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Social Media and the Death of Discretion

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I have discovered the alternative reality of Facebook. These days I find myself not living my life but Facebooking it. I can go alone to a restaurant and feel reasonably preoccupied and not alone. I never miss anybody's birthday now. It's even an outlet for my photography. I make it a point to put up original content and not just reshare videos and photos from the net. I have a friend (not so close) who has taken to the Facebook since her husband died. All her Facebook friends have had to witness every aspect of her life since she became a widow. She has been angry. She has been depressed. She's lost a ton of weight (sounds a little like bragging). She's been gambling up a storm. She has no money. People pay for her. She started dating online. These people pay for her now. She found a boyfriend (an old-boy boyfriend). He started paying for her  things. She stopped online dating to see if she could "make it work." She broke up with the boyfriend. She started dating and all her dates are referred to in her posts. We, her friends, think of calling her names but try not to and try to understand that the grieving process is a difficult road to travel. I'm glad I didn't choose to share every success and failure of this online dating thing myself. Someday, I might want to forget some of the things I will say or do, and we all know whatever you put out there on the net will be there forever.