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We all live on planet Earth. It is our native world. It is the same for everyone wherever they live, regardless of the civilization in which they are a citizen, the religion to which they associate or the god in which they believe or not. On the native world, there are natural laws, processes and individual rights. They are labelled "natural" because humankind cannot alter them.

Given the on-going political and pandemic situations, I've been pondering the state of things. I do not understand why people are they way that they are and do what they do. I recognize that to understand, I would have to live their lives from birth. All I can do is recognize what is and to protect myself as best as I can. One thing that I've learned is to surround myself with those who respect others. One can believe, choose and do what they will. Just because one can does not mean that they should. I have yet to understand why we are as polarized as we seem to be. There are those who strive to impose their beliefs upon others. This is the epitome of disrespect of others. How does one justify making the life better for one while making the life of another worse? Who is to say what should be? We are each unique with inherent and circumstantial differences.