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Playing Hide and Seek

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Hmmmm. I received several winks this week. Some were from the same person more than once. This was my first time experiencing a wink in quite awhile. I'm not saying I couldn't turn a head, but the wink is pretty provacative and you have to give yourself permission to notice. Well, for 32 years I did not dare notice any winks. Now, I feel kind of like smiling when I see those winks. Apparently, we are going to now play cat and mouse. That is, if I decide to play. I'm not sure that is what I signed on for. It's strange. I expect to open up the profile and see somebody who I really have no idea about but can get to know through emails or phone calls or whatever.

Nope! I get this message for each one saying something about the profile is closed and I need to send a webmail to get them to open up the bio...Blah,blah,blah. So much for girlish excitement and that smile. My late husband use to say that dogs are going to bark and pay no attention. I didn't. Now, I want to pay attention. I honestly don't put much hope in that webmail-open up the profile whatever. Nobody said this would be easy. I enjoy a challenge so I am not going to pack it in and go home yet! Maybe nowadays men like to play hard to get. That will be a significant change if that is the case (I dated in the old millenium not the new one). I wish us all luck.