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Never Say 'NEVER'

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There are so many old saying, you know - the ones Mum or Gramma quoted freely.
Good things come to those who wait - applies here! When you least expect it, then it will fall into your lap!
Gramma also said, a watched pot never boils...eventually it does, if it is on a stove.
Some times, you search everywhere, except under your own nose for the love of our life. The search is a duanting task. If you are one of the few, where you find your love quickly - then great for you.
Did you already marry your soul mate? I am starting to believe soul mates in people is not like in animals. In animals, it is forever. In people, it just doesn't seem to work that way. I met my soul mate. We were two in one, in thought and deed. BUT, his mother, came to me, and said - if you stay with him, I will make him hate you. I will cut off the money for his education, and he will come to regret the day he met you. She was cruel, vicious, evil - and I knew she would do so. When you love your soul mate, you will do anything for their happiness. I left him to his mum, to the person his mother wanted him to marry - and like a fool, he married her. He wrote me love letters and came to see me frequently for more then 20 years. Our hearts still beat as one.
Twenty years ago, I let him know I was unable to continue as we were. It was so very hard to do.
BUT in the time away from him, these last twenty years, I have discovered, you are able to have more then one soul mate. I have come so very close...sadly, old man death stepped in - ended things before they had a chance to start.
BUT, I still expect, that love will happen when I least expect it. It will be a forever love, as at our age, forever is so much closer then it ever was before. So, I know, it will come, just as I know the sun will shine, and the moon will rise. Not if it finds me, BUT when it finds me - it will be amazing!
Open your hearts, let your soul shine - be happy for each day you wake - and then one day, your soul mate, the person who completes you will walk or fall into your life. Best wishes. Love!
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I found my soul mate or she found me in 1993 .What a wonderful gifted woman she was. We spent almost 24 years together. Every one was better than the last. She was on a much higher level than I. She alway made me do my best. Those were amazing times we had. . She push me to learn thing most would think cannot be done.The power of metals to heal . Monatomic gold, colloidal silver. Hair regrowth , protection over viruses & bacteria . She alway said its a gift for all to use, My patent is free online for hair regrowth as Robert Beck said of it. I alway though it would be done & now i have hope. As i gave proof in picture over a year time with it.But sadly she passed away in 2016 left me broken past four years. I now know that i must move forward do as she wished. Keep your fire burning to light the way your quest will end On a happy note i'm sure of that. Joseph it what she alway call me.