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I am not good at waiting

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Greetings All:

The beginning of January, I decided to move from the United Kingdom, to the United States. Planned it all out.

BUT did not take into account COVID-19. My kitty was to be re-homed the beginning of march. That was put on hold til end of March - now it is on hold until 6 to 12 months after lock-down. My shipping was to have been collected three weeks ago. My furniture was to be collected the 16th of March. I was to fly out the beginning of June. That was the plan.

Now, my shipping sits here, in my house - which feels like a warehouse. BUT, I am hoping the gods are with me, Monday I will ask the shippers to collect for the 23rd or the 30th of May. I have contacted the vet for the cat. I do not wish to wait up to a year, living out of a few suitcases, with a cat, waiting to re-home it, so, setting him up for his own passport! Once the shipping has left, and the lock-down lifted, hopefully the cat will have his passport, and then he and I are on the first plane out...before the 2nd lock-down is dropped!

I like to have all the boxes ticked, this indecision, the unknowing, the waiting has stressed me out, and I am anxious, really anxious!

What about the furniture - that is the problem of the people who I gave it to. They can collect it, when they are able, their problem!

As it is, once in the States, two weeks isolation!

BUT, then I am back, in The States. Where I shall settle, not sure. Would love for it to be warm. After the dampness of the UK, I so want warmth.

Tomorrow, I will start to finish the last of my packing, should take three days. Monday, I shall tell shipper when to collect the things to be shipped. I have already contacted the vet for a passport for the cat, so that ball is rolling. If my shipping beats me back - I already have a storage facility, booked and paid for. So, Once the shipping is gone, the cat and I will sit and wait, on the lifting of the lock-down. Within a day or two - we will fly out, so to beat the next lock-down. They say the 2nd wave lock-down will happen within 3 weeks of the lifting of the 1st lock-down. So, want to get gone asap, and in that time, my self isolation will have ended, and hopefully, I can start to look for my new abode!

This virus, has buggered my move at every step! Stay safe!