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The World Screeches To A Stop

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This is what? The end of week four, beginning of week five - of at first imposed self-isolation, and the start of week four of lock-down!

I hope you have been able to get your essentials and medications, and that the world isn't taking advantage of you, and raising the price.

Here, we are to stay in, have foods delivered. Except, there are no deliveries available - which sends people who have always had their food delivered, out into the path of this charging virus.

Then on venturing out to get their essentials ~ the shelves are empty or close to it ~ you are limited to what you are able to get, and how many you get.

So, you try your luck online. I personally had my food delivered, by ordering it online from a huge grocer and from Amazon. They delivered to me at least once every two weeks. Wednesday was the first time in almost six weeks, I was able to book a delivery. That was an accident, BUT a much welcome one.

The things I normally get online, the prices have gone up at least 3 and 4 times what the cost before the virus. That is if you can get them.

Couriers are still on the roads like fly's on poo, yet, they are taking advantage, and the delays in delivery by some couriers is extreme. I ordered Flora butter, more then three weeks ago. It was in transit, soon after I placed the order. It still has not arrived!!! I am supposed to be moved from the UK to the States, by June(obviously the virus is preventing that), but I ordered boxes to pack with, and they were here in about 30 hours! I did not pay extra for the delivery of the boxes, in fact delivery was included in the price of the boxes bought.

In an ideal community, or world ~ people would help each other. There would never have been stock piling of things. No retailer would have over charged, just because they could. Health agencies, would ban together, work together - research and develop, and work towards a solution. Governments would support the medical agencies, encourage them, not limit them - and let them get their work done.

At this time in man's life plan, there should have been a contingency plan for just such an event as this virus. That both government and medical agencies should have planned for this, knew what to expect and how to deal with it. With luck, after this event, they will continue to work and plan towards the next event, as surely there be others after this.

I hope all of you, in your quest for love, are safe, and that if you are able to help others, do so. Stay safe.