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It will take time for the natural order of things to adapt to the presence of Covid 19, maybe 2-3 years to reach a steady-state and 1-2 generations before enough of us have a degree of natural immunity. We have inherent differences. With each generation, we continue to evolve. I'm 84. I don't know if I will ever again partner dance to a live band or explore an art museum and watch the expression on the faces of others as they look at paintings or attend a live performance of a classical ballet. I like to travel, road trips, sleeping along the way in out of the way places. My minivan is configured as my "backpack" and "tent". It is the closest I can get to sleeping under the stars without concern for the weather or of 2-legged animals. I want to travel but, when I get to a destination, I don't want to mingle in crowds or explore enclosed spaces. I feel safe in the outdoors. I miss the company of a woman and sharing intimacies. At my age, it is not about sex.