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Witness Protection and the Non-Photo Bio

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What is it with all these bios wanting dates and not posting photos? Are all these people in witness protection? All these people can't actually be living in Desert Hot Springs. If they did, I might believe that they are in witness protection. Once again, I don't find the witness protection thing to be a great magnet for dating. Are all these people afraid that their photo's will be off-putting? They should do just like the rest of us and photo shop. You would be amazed at what you can do with that program. I for one have no eyebrows or eyelashes and you just would never know. Do they think it adds a sense of mystery to the game? Lucky for me that I believe love is absolutely blind. When I first met my late husband, and I was very young, what first attracted me was his Mercedes Benz. I had never even ridden in one before. Come to find out, after it was too late, the Mercedez had over 300,000 miles. Who could believe you could get that kind of mileage from a Mercedez? What I learned from that was if you are going to be a gold-digger, you better know your cars. It's funny about what attracts one human to another. It probably defies human understanding (even if online dating services tout they have 100 markers of compatibility). It's tough when you know what you are use to or you think you knowwhat you want. Still, online dating is no place for witness protection or the timid. It's scary, but you have to brave in your own hero's quest. 

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I had a great little car, a Honda Civic CRX; went over 100,000 miles without a clutch change.  Her name was Baby.


Incomplete lists of their fantasies, or no list at all - and yes - no pick - heck could be my neighbor who is married next door.  Married or in a relationship; more like then witness protection.


Happy hunting!

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1 year ago

I drive a Honda Element, suppose to be able to get 400,000 out of it. I don’t think it’s a chic magnet though!