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Would you do, or say that to their face?

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I think I am no longer in online dating , I might be in dating online!
Seriously guys, in real life would you walk up to a woman, whom you do not know and ask - Are those breasts yours? Or, Do you like to kiss, as I want to kiss you all over? Less rude but nearly as creepy - walk up and say:
So men, how would you feel or react, if I woman came up, and told you - Great ass! Oh wait, now most of you are thinking - damn - that would be great!
By now, you have looked at my profile. If in real life, some one really did walk up to me and ask or say these things - it would determine the mood or frame of mind I was in. That is what would determine if you found yourself on the ground looking up, or not!
If you caught me in a great mood - I'd toy with you! If you caught me in a bad mood, or in a hurry - or where I was doing something(and you intruded) - I'd either drop you, or make you feel inches tall.
Yes, I am sure your mates would think you cool, to walk up and say something less than gentlemanly to a strange woman, BUT would you want some guy walking up to your Mum, sister, daughter and saying such things?