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Forget the Kiss He's Unavailable

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So, I let myself imagine for just a moment that the face I saw could become mine,  just for a moment. Then, reality sets in and I began to see just what unavailable means. It's starts with a wink. You get that wink and think ok let me just see and yeah I got a wink, but this is not like when you were 16 and a man could slay you with a look. No, this is like a very wide net cast upon the waters to see whatever fish can be netted. You go to the wink in your list of winks (assuming you get more than one) and then you start to see that the person who winked is no longer available. Maybe, he never was available. Ok, I'm whining now (in case you could not tell). So, I have to find another way to make this fun. I suspect I am must resort to alchemy in order to get my wish to come true. I'll let you know how that goes. 

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i've noticed a lot of those unavailable profiles too..

it might be someone who canceled their membership, 

or accidentally blocked you.. who knows..