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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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Every time I post a picture to my profile, I can't help but think I hardly recognize my face anymore. It's not the girl I once was. Sometimes I hardly remember myself at all. Then there is a photo where I see my youth and my happiness again like an old friend. I try to erase the lines of time, but that is impossible. I try to massage them away with lotions and potions. I become friends with the girls at the cosmetic counter. When I search through profiles of all the eligible bachelors, sometimes I see a face that calls to me. I wonder how many other women felt the same way? Is it too late? Am I right on time just as I am?

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Sometimes as I walk past a mirror - I see my Mum!  It stops me.  I think, as we ourselves change so does our appearance.  I'd most likely look odd, looking 17 at 65!

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1 year ago

I like that line “sometimes I see a face that calls to me”. That really is the first thing we see, isn’t it?

i wonder if my face will ever call to anyone? (I just signed up two days ago...) And then after reading my bio will she hang up quickly?