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Crazy Is...

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So, here I sit. Thinking, I have to be a whole lot crazy!

I met a guy on here. In real life, he'd never have approached me, and I may have said HI!, but kept on walking.

He is from the west. He has an accent, speaks I guess as a guy from the west speaks.

He is very up front about 95% of things. It is the 5% that concerns me.

What he says, and how he says it - makes me laugh, smile - and just feel all around happy.

We have spent many hours with video chatting, and on Face-time calls, and he says we have exceeded more then 350 emails.

We do have a tiny problem as to why, we have not, met - yet! I am living in the UK right now, and he's in Arizona.

I am living in wet, soggy, rainy England, and he is warm and dry in Arizona.

About 1 1/2 months ago, I decided, why put it off, time to return to the states. The date was selected for September. About 3 days after, I had decided to come back to the states, I ended up in hospital. A life changer.

I'll admit, this illness, Thyroid-toxicity, kicked my butt, and after release from hospital - I actually spent 3 1/2 weeks getting even sicker. Joy!

He supported me in every way. Gave me hell, for not chasing down doctors and waiting for appointments. In the middle of this health crisis, that is when the 5% came into play. So, that caused some major conflicts. BUT, we came out the other side.

Remember, before going into hospital, the move was for September. About 3 - 5 days after I got out of hospital, I learned that the little house I was renting, had been sold. I needed to go, by June. Yikes...June, July, August, September! I can't rent, as I'd be signed into 6 months to a years lease, with 2 months plus first months rent up front. So, looks like I shall sofa surf. Why not just up and leave for June. Good idea! When I decided to come back, my intention was for July. BUT learned, my finances were so tight, it wasn't possible to do so before September. So, skint as they say in the UK, and broke as they say in the states.

Now my guy in Arizona, he wants me to come live with him. It is as though we have known each other for a life time. He has a gentle and kind soul, and is very happy and pleasant. I agreed. So, off to Arizona I am going, when I can afford a flight out of here. Then learned, he lives in an RV. I am not sure what an RV is, I think it is like a camper van type thing. He lives quite remote, not a problem, as I live very remote here. I have never been to Arizona, and so, every things will be new and a tad frightening.

I do not have a drivers license from any state, so, that is my 2nd project. My first is getting a specialist for my heart, my thyroid and my blood - then the license. How exciting!

My family is NE, US and Canada. So, off to Arizona, is a good distance from family.

What if we only mesh online? What if, two living in an RV is like an over crowded cage? After 19 years of wet, damp and cold - I had determined before this dating site, that when I came back to the states, it would be somewhere warm, and preferably dry. If I need to see my family, a train or plane or even car trip - could get me there in a day or two.

It is sort of like a poker game. All in, or not at all.

I am off to London the next two days, to renew my passport. Then back to the hospital at the end of the week. In the mean time, I am trying to sort through a house full of things, to decide what I want shipped back, so getting quotes. I have had a wee cat, Jesse for 15+ years, but he is too old and stressed to survive the trip - so, he is being re-homed with the outdoor stray cat, in a week or two. Then, I can attack the sorting of the house all April. The middle of May - I have given all my furniture away to friends in Wales, so - on the 16th - the house will be emptied, so the things being shipped, will have to go before that. From that point, I will be sofa surfing, til I can get back.

Stress? You betcha! Stress, actually isn't good with the thyroid. The thyroid, is a major problem, with no quick cure, if any cure at all.

So, am I all in or not? That is the big question!

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I have been in Arizona for a month now. The adventure continues, BUT I have an apartment in Phoenix.
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So, not only are you interesting (see post about your cafe/cuppa delimma ) you are a brave soul. You got it right about what an RV is. Not sure, if you are going to like that kind of a life style. Anyway, you wrote this post in February, I'm commenting in June, only because I'm new here. But, anyhow is this little adventure progressing?