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What's In a Name?

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Do you remember when you got your first email account? It was probably back when going online sounded like a rocket taking off and you had to wait for what didn't seem like a lifetime (which does seem like a lifetime today). Remember how long it took to come up with your user name? In those days, we didn't have social media and Facebook and Instagram. I remember the first Mac I bought. It was blue and very different than the IPAD I use today. I was teaching middle school then and my user name reflected my professional hell. I went by deadteachwalking. Yep! Apparently I had been a very bad person in my last life so I had a great deal of pennence to pay. Middle school is where I was and deadteachwalking was who I had become. As the years went by, I tried to be more positive so my user name became teachendeavoring or teachwinning. Now, with the advent of online dating, we are all asked to create new and alluring names like "Standbyyou" or "Richguyin LaQuinta." My favorite ones have "loser" or "mentallyill" in them. Those I tend to shy away from. Still, you have to wonder if full disclosure is not really a bad thing. Your going to figure this out in the first 20 seconds of that first date. It's confusing to have so many user names and passwords and nicknames and on and on. It feels like you have multiple personalities and each one is competeing for happiness. Still, you really have to give us all credit for sticking our necks out and giving it a try.