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Strike Three

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Howdy do!

I guess I have trusted and had faith, when I shouldn't have done so.

Let's see: in the summer I met a great guy on here. All was going well, he wasn't a scammer / catfish. BUT, after several months, he decided to tell me, I needed to lose one of my friends, a friend of 40 years. I refused, and he vanished.

Then, about a month or so later, I met a lovely soon to retire soldier boy. Widowed, in Iran. He was sweet, thoughtful, really pleasant. Then after nearly three months - his bank cards weren't working. I told him, I hadn't any money. A week later, he told me to go to the bank and get a loan, to be able to give him the money. That one I ended.

Then I met my self a guy from the west. He was soooo laid back, and as I am a type A personality - he was like a gentle sedative. The time difference between us was seven hours. I stayed up to be able to video chat or Skype or call with him. Going to bed after 03:00 hrs, every night. Still doing so! No problem really, will explain at the end.

I asked to send my medical history out to him, as when I leave the UK, I am going out to be with him(was). While the medical history is winging it's way to him, will be there tomorrow. He has freaked, and gone, vanished without a word.

See, I have been in the UK for 19 years, and I am coming back. I am trying to sort out what to ship back, and then clear my home I now live in. He had wanted me to have my things shipped out to him. Damned good thing, I haven't arranged my shipping yet. Can you imagine, shipping my things out, his getting them - and then a vanishing act? Nope, not happening.

So, tomorrow, he shall have my medical history. I have emailed him, my sisters address to re-send them to her. In his case, I think his fantasy became too real. Wishing and wanting, two different things.

So, single, and moving back to the states this summer coming. I haven't lived in the states since 1975, so, it is sort of scary. After 19 years of rain and damp - I am wanting warm and dry.

You know, I wish everyone, with a genuine heart and interest in finding their love, the love they both want and need. Sometimes you need to send caution to the wind, and risk wounding your heart. Just don't give up. I know, there is someone I am meant to be with, and with some luck, our paths will cross.

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August 22
Thank you for the advice. yes i found out that all the dating site, there are a lot of people are not real, they are not honest, lied about their ages, pictures, profile etc. most of all they are scammers. they are nice at the beginning then after three weeks or so, they start talking nonsense, they are saying that they don't have a family or relatives, or they have a oil company of gemstones that are base in Malaysia or Africa and so forth....
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I feel your experiences. The drive is greater than any disappointment . Good luck

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Hi, I am new here. Thank you for taking the time to post your experience, I appreciated it. I am sorry it hadn't worked out for you so far but good luck with your search and the move back in the state :)