to be an old line!
10. How many times have you received love letters/poems within a short time as they tell you they feel they have found what they are looking for. Don't you realize this is a bulk mailing they have set aside that they send to everyone on their lists?
These are only a few pointers our group of ladies put together.
Oh, and to update you on my friend.....who had her heart shattered with an online guy---She still has feelings for the guy altho she is trying to move on. She keeps saying he taught her a lot and she suspects all men now unless they prove different. For me? HA HA HA I have not fallen for anyone as no man has had the guts to actually come meet me.
Once again careful....wise up....make someone prove who they are. Until next time.....take care.
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1 year ago

Well, seems to be a lot more than one thinks on the dating sites.  I had the same thing, actually more than once. If they insist on your cell/e-mail number right away be careful? If they really want to get to know you they will communicate on the dating site. If they say i am to busy to be communicating on the site? Why are they on the site? lol If there is an excuse as to why they can't meet you in a face to face meeting block them.

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1 year ago

I doubt if there are any... just saying


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1 year ago Total posts: 3

Sorry, but the fingers in the water thing had me in hysterics! 

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Yep happened to me, 6 weeks of talking to a guy, the question of MONEY came up.. crazy they waste lots of time trying to scam woman.  Of course I noticed teh broken english so i played along to see when the big question was asked.. I googled a photo of him and it came up as ROMANCE SCAMMER...

I hate online dating, but these days that is the only way ... UGH frustrated In AZ.



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This sounds familiar, especially the part "my son encouraged me to date".  The guy said he was Dutch, but I am very international, having met many people from many different countries, and he didnt sound or act Dutch.  I questioned him about this and he never answered me.  A scammer for sure.  I agree about the English language aspect.  If the grammar or spelling is wrong, ditch him.

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My girlfriend really fell for a man. He was a widower. His wife, mother and daughter killed in a automobile accident. He was alone with a nine year old son. They wrote for quite a while. He was an engineer. He had bid on a contract that was in Nigeria. Then came the kicker...He couldn't use his cash card there. There were problems. He wanted her to send him money.

We started collecting stories. Cannot believe how man men lost wife and children in an automobile accident. They are way too quick with their "My beloved, Hello Dear, My beautiful sweet...ya ta ya da. Way too personal.

So many "write with an accent"...

I have two friends who actually found someone on line.

I had been in communication with someone for a while. We decided to meet for breakfast.

There was a walk up and order, pay and wait for delivery. he went before me and paid for himself. We sat down and he stuck his fingers in my water and rubbed it on his eyes...I sat and stared. He went to restroom came back and dipped his fingers in my water again. The next time he went to restroom I jumped up squeezed a lot of lemons and salt into my water. He sat down and put his fingers in my water again. I checked on this man. He did in fact have a PHD, was nice looking and really wierd. Ididn't even wait for my toast. I put a dollar down for a tip and got up and said "this meeting is over"..I had parked across the street. He came after me and I ran. He was yelling "stop, I'm not through Stop. I got to my car and he held my door and wouldn't let go. I backed up with him hanging on to the door. I dragged him for a while and he finally let go. I am still amazed at the fingers in my water. Can't make this stuff up. Now, two years later, I have signed up for a month.

Never give money...neer..if they start out with "darling, etc." run...check on them. research them..I hope someone has luck. There has to be genuine men out there. I have two friends as of luck.. 

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Speaking for myself, in reference to point 5., my intention is to relocate either back to Canada or live in the US. I can't be the only one telling the truth about this.

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All Good advice above.  I've been on here two weeks and already reported two men!  One was deleted from this site. ladies be REAL careful!

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For every person that you are in contact with, conduct a dilligent search on S.O.D.A - Safe Online Dating Alliance (Washington DC).
Search Username, Identified home State, Combinations of Real name (first, last, first and last) if you believe you have one via email/and or personal contact. Use whatever info that maybe useful.

I did and actually found a member listed as dangerous and mentally unstable.

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While being on the online dating as some call it, I have encountered anyone who I have talked to has turned out to be a player....what's with these dating sites? I don't call this dating, just communication to find someone nice and hopeing to meet. All I have talked to find me funny, desirable (and they haven't met me), the last love for the the rest of their life, and these guys are even starting webcams!! Any more suggestions on how to find a real man on these sites? Someone who is actually truthful!
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Also -- DO NOT send them your personal e-mail so they can add you to their IM chat list.  RED FLAG.  After 2 quick e-mails, I was asked personal questions (which I did not answer) and then asked for my e-mail.  This site has a live chat link -- and that is the only online chat to use.  Good advice on the grammar and use of English -- also he got real sentimental on finding the love of his life on his first contact.  Far too personal and why does he need to know if I live alone????